Hiking in Montenegro: Vrmac Ridge to Gornja Lastva

Hiking the Montenegro Mountains
If you like outdoor activities, Montenegro’s landscape is ideal for activities such as hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, kayaking, sailing and rafting. 

After stuffing my face at yet another delicious multi-course meal in the village of Przno, I needed some exercise to burn it off, and what better way to burn some calories than hiking through the Montenegro Mountains?

The hiking tour with Black Mountain, organised by Explore Montenegro, took us on a trek across a ridge on the Vrmac mountain.

Guided by the lovely Hayley, our hike began at the Trojica Fortress, which dates back to Austro-Hungarian times. We followed a stony pathway on a gentle incline, which took us along the top of a wide ridge which offers spectacular views on either side.

Me in the Montenegro Mountains

To the right is the beautiful blue Kotor Bay, which is nicknamed ‘Europe’s southernmost Fjord’.

View over the Bay of Kotor from the ridge in Montenegro

To the left there are yet more captivating views across to Tivat and the Adriatic sea.

View from the Montenegro Mountain ridge

Now bearing in mind it was March and the weather can be unpredictable, I hand’t been expecting it to be quite so warm and sunny. I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and whilst the pathway was fairly easy, the ridge was exposed with no shade, so I got incredibly sweaty! I felt comfortable with my hiking boots but some of the older people in my group took hiking sticks to provide some support on the route.

The reward though for reaching the top of the hill was a lovely cooling breeze. As the path started to descend towards the eco-village of Gornja Lastva, the ground began to get a bit rockier, but there was more shade provided by the trees.

Gornja Lastva is a pretty little Montenegran village with views of Tivat Bay, and the Stjepcevic family house pictured below is more than 200 years old. It has been reconstructed several times, especially after the earthquake in 1979, but the house still has a traditional and authentic look typical of this village. To the right of the building is a small working house with tools, and in the back garden there are a lot of sculptures as well as a small vineyard.

Inside the house is an exhibition featuring a collection of old items that were used in everyday life by the people of Lastva. These include items used in the process for making olive oil, wine and honey, as well as kitchen utensils, parts of national costume, weapons and personal things.

The exhibition has been put together to show tourists the rich cultural heritage of Gornja Lastva, and in typical Montenegrin style, I was presented with a shot of honey Rakia on arrival! It definitely numbed the aching in my weary feet!

Gornja Lastva Church

Gornja Lastva Eco Village

Gornja Lastva house

Gornja Lastva House

Gornja Lastva Garden

Cat with flowers in Gornja Lastva, Montenegro

Gornja Lastva Lantern

Tools hanging on a wall in Gornja Lastva, Montenegro

A hiking tour on the ridge costs EUR 55 per person including transfers from the Bay of Kotor area, English speaking guide, snacks, water, visit to Gornja Lastva eco village and museum, plus tasting of local produce in the village community hall afterwards.

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  1. Looks like you had fun and great photos. I enjoy a good hike when there is an interesting trail involved. Never made it to Montenegro, thanks for the reminder to return to that part of the world.

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