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Almost everyone loves to travel, like and comment on beautiful photos, and read about exotic places. Nevertheless, not everyone dares to become a travel blogger.

How to become a travel blogger and whether it’s possible to make money off of this – these two questions are of many people’s interest.

Many people like scrolling through the feed of travel bloggers on Instagram or other social networks and enjoying stories about unforgettable trips to various countries and continents. Meeting a new culture and indigenous people or tourists from all over the world look so exciting. It is difficult not to start thinking about creating your travel blog and making money off of this.

First, you need to understand that the travel blog won’t bring you fabulous income from the very beginning. In fact, such work, like any other, requires effort and endurance. To make your blog popular and bring not only moral satisfaction but profit as well, you need to work hard, promote your brand, be patient, and choose good video and photo editing software.

Where to Start?

The coronavirus has ruined many travelers’ plans. Almost all the inhabitants of the planet were forced to give up and cancel their vacation. Borders were closed; planes didn’t fly. Airlines, travel companies, and hotels have been suffering huge losses. However, the situation is now changing. Resorts are gradually opening, and hotels are ready to welcome guests again. So it’s time to start thinking about your travel blog and learn how to edit videos.

Platform. To begin with, you should decide where exactly you will share your experience and knowledge with the world, as well as talk about your travels. Personal website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok are available for you.

Format. Sure, it will be the easiest option to write posts in combination with photos for a beginner. In this case, a modern smartphone and good photo editing software will be enough for traveling and blogging. Add effects to your photos, and they will get tons of likes.

If you choose a video format, you need additional knowledge and experience of working on a camera. To edit videos professionally and create fascinating and high-quality content for your subscribers, you should get good equipment and video editing software.

Name. Once you have decided on the platform and format, you can proceed to come up with the name of your blog. Try to choose shorter names. They are easier to remember, faster to type, and most talked about.

Design and content plan. Now you can start writing and posting content. But before that, you need to think about the design of your videos, posts, blog, website. It should be all in the same style; then it will be easier to remember you.

Furthermore, a common problem faced by beginners is “blog killing” at the very start. After all the preparatory work is finished, people simply abandon the idea, or they turn out to be too lazy to write. Others publish a couple of posts and then stop posting at all. However, if you have a Content Planner and a list of ideas, you will most likely succeed.

The Main Blog Goals

Someone is blogging for pleasure, to share their impressions and emotions, someone wants to earn money, and someone just loves to edit videos and add effects to beautiful pictures from different parts of our planet. But at the same time, posts should be interesting to your audience, so your blog should:

  • help to learn about the destination and its attractions;
  • give ideas for a pastime;
  • reduce risks when planning a trip;
  • include advice on how to build a route cheaper;
  • increase the effectiveness of packing. A lot of high-quality information in one place;
  • facilitate travel decisions.

What to Write About?

Many users are trying to share fresh impressions with subscribers. They are overwhelmed; everything seems new and interesting. Eyes are shining, video is created by itself, and texts are written in one go. However, there are so many other content ideas that are sure to resonate with your audience.

Airlines and airports. Tell followers which of the tested airlines is comfortable and budget-friendly to fly with. Analyze online reviews. Are the other tourists’ opinions the same as yours? Evaluate the level of service, food. Mention what you can put in your carry-on baggage and luggage.

Additionally, describe the location of airports in a particular country in relation to the city center, ways to get to them, and prices. Inform subscribers about Wi-Fi, duty-free, recreation zones, and so on.

Buying tickets. Posts or videos about sales in airlines, railway and bus companies will be useful. Look at the flight maps of low-costers, draw up exciting routes for the next month, show how to save on luggage, seat selection, and meals.

Visa and insurance. Visa application instructions for popular destinations are ideal for first-time travelers. As for insurance, it’s enough to examine the offers of several major suppliers and make a comparative post.

Health and comfort. Don’t post or record pill advice videos, even if you are a medic. But everyday tips, thanks to which subscribers can remain rested and healthy, are very useful and should be placed. Write about how to stay a night at the airport without a shower, how to avoid motion sickness, and what you don’t need to eat or drink before flying.

Money, cell service, and documents. Describe the currency in a particular country. Is it worth taking cash with you, or will bank cards be enough? Show the options of your mobile tariff in roaming or share the information about the SIM cards you prefer. If you don’t use local communication, then explain why.

What to do after losing documents? Where do you keep documents while walking? Is it worth renting a vault? How not to lose a passport and cards? It’s best to shoot all this on camera and then edit it in a free online video editor. This will save you and your audience a lot of time.

Rental housing and auto, selection of excursions. Instructions for signing up on sites like Booking, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Hostelworld are helpful. Stories about finding housing on the spot, the rules for renting apartments and cars for a long time, life hacks for receiving bonuses & discounts on bookings will have a big effect.

A post about verified excursion sellers will always receive your subscribers’ feedback.

You can also write about the best time to visit a particular country, traveling with children, local attractions and cuisine. In fact, there are a lot of ideas for content. We have given you just a few of them.

Many travelers take a lot of photos during the trip. The best ones have already been posted on personal Instagram pages or used for videos on YouTube. If you think you are out of good photos, you can use Pinterest or just look through old photos. Perhaps, unsuccessful at first glance, pictures can be given a new life. Add effects and some color correction, crop and cut, and get a completely different image worthy of a separate post!

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