My Favourite Travel Apps

My iPhone 5 is one of the items in my carry-on bag that I just couldn’t live without. 

I use it to take beautiful photos, update my social media accounts, check my emails, make notes, communicate with people back home, organize my trips and even book my future travels. Sometimes it has even saved me when I am on the move! I can’t even count the number of times I have been lost and used the maps app to get directions!

iPhone screen best travel apps

I am really happy with my iPhone 5 and I love the quality of the photos it produces. If you’re thinking of getting an iPhone 5, take a look at getting an EE IPhone 5 contract with superfast 4Gee so you can watch TV, stream a film or even play live multiplayer games on the move.

There are so many apps out there these days to make your travels that bit easier, so I’ve listed some of the best travel apps available for download…from flight booking apps to downloadable travel guides to photo editing apps that will make your photographs pop!

Currency Converter

World Mate- WorldMate is a travel planning app like TripIt so you can forward your confirmation emails to and it will organise all your bookings into trips. It also has a booking tab which allows you to book hotels, search for  flights and make limo reservations from the app. My favourite tools though in this app are the currency converter and the tip calculator. I’m not very good at making these calculations, so the app makes it easy for me to find out how much something is, and how much tip I need to leave.

Trip Planning

TripIt- Sometimes when I take a trip I have a lot of flights and trains booked so it’s hard to keep track of all the details. With TripIt I can forward the confirmation emails to and they are all organised on my mobile phone. The app on my phone pulls all the details from these emails and sorts them into Trips. So I can easily see the confirmation numbers, the flight times, the flight codes, seat details, aircraft type, duration of the flight and even the distance I will be traveling. I can see all these details offline, which has proven very useful when I am at the airport and suddenly need to present my confirmation number. It works for other types of transport too such as bus and train.

Travel Guides

Triposo- Forget paying for Lonely Planet guides, Triposo is an app that lets you download free country travel guides when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, then you can see them offline whenever you like! I downloaded guides for Vietnam and Myanmar and I used the app to find things to see and some good restaurant recommendations!


TripAdvisor- TripAdvisor is one of my favourite websites for finding honest reviews of hotels and tours from ordinary people who have booked them. The app makes it easy for me to see these user reviews when I’m using the Internet on my iPhone.

Yelp- Yelp is really great for finding nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, gas stations and shopping malls. It sorts them by distance and also shows you user reviews on Yelp, so you know whether it’s good or not. In some parts of the world the app doesn’t really work because there aren’t enough reviews, but it works really well in the USA and the UK.


Diptic- Want to make a collage out of your photos to upload to instagram? Diptic lets you choose from different layouts and then you can upload a different photo into each frame. You can also change the borders, add text and edit the photos in the app. When you’re done, you can save it to your camera roll or upload it to one of your favourite social media networks.

Camera + To me this is without a doubt the best camera editing app on the market. The adjustments and filters you can use are far superior to the ones in Instagram and really make your photos pop. I always edit my photos in this app, save them to my camera roll and then upload to Instagram.

Instagram– This is the best social media app for photo sharing and now it has video! You can crop your photos into a square, add a nice filter, write a comment and then share them with all your friends and followers on Instagram. Using popular hash tags allows you to build followers more quickly.


Skyscanner– Skyscanner lets you search for the cheapest flights across different airlines. My favourite thing about Skyscanner is their “everywhere” tool which allows you to search for the cheapest flights to any destination worldwide. The app is really easy to use and the best for booking flights.

Virgin Trains– This app only applies if you live in the UK, but I travel between Manchester and London quite a lot, so I use this app to book trains.

Expedia- Through the Expedia app you can book flights or hotels, but I mainly use it for hotel bookings when I am on the road. You can sort the results by price and get some really good deals.

Hostelworld- If I want to book a hostel instead of a hotel, I use this app. It’s really simple to use when you just need a budget bed for the night.


Whatsapp- Whatsapp lets you send text messages to other Whatsapp users for free as long as you have Internet connection. This comes in really useful when you want to message your friends on the other side of the world.

Viber- Viber lets you send free text messages or make free phone calls other Viber users over a Wi-Fi or data connection. So you can call your friend in another country for absolutely free! They don’t have to be signed into an account like with Skype, you just call their ordinary mobile phone number.

Skype- Skype lets you make free calls or send messages to other Skype users as long as they are online. If you add some money to your Skype account, you can also make cheap international calls to landlines and mobile phones that aren’t signed in to Skype.


Vine- Vine is a new social media video app that lets you create short 6 second video clips. You simply point your phone at something you want to record, then hold your finger on the screen. If you remove your finger it will stop recording, then you can point it at something else to create short edited videos with lots of cool shots. You can then add a comment and share it to social media networks. This app is really great for travel as it can show more than a photo ever would.

Youtube Capture- Youtube Capture lets you upload the videos on your phone to Youtube.


Paypal- I use Paypal a lot to send money to friends or for receiving payments online. The Paypal app lets me easily access my account, send some money instantly or transfer money to my bank account.

All the above apps are apps I use on my iPhone. Are there any good ones that I’ve missed? If so please leave a comment below!

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  1. Incredible all of these applications are very helpful for travellers. I am surprised that you can even book online flight tickets from this phone but bad thing is i don’t have i phone, i have android. But soon i will buy i phone. Really appreciate your effort a lot. Keep it up.

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