What to Wear in Israel in March

When I was packing for Israel I was really puzzled as to what the weather would be like in March. I checked the weather forecast and the temperature in Jerusalem that day was 26?C, but the predicted temperatures for the date of my arrival were in the mid-teens, with temperatures dropping below 10?C at night. Would it feel hot, would it feel cold? I had no idea.

The temperature turned out to be very changeable and so confusing! I’m glad I packed for all eventualities.

The weather varied according to the time of day and where we were in the country. In Jerusalem it was bitterly cold at night, a bit chilly in the mornings, but mild and sunny in the afternoon. At Masada it was hot and sunny, but occasionally a breeze would come and I would need to put my jacket back on. By the time we reached the Dead Sea in the afternoon things had cooled down so I didn’t really feel like stripping off into my bikini, but it had to be done! The Negev Desert was hot and sunny, but still cool at night. In Tel Aviv it was warm but cloudy and on one day a storm came, so it became very windy with a little bit of rain! And of course, just my luck, the sun came out just as I left for the airport!

So here’s an example of what to wear in Israel in March:

What to Wear in Jerusalem…

Jerusalem was pretty cold at night in March. It felt almost as cold as London with temperatures around 5?C at night. On my night out in Jerusalem I wore black tights, short sleeved black dress, a cardigan and a leather jacket, with black ankle boots. However I wished I had a scarf and gloves because I was pretty cold! I noticed that the dress code is pretty casual in the bars in Jerusalem, and because of the cobbled streets I would advise you to wear comfy shoes!

What to Wear in Jerusalem

In the mornings it was fairly cool so I wore leggings, brown ankle boots, a baggy top with sleeves, and my leather jacket. Out of respect you should dress modestly and cover your shoulders for holy places like the Western Wall, but obviously it wasn’t that warm so I was already covered up! At this time of year it is good to wear layers as you can easily peel them off. By the end of the day I had removed my leather jacket as the sun was out.

What to Wear in Jerusalem in March

What to Wear in the Dead Sea…

The day we visited Masada and the Dead Sea, things had warmed up a fair bit. I wore a short sleeved dress with bare legs, ballet flats and a leather jacket. Sunglasses are a must! I found myself taking the jacket on and off as sometimes it felt hot, and other times there was a cool breeze. Of course a bikini is a an essential for floating in the Dead Sea!

What to Wear to Masada in the Dead Sea, Israel

Swimming in the Dead Sea, Israel

What to Wear in the Negev Desert…

In the Negev desert we went on a camel ride, so I wore shorts and a sweater for this. I also wore shorts and a T-shirt with converse pumps for abseiling down the Makhtesh Ramon Crater. All other times I wore a short sleeved dress and flats.

What to wear in the Negev Desert, Israel

What to Wear in the Negev Desert, Israel

What to Wear in Tel Aviv…

Tel Aviv is a liberal city and anything goes, so you can wear whatever you like. On our first day in Tel Aviv it was hot, so I wore a sleeveless top with a floral skirt and flats. As the day progressed a storm came, so it got much cooler again! At night I wore espadrille wedges, leggings and a long black top with my jacket. I took a few pictures of women walking down Rothschild Boulevard on Shabbat (Saturday) so I took a few photos to give you an idea of what the women wear in Tel Aviv.

What to Wear in Israel

What to Wear in Tel Aviv

As a general note, whatever time of year you visit, Israel is a relaxed country so you can pack your usual clothes- just make sure you have something modest for holy sites. Generally I noticed Israeli women are stylish and like black or neutral tones.

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  1. I’ve been looking everywhere for a Post like this, I am going to Israel in February and I have no idea what to pack but this was definitely helpful thank you so much!

  2. Thanx for the infos. Traveling to Israel March 11th to 27th and doing about the same places as u and Im so clueless about what to pack !

  3. Thank you! Your photos and blog are very helpful to me! I leave in a few days for Israel and beginning to pack my bag. I will update my items based on what you’ve shared. Thank you!

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