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Hi, I’m Victoria

I’m a 30-something travel blogger from Manchester, England, now living in the U.S.

I’ve travelled to over 60 countries and many of those trips have been solo. I love exploring the world and sharing it with you!

Hopefully I can offer a little bit of inspiration and motivate you to travel. I also want you to know that it is possible to do anything you want in life. You just have to be prepared to put yourself out there and take a few risks.

What Does Pommie Mean?

Often people ask me what ‘Pommie’ means and where my blog name comes from. In Australia & New Zealand PomPommie or Pommy is a slang term for a British person.

There are several theories as to the origin of the word Pommie. Many people think it comes from the acronym POHM- Prisoner Of Her Majesty- which was apparently emblazoned on the back of immigrants uniforms when they arrived. But is actually it also likely that it was an abbreviation of the word pomegranate and referred to the flush complexion of Brits (like a pomegranate’s flesh).

I met a lot of Australians when I started traveling and some of them nicknamed me Pommie. The name stuck!

My Story

I graduated from university in 2008 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and thought, what next? I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take and it was the height of the financial crisis, when few companies were hiring.

What I did know is that I wanted to live life to the fullest and see the world, so that’s exactly what I set out to do.

I worked a bar job for a few months so I could go on one big solo backpacking trip around Australia, but on returning home I realized I was hooked.

I moved to Bali in 2009 and while I was there I began writing this blog. Eventually I left because I entered a video competition and won a once-in-a-lifetime road trip around South Australia. After that I went to Portugal and worked a summer bartending there while building this blog.

By 2011 I became a full-time, self-employed travel blogger and freelancer. I took many more flights and visit a lot more countries. I worked with countless airlines, tourism boards and travel companies.

At one point I loved the idea of endless travel but eventually I felt like I needed some roots. I wanted friends that live close by and I wanted a home. I moved to London and now I live in New York.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m taking my first solo trip, do you have any advice?

Taking your first solo trip is always nerve-wracking but don’t worry, you’ll make friends! It’s really liberating to be able to do whatever you want and go where the wind takes you.

What’s your favorite place?

That’s a tough question. I really love Cape Town, South Africa. The landscape there will take your breath away. In Europe I love Greece, Italy, Portugal and the south of France. In Southeast Asia I’d have to say The Philippines and Cambodia were my favorites. Oh and of course, I mustn’t forget Australia, the place where my travel story began!

Do you support Manchester United?

Ah, the question I get every time I say I from Manchester! Yes, yes I do, although I don’t get chance to watch much anymore. But I was there to watch the team come home when we won the treble and I will always be a red supporter!

Why did you move to New York?

I had always wanted to live in the U.S. since I was a little girl. I would watch movies and think, one day that will be me! New York was the first place I ever visited in the U.S. and I immediately fell in love with the city. Eventually, with the help of an awesome lawyer, I got approved for an 0-1 visa and moved to the States.

What should I do in New York?

It really depends what time of year you visit! If you visit in summer then I’d recommend visiting Grand Banks and grabbing a drink at one of NYC’s many rooftop bars. At Christmas time I’d suggest you visit Rolf’s and see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. And of course, the major sights like Central Park, The High Line, Times Square, The Vessel and Empire State Building are a must if it’s your first time!

How do you make money to travel?

I monetize my blog through a mixture of display ads, affiliate links and sponsored content. I often work with tourism boards and big brands on social media campaigns too. If you’re interested to learn more, I created a handy guide on how to make money travel blogging. Outside of this blog I also offer an influencer photography service in New York.

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