Tips for traveling with a big family

Some of the most memorable moments in life come from quality time spent with family. Whether planning a full family trip overseas or locally, for a dream holiday, visiting distant relatives, or attending a graduation ceremony for a loved one, there are ways to make your travel arrangements budget-friendly and fun for everyone.    

It can be quite overwhelming and costly planning to travel with a large family. 

You have to consider accommodation costs, travelling charges, sitting arrangements, and how to move around with everyone’s baggage without misplacing items. Without proper planning, all these factors can take the fun out of your travel experience.

Here are some tips that work seamlessly when travelling with your big family.

Consider Everyone when Choosing a Destination

Before planning a trip, sit down with your family members. Listen to their suggestions as this will help all of you reach a mutual agreement about your holiday.

Consider everyone’s capabilities, from the youngest to the oldest person. That way, you will know how everyone will chip in to make the journey a success. It will also help narrow down the most family-friendly packages to consider for transport, accommodation, recreation, eating out, etc. 

Group planning ensures that everyone’s interests are factored in and that all members of your group are on the same page. 

Choose and Book Accommodation Early

Suitable accommodation is among the top priority when travelling with a big family. It would be best to consider the cost of the hotel you intend to stay in and if it offers special family packages. If it is way above your budget, you can try out different and cheaper options such as bed and breakfast or renting through Airbnb.

Hotels and resorts are generally not ideal for large families. You can choose to stay at a holiday home that offers multiple bedrooms. Such will accommodate all of you, and a bonus is if the house comes with a private pool.

You also get to prepare your meals saving on eating out at restaurants or relying on room service.

Always Pack Extra

When planning to travel with a big family, always pack sufficiently. You can throw in some extra clothes, children’s toys, and accessories as well as warm clothing. You never know when something will come in handy, and as the famous saying goes, “it is better to pack and not need it rather than needing it and not having it.” Most people fear packing adequately for a trip to avoid extra luggage fees at the airport, but there are ways around this concern.

Take Account of Everyone’s Luggage

How you manage luggage goes a long way to minimise travelling costs and avoid losses. Remember that distractions are inevitable with group travel, and designating one member to be on the lookout for luggage when in transit might not always work. It is best to take account of everyone’s baggage and separate hand luggage from other bags.

All travel essentials like documents, toiletries, personal devices, snacks, children’s supplies, and a change of clothes depending on travel duration should be in your hand luggage. All other luggage to be used at the destination point should be packed in separate suitcases. 

You do not want to deal with excess luggage at the transport terminal. Pushing suitcases, lining up at baggage check-in queues, or dealing with lost baggage at your country of destination is a stress that can be cheaply avoided by booking with a luggage delivery company.

A luggage company will ease your stress and deliver your entire luggage to your desired destination even before you get there. When travelling from the UK, a well-coordinated luggage delivery service will pick up your luggage at your doorstep and deliver it to your accommodation at the destination point. Using luggage shipping services lets you save money for your travel budget and travel light; hence everyone gets to enjoy their trip. You can rest assured that your luggage is safe and in professional hands. The best luggage shipping companies even let you track the delivery process. 

Create a Flexible Travel Schedule

Having an itinerary that lets you explore the best a destination has to offer is ideal. Take your family to sea, visit museums, amusement parks, or any historical monument found in the city. With an itinerary, you get to know of recreational places you need to book early to avoid missing out when you get there. 

Consider Renting a Family-size Vehicle

If you can access your destination by road, it can be cheaper and more fun than travelling by air for short trips. You can rent a large van or two small cars that will accommodate all members comfortably. 

When travelling by car, not only do you get to save, but you all get to explore independently and enjoy various stopovers or take detours. You have to get your driving documents in order first before travelling.

Carry Medication and Medical Records

Even if none of the family members has chronic conditions, it is advisable always to exercise health precautions for international travel. You will probably experience weather changes that will cause some members to fall ill unexpectedly.

Also, you will be eating and snacking from different outlets and restaurants, making it advisable to carry medication that will help with possible stomach upsets. For family members with preexisting conditions, always have their medical records close and do a quick internet search of reliable medical facilities near you at the destination point. Based on where you are travelling, it is also advisable to get the necessary vaccinations if necessary.

With the described tips, you can comprehensively plan and budget for your family trip. A strategic time to travel for a holiday is during the low season when the best tourist resorts are reasonably charged.

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