Tunisia Travel Guide

Tunisia Travel Guide

A Quick Intro to Tunisia

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea between Algeria and Libya, Tunisia has a very rich and interesting history that has influenced its architecture, language and culture today.

The Romans occupied the country for around 800 years, leaving behind various structures, like the amphitheatre of El Jem. At various points in history Tunisia was conquered by the Muslims, the Ottoman Empire and the French, who have all left brought their own influences.

With just a 3 hour flight time from the UK, Tunisia is a popular destination for Brits looking to escape the cold and get some winter sun. The country has some lovely sandy beaches, especially in the coastal resorts of Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba.

I visited Tunisia many moons ago when I was around 16 years old and it was an amazing trip. We stayed in Sousse but took several day trips to explore the rest of the country. It’s a destination that really surprised me and left a lasting impression.

A highlight for me was Sidi Bou Said, which is a very pretty town with whitewashed buildings and blue doors – reminiscent of something you’d see in Greece.

Matamata, which is where some Star Wars scenes were filmed, is also an incredible place to visit. While you’re there you’ll also want to visit the capital city of Tunis, as well as the Pheonician settlement of Carthage, which was an important trading hub and a military rival of the Romans until 146 BC.

Blue door with Fatima hand in Tunisia

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