White buildings on the ocean in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

20 Best Things to Do in Tunisia

Say ‘Merhaba!’ to Tunisia: a hidden gem shimmering in the heart of North Africa, where rich history meets sandy beaches and an embrace as warm as the Saharan sun. Imagine, a land where age-old stories etched on architectural wonders coexist with serene sea-kissed coastlines. Tunisia is a true chameleon, ever-ready to change its colors to match your heart’s desire—be it history hunter, untamed adventurer, or a sun worshipper.

It may not be as famous as Egypt or Morocco, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the treasures this country has to offer. From beautiful beaches to epic Star Wars filming locations, discover all the best things to do in Tunisia and make sure you bookmark them for your trip!

Best Things to Do and Places to Visit in Tunisia


Carthage – an enchanting city with a rich history that goes back over three millennia, has truly seen it all. The Phoenicians founded this beautiful coastal gem, located just a short drive away from Tunisia’s buzzing capital, Tunis.

As you meander through fascinating ruins that seem to have countless stories to share, you’ll find the Baths of Antoninus – the largest Roman thermal complex in Africa. It’s a friendly reminder of just how grand Roman architecture could be.

Make your way to the charming Byrsa Hill, a lovely spot perched above the city, rich in both history and beauty. The panoramic views you’ll catch here are second-to-none: imagine feasting your eyes on the peaceful Carthage harbor, the bustling Tunis skyline, and the beautiful Mediterranean glistening in the sunlight.

El Djem Amphitheatre

The El Djem Amphitheatre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most well-preserved Roman ruins in the world. This massive structure can accommodate up to 35,000 spectators and offers a glimpse into the gladiatorial spectacles of the past. Visiting El Djem is a must for history buffs and provides an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans.

Sidi Bou Said

This picturesque village is known for its blue-and-white color scheme and traditional Tunisian architecture. With its narrow streets, stunning views of the Mediterranean, and charming cafes, Sidi Bou Said is perfect for a leisurely stroll. Make sure to visit the landmark Café Delices, which offers a stunning sea view, and do some souvenir shopping in the local artisan shops.


Sousse, often referred to as “Pearl of the Sahel,” is a bustling port city in Tunisia. Famous for its UNESCO-listed Medina, Sousse blends old-world charm with modern amenities seamlessly. It boasts stunning beaches, historical landmarks, such as Ribat and the Great Mosque, and a vivacious nightlife. The city’s Archaeological Museum houses one of the world’s most exceptional collections of Roman mosaics. Whether for its cultural heritage or its sunny beach life, Sousse is a captivating mix of tradition and relaxation.

Tozeur Oasis

Nestled in the heart of Tunisia’s desert, Tozeur Oasis is a verdant jewel. This striking contrast of lush vegetation against the arid Sahara’s backdrop offers a serene escape. The palm grove, featuring over 200,000 date palms, is a sight to behold. Take a leisurely stroll amidst this tranquility, relish the taste of freshly picked dates or enjoy a picturesque carriage ride. The Traditional Arts and Crafts Museum here adds a cultural zest. Punctuated by small water channels, beautiful gardens and fauna, Tozeur Oasis indeed feels like a mirage come to life.

Beaches of Hammamet

Hammamet, a sun-soaked coastal town in Tunisia, is best known for its stunning sandy beaches. Boasting both rocky coves and broad stretches of golden sand, Hammamet welcomes sun-seekers and water enthusiasts alike. Relax on the sun-kissed beaches, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, or engage in thrilling water sports such as windsurfing and jet-skiing. With the charming backdrop of the ancient Medina and the bustling Yasmine Hammamet marina, Hammamet’s beaches offer an idyllic combination of relaxation, adventure, and vibrant cultural experiences.


Djerba is an enchanting island off Tunisia’s coast that promises the warmest of welcomes. Famous for its pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s perfect for sun-bathing, swimming, and water sports. The island’s charm extends beyond the beaches, with Houmt Souk’s lively markets and colorful pottery shops waiting to be explored. Don’t forget to experience the fascinating mix of cultures in the bustling El Ghriba synagogue and traditional local villages. Djerba is the ultimate destination for a fun yet relaxing getaway, making it feel like a little piece of paradise.


Djerbahood is an open-air museum in the heart of Djerba island where street art meets culture. Transformed by over 150 artists from around the globe, the walls of this ancient village now burst with vibrant murals. Meandering through the winding alleys, every corner reveals breathtaking artwork infused with stories, messages, and the artists’ unique perspectives. This creative hub effortlessly blends the traditional and contemporary, making Djerbahood a must-visit for art lovers or anyone searching for truly Instagram-worthy experiences.

Sahara Desert

Visiting the Sahara Desert is a must for adventure seekers. Try a camel ride, join a 4×4 tour or embark upon a hot air balloon ride for a truly unforgettable experience. Visit the Ong Jemel, also known as “camel’s neck,” a unique rock formation famous for its appearance in the Star Wars movies.

Medina of Tunis

The Medina of Tunis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a maze of narrow streets, bustling markets, and beautiful mosques. The heart of the Medina is home to the Zitouna Mosque, Tunisia’s largest mosque, and a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. Visit the souks to shop for traditional Tunisian handicrafts, such as pottery, textiles, and spices.

Bardo National Museum

Located in Tunis, the Bardo National Museum houses the world’s largest collection of Roman mosaics, along with various artifacts from Tunisia’s long and diverse history. The museum showcases exhibits from different periods, including Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, and modern times.

Star Wars Sites

Tunisia is a dream come true for Star Wars fans, hosting several iconic filming locations. In Matmata, you’ll find the cozy Hotel Sidi Driss, which played the part of Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine. Additionally, the awe-inspiring Mos Espa film set, nestled near the town of Tataouine, warmly welcomes fans to explore the same streets where Anakin Skywalker roamed in “The Phantom Menace.” Visiting these sites will surely make you feel like a part of the beloved Star Wars universe.

Chott el Djerid

Chott El Djerid, Tunisia’s largest salt pan, is a marvel of the natural world. This vast expanse of shimmering salt crystals offers an otherworldly landscape, sparkling under the North African sun. Depending on the weather and time of day, the pan’s color shapeshifts, creating stunning visuals – a photographer’s delight. The mirage effect brought on by the extreme heat often creates hallucinatory, dream-like illusions. Try visiting at sunrise or sunset to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of colors. A trip to Chott El Djerid is like venturing into a mesmerizing lunar landscape.

Kairouan and Its Mosque

Kairouan, in Tunisia, holds a special place as the fourth most important city for Muslims. Steeped in history and spirituality, its centerpiece is the majestic Great Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which embodies captivating Islamic architecture. The Medina, with its web of narrow alleyways, is teeming with traditional crafts, vibrant markets, and hidden architectural gems. Not to be missed is the ancient Aghlabid Basins, a testament to the city’s grandeur during medieval times. Kairouan offers an insightful journey into the heart of Tunisia’s rich cultural heritage.

The Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile Farm in Djerba is home to over 400 crocodiles from the Nile, offering an exciting opportunity to observe these impressive creatures up close in conditions resembling their natural habitat. Wander the landscaped park with its winding paths, verdant vegetation, and water bodies to spot basking crocodiles, or time your visit to feeding hours to witness dramatic feeding frenzies. Besides the crocodiles, the farm hosts diverse bird species, adding to the allure of this extraordinary oasis of wildlife amidst the Tunisian landscape.

Grotte ain Dhab

The Grotte Ain Dhab, located in Tunisia, offers a thrilling gateway into the subterranean world. Robust with stalagmites and stalactites, this limestone cave unfolds a fascinating journey into geological wonders formed over thousands of years. As you delve deeper amid the echoing silence, let the dimly lit paths, barren rock faces, and surreal formations captivate you with their mystic charm. Ideal for caving enthusiasts or those seeking offbeat exploration, Grotte Ain Dhab promises an unforgettable encounter with the intangible pulse of Mother Earth tucked beneath her surface.


Welcome to Bizerte, a sparkling gem nestled in the north of Tunisia! This scenic town is a feast for the eyes with its dazzling Mediterranean beaches. Stroll along the adorable old harbor, lined with lovely cafes and shops. Take a leisurely boat ride under the bright blue skies or simply unwind on the beach. Don’t miss the lively Old Port area buzzing with local markets! It’s hard not to be charmed by Bizerte’s cool blue waters, historic appeal, and warm-hearted locals. It’s the ultimate spot for a relaxing, carefree getaway.

Ribat Monastir

Say hello to Ribat Monastir, a historic fortress, nestled in the heart of Monastir, Tunisia. A fantastic spot if you love a dash of history, with a pinch of breathtaking views! As you navigate its labyrinthine corridors and tranquil courtyards, you’re transported back to an era of Byzantine and Arabic world. And oh, don’t forget to climb the watchtower! Trust me, the panoramic views of the azure sea and whitewashed town will leave you spellbound. So come, soak in the grandeur and rich past at Ribat Monastir, and don’t deprive your camera of some amazing shots!

Try Local Tunisian Cuisine

Get ready to tickle your tastebuds with some mouth-watering Tunisian dishes! Start with “Couscous”, a national favorite made of steamed semolina, served with meat, vegetables, and a delectable sauce. Then there’s “Brik” – a scrumptious, crispy pastry filled with egg, tuna, or meat. Don’t miss “Lablabi”, a hearty chickpea soup enhanced with spices and olive oil, perfect for those chillier nights. Be sure to try “Tajine”, an egg-based dish similar to a frittata, with cheese, meats and herbs – a real crowd-pleaser. Each uniquely delightful, these Tunisian dishes will make your culinary journey unforgettable. So, ready, set, feast!

Ghar al Milh

Welcome to Ghar al Milh, formerly Porto Farina, a charming coastal town in Tunisia known for its lovely blend of history and nature! You can explore the 17th-century Spanish Fort or lazy around gorgeous beaches. Take a leisurely stroll on its vibrant streets, dotted with quaint shops and cafes. And if you love nature, hop onto a boat tour of Ichkeul Lake, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, brimming with migratory birds. Ghar al Milh has a gentle pace that’s bound to make you fall in love! With warm locals and picturesque views, it promises a peaceful retreat.

So, if you’ve been thinking about planning a trip, consider Tunisia as your next destination. With its rich history, stunning beaches, and unique attractions, there’s no shortage of experiences waiting for you in this North African gem.

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