Living your best life in Los Angeles: Top things to see and do

When people think of America, Los Angeles is one of the first cities that come to mind. Home to its entertainment industry, this has long been a place where dreams come true. 

However, you don’t have to be an aspiring actor/actress to fall hard for this place. With near-perfect weather year-round, a killer food scene, and a zen surf culture, the temptation to “miss” your return flight home will be overwhelming.

After you rent a car in the airport, here’s where you’ll want to go in the Los Angeles area.


Way back in 1910, D. W. Griffith shot a film in a dusty village north of LA called Hollywood. Ever since, this place has become synonymous with movie making.

Century City and Burbank are home to much of the industry today, but Paramount still makes their home here. They offer daily tours – these will allow us to see iconic sets & props, and the shooting of productions.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater should also be on your list. The Oscars started here, and out front, countless Hollywood stars have immortalized themselves with concrete handprints. They still host Hollywood premieres of films – however, these are invitation-only (sigh). You can, however, watch movies here starting from 10 USD.    

Griffith Park

A few short miles inland from the Pacific, the land rises toward the Santa Ana Mountains. Griffith Park protects part of the foothills of this range, giving Los Angelenos easy access to nature. Trails head up its steep slopes to Mulholland Drive and the Hollywood Sign. Each is worth the sweat, as both offer sweeping views of downtown Los Angeles.

If you are looking for tamer amusements, check out the Griffith Observatory. Its planetarium shows will appeal to the scientifically-minded and are accessible for a nominal fee.     

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Thanks to the wealth of Southern California, Los Angeles’ museums are above average. Culture lovers will want to check out the Los Angeles County Museum of Art during their stay. Since 1965, its curators oversaw the acquisition of more than 100,000 pieces of art.

They sourced these works from around the world, and they date from the Greek Empire to today. In the European art section, you’ll find works from the likes of Rembrandt, Monet, and Renoir. After sunset, check out its stunning display of dozens of decorative lamp posts.   


Next to visiting Hollywood, a day at Disneyland is essential for the first-time visitor to the LA area. It is out in Anaheim, though, so get a rental car in Los Angeles first. Opened by namesake Walt Disney in 1955, it showcases the entertainment company’s characters and films in the form of various attractions.

From Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland to Mickey’s Toontown, you’ll get to embrace your inner child throughout this park. 

Huntington Beach

How do Los Angelenos stay sane, despite work demands, traffic, and SoCal’s insane cost of living? They go surfing – to try it out yourself, hit up Huntington Beach. 

This town is home to numerous surf schools, headed by experienced athletes. They know what it’s like starting out, so they’ll keep the focus on fun. Give it a shot! 

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