Jack's Flight Club Review: Is Jack's Flight Club Worth it?

Jack’s Flight Club Review: Is it Worth It?

As someone who travels the world a lot, I’m all about saving money on flights. So far I’ve been able to travel to over 50 countries and I wouldn’t have been able to do so without looking for cheap deals. Sometimes I use air miles to get free flights, while other times I look out for dirt cheap flights with budget airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet. However, it’s impossible for me to constantly be on the lookout for deals, so I often sign up to newsletters so I can be notified of sales or error fares.

One of these is Jack’s Flight Club – a newsletter which has both free and premium memberships. I am a premium member, so if you’re trying to weigh up whether it’s right for you, here’s my review of Jack’s Flight Club:

What is Jack’s Flight Club?

Jack’s Flight Club is basically a member’s club that lets you know when flights are going really cheap. You sign up with your email address, then Jack the travel hacker will start sending you cheap deals on flights as he finds them. These deals can include a mixture of hidden offers, discounts, sales and error fares, which are delivered in a newsletter straight to your inbox. I’m not just talking a few quid off – the international flights are usually several hundred pounds cheaper than normal fares you’d find online. Some recent return-trip deals from the UK and Ireland they’ve sent out include, Tokyo for £248, Hawaii for £258, and L.A £285.

How Does it Work?

Review of Jack's Flight Club - is it worth it?

Jack uses flight matrix systems (advanced fare and pricing tools) as well as searching all over the web for the best deals on flights from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This is totally different from flight comparison sites, where you are just searching for the cheapest advertised fare from various airline providers. Jack is actually doing his detective work and looking for error fares (mistakes in flight prices), awesome sales and hidden discounts, then notifying you within minutes of the deal going live. You then have the chance to snap up these rock bottom prices before they sell out.

Jack finds both short and long-haul deals to destinations all over the world – Europe, Asia, the USA…just take your pick. What I like about this specific newsletter is that they don’t take commission or referral fees from booking websites, which means you know their incentive is to genuinely find me a fantastic fare since they have to cover the cost of design the website and to get one of the list of the best business website hosts.

You don’t have to be travelling last minute either, as you’ll typically be sent deal alerts for fares that are 3 to 11 months out.

As a premium member I receive 4-5 alerts per week and it’s always quite exciting to see what destination I could fly to next. I’m quite a spontaneous person, so if I see a dirt cheap flight to somewhere exotic that I haven’t been, I’m going to be tempted to snap it up.

And if money has held you back from visiting friends or family, or perhaps booking the honeymoon of your dreams, Jack’s Flight Club’s emails can probably help you find that cheap flight to visit them on the other side of the world.

Who is Jack?

Jack is described as a travel-hacking ninja who has travelled to over 43 countries by finding ridiculously cheap flights. Since setting up Jack’s Flight Club to help other people travel the world, the site has grown to over 1 million members and they’ve even been featured in the national press, The Times, Daily Mail, Independent, Lonely Planet, Stylist…the list goes on.

The difference between free vs premium

With the free version you receive around one alert per week, while with the premium version you receive four times as many – around 4 or 5 alerts per week depending on how many deals Jack finds.

As a Premium member along with getting the Premium-only deals, you also receive the free-level deals first (an hour sooner than free members) as well as an additional Weekend-Trip email featuring short-haul flights for weekend getaways. Having first dibs on flights is kind of essential, since I find that most mistake fares tend to sell out pretty quickly.

With the free option you get alerts for flights from all UK and Ireland airports, but with premium you have access to the members portal, which allows you to set your preferred departure airports. So for example you could only get flight deals from Manchester, instead of flight deals from London, Birmingham etc.

Premium is priced at £12 for 3 months, £19 for 6 months or £35 for the entire year, so it’s still really cheap and totally worth it when you think about how much money you’ll potentially save on flights. In case you’re not happy with it, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time. So there really is no reason not to sign up.

You can see the full details of the premium membership here – https://www.jacksflightclub.co.uk/upgrade/

But first of all, if you haven’t done so already, get yourself on their free membership right away by entering your email on the website. www.jacksflightclub.co.uk

Types of Deals

So by now you’re probably curious to know: what kind of deals can Jack get?

The latest alert I received was an email about an mispriced Aeroflot open-jaw ticket from Paris to Tokyo, returning to London. The cost of a flight like this would usually be around £750, but the error fare is for just £258! So for under three hundred quid I could be travelling all the way to Japan and back. I couldn’t even travel to some European destinations for that price! All I would need to do is take the Eurostar or book a cheap flight ticket to Paris to commence my trip. If I arrive a few days early, I can make it a 2 in 1 holiday, seeing both France and Japan! Jack makes it really easy to book, sending a link to the itinerary on Google Flights so I can book the journey myself.

Within the emails, Jack details the exact dates to book for, when to book by, and also extra details like whether baggage is included.

Here’s an example of another deal. This time return to Miami Florida in summer for under 300 quid. Here you can see how Jack lays out all the information in the email, showing you how to book the deal with Google Flights or Momondo. It’s that easy. Jack’s not only finding you the deal, he’s also explaining exactly how to book it. Just hit the link in the email and book the flight:

Jack's Flight Club Deals

More Deals…

Here are some other deals that have been featured in alerts with Jack’s Flight Club:

Manchester to Sydney (return) – £412

Birmingham to Costa Rica (return) – £319

Inverness to Hawaii (return) – £239

Dublin to New York (return) – £253

So, Is Jack’s Flight Club worth it?

“Tell me Victoria…is Jack’s Flight Club worth it? Should I sign up?”

Having signed up to the premium version of Jack’s Flight Club I can say it’s totally worth it.

If I save a few hundred pounds on one single airfare ticket, that makes the £35 annual membership fee pay for itself. £35 is what you’d probably pay for just one meal dining out, so it’s really affordable and the potential returns you get are great.

Every day I receive all sorts of junk newsletters and emails from various companies, which I usually delete and don’t even read. But with Jack’s Flight Club I’m actually excited to see what country or destination I could travel to next, and what saving I am going to make.

Of course, what Jack’s Flight Club doesn’t do is find specific flights for individuals. Jack sends cheap deals whenever they come up, so you might get an email about flights to India one day and flights to Japan the next. If you’re looking specifically for a cheap flight to Seattle, you might be waiting a bit until you receive a deal on that destination. If you need to travel somewhere on exact dates to an exact location and can’t wait for deals to come up, then you’ll probably want to head over to the flight search engines.

Jack’s Flight Club works best if you’re flexible and you like to receive inspiration on where to go. If you know you want a holiday but you’re not sure where to go (or when), it’s fun to see where you could go at a really affordable price. It also works well if you want to visit friends on the other side of the world but you’re willing to hold out for that awesome deal.

All in all I think Jack’s Flight Club is great for me. I was a free member last year but the premium version is the way forward if you want to receive all the deals, and be able to book them before they sell out. As someone who loves to travel to the US, I’ll be looking out for those bargain deals to get mere there!


Bo Kaap Cape Town

I managed to get an awesome deal to Cape Town through Jack’s Flight Club. I booked peak season tickets from London Gatwick to Cape Town with Thomas Cook for £400 return. Direct! In January-February flights would be around £600 return so that was a pretty good saving. The cool thing about Jack’s Flight Club is you’re notified about flash sales like this as soon as they happen, so you don’t miss out.

I had an awesome time, you can actually read about my week in Cape Town here.

You can can also read hundreds of fantastic member reviews about the service over on their Facebook page here.

7 thoughts on “Jack’s Flight Club Review: Is it Worth It?”

  1. Hi Victoria, just wanted to stop by and thank you for recommending this flight club earlier this year. Your article led me to sign up and after months of being tempted by nearly every deal that came to my inbox, I’ve finally jumped on one this morning to New York at £209 return and am buzzing for the trip!

    I’m used to having a browse on Skyscanner once a week or so, but this has taught me that I can’t look at all routes, at all times, every daily and it appears Jack and his team can do. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for this recommendation and your blog. Not every article is relevant to me (like your recent Private Jets one lol), but I do stop by to read them all!

  2. Thanks Victoria! I have a question. If I split my time between London and Edinburgh, but am able to fly out of either of them, will this allow me to receive the cheap flight deals from both airports or do I only get to choose one? I like the concept, but need to make sure it fits my needs as I travel quite often from both.

    1. you can choose your favourite airports, so there are lots of options. I have just joined for golfing breaks with my dad!

  3. Jess, from what I’ve seen you can select all your chosen departure airports – as many as you like really. According to their instructions it seems you can also just de-select all of them and receive deals for all the included airports in UK and Ireland.

    Happy hunting!

  4. Hi am looking for flights for 7 people 2 adults 5 kids .would this website accommodate all or is it more for single people thanks

  5. Can I specify The Seattle as my home airport? Almost everything talks about the UK. Are there any deals from the USA west coast?

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