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22 Best Souvenirs From Egypt: What to Buy in Egypt

Egypt, the cradle of civilization, boasts a rich history dating back thousands of years; naturally, this results in a wealth of fascinating souvenirs to bring back home. The most iconic and sought-for souvenirs include ancient Egyptian replicas such as miniature pyramids, mummy figurines, and scarab beetles.

Necklaces with an Ankh, Eye of Horus, or cartouche pendants are very popular jewelry pieces. Papyrus scrolls with hand-painted hieroglyphs are reminiscent of Egypt’s ancient writing system. Also, Egyptian cotton, esteemed worldwide for its superior quality, can be found in the form of bed linen or beautiful garments. Lastly, aromatic goods like essential oils, perfumes, and spices provide a fragrant reminder of the mystique of the Middle Eastern country.

If you’re wondering what to buy in Egypt, here’s a full list of the best Egyptian souvenirs to remember your trip by.

Best Egypt Souvenirs


Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian writing material, originated around 3000 BC. Derived from the fibrous papyrus plant, the paper-like sheets were created by arranging thin plant strips into horizontal and vertical layers, pressing and drying them. With a smooth writing surface and impressive durability, papyrus was widely adopted across the Mediterranean for manuscripts and scrolls. Today, while replaced by modern paper, it remains a popular souvenir, often adorned with intricate hieroglyphs and Egyptian imagery—evoking a sense of connection to the rich history of this remarkable civilization.


Egypt is known for being the origin of perfumery and has a millennia-old history with fragrances used in rituals, cosmetics, and medicinal applications. Now a popular tourist attraction, local markets offer an array of perfumes and essential oils; some recreate the ancient blends used in Pharaonic times, others offering unique, modern scents. With traditional extraction methods and exotic ingredients like jasmine, lotus, and papyrus, Egyptian perfumes provide a sensory journey into Egypt’s aromatic legacy. They serve as an excellent souvenir, encapsulating memories of Egypt’s vibrant smells in small ornate bottles.

Essential Oils

Egypt has been a robust source of highly potent essential oils for thousands of years, used in rituals, medicine, and cosmetics. Locally grown plants like jasmine, rose, and chamomile are transformed into luxurious oils through traditional extraction methods. These aromatic oils, often sold in charming little bottles, offer medicinal properties along with their captivating scents. As quintessential representations of Egypt’s aromatic heritage, these essential oils serve not only as exquisite reminders of your journey but also as an opportunity to share Egypt’s rich, fragrant legacy with loved ones back home.

Scarab Beetles

Embodied in Egyptian mythology as a symbol of rebirth and transformation, the Scarab beetle plays an integral part in ancient Egyptian culture. Nowadays, beautifully crafted replicas make a compelling souvenir from Egypt. Frequently fashioned from vibrant stones or gleaming metallic alloys, these artifacts are often seen in a variety of forms, from stand-alone miniatures to embedded jewelry items. Through their rich symbolism and connection to the ancients, scarab beetle souvenirs offer visitors a tangible piece of Egypt’s mythical past and a unique keepsake of their spiritual journey.

Mummy Figurines

Evocative of ancient burial practices and beliefs in afterlife, mummy figurines are a notable aspect of Egyptian antiquities. These fascinating replicas, often crafted with striking detail, offer a glimpse into the mystical past of this civilization. Carved from various materials, such as wood or stone, these miniatures are often beautifully painted or finished to relate a story of the ancient Egyptians. As souvenirs, mummy figurines serve as enduring remembrances of your Egyptian exploration, bringing a touch of Pharaoh’s mystique and history into your home.

Miniature Pyramids

Miniature pyramids are a top pick for souvenirs from Egypt, offering a tiny piece of the country’s grandeur to take home. They’re usually finely crafted from stone or metal, displaying the same geometric elegance as their monumental counterparts. These little treasures not only make charming decor, but they also transport you back to an era of Pharaohs and ancient civilization. Whether placed on a shelf or a desk, miniature pyramids remind you of the compelling history and architectural prowess of Egypt, long after your journey has ended.


Cartouches hold a significant place in the history of Egypt, traditionally used to frame the hieroglyphic names of pharaohs and royalty. Today, beautifully crafted cartouche souvenirs offer a personalized touch of this fascinating past. Often made of gold, silver or other precious metals, these jewelry pieces can be custom-etched with your name translated into hieroglyphs. More than a uniquely charming accessory, a cartouche brings the intrigue and legacy of ancient Egypt into your everyday attire, allowing you to wear a bit of history and symbolism close to your heart.

Eye of Horus Necklace

The Eye of Horus necklace is a compelling piece of jewelry that captures an important symbol in ancient Egyptian culture. Believed to bestow protection, health, and rejuvenation, the Eye of Horus is a popular motif often handcrafted into intricate gold or silver necklaces. These adornments offer a unique blend of historical relevance and contemporary style, making them an attractive accessory for both its symbolic value and aesthetic appeal. An Eye of Horus necklace is not only a fashion statement but a wearable testament to Egypt’s rich mythology and enduring legacy.


Egyptian alabaster, from time immemorial, has been prized for its translucent beauty and sleek texture. Traditionally used for sculptures, vases, and other decorative items, this stone is admired for its ability to diffuse light. Egyptian craftsmen today continue the tradition, creating beautiful alabaster items reminiscent of Pharaonic days. From elegantly constructed vases to lamps and intricate statues, alabaster items make a timeless addition to any decor, truly enriching your home or workspace with a hint of Egypt’s artistic grandeur.


Egyptian spices form a vibrant palette of flavors that define the nation’s cuisine. From aromatic cumin and coriander to potent garlic and chili, these spices transform simple dishes into culinary masterpieces. Egyptian spices can be enjoyed in distinct blends like Dukkah or Za’atar, offering a burst of flavors reminiscent of bustling Cairo markets. When packed away in charming, handcrafted containers, these spices also become a heart-warming souvenir, letting you recreate the taste of Egypt in your kitchen long after your visit, and adding an exotic touch to your cooking.

Shisha Pipes

Shisha pipes are a major part of Middle Eastern culture, gathering friends and families for smoky, aromatic, and flavorful sessions. These stylish pipes, with their intricate designs, make for a charming centrepiece in any setting. Beyond their practical use, they symbolize a rich heritage and the joy of communal relaxation. Though owning a shisha pipe is one way to bring a piece of this vibrant culture home, keep in mind that smoking, even socially, has its health risks. So, enjoy responsibly and here’s to many memorable conversations around your shisha pipe!

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets and Clothing

Egyptian cotton, highly esteemed for its lush softness and durability, is a luxurious treasure sought globally. Flourishing in Egypt’s fertile Nile Valley, this cotton produces rich, densely woven fibers that grace premium bed linens and garments. Its superior quality ensures longevity and unparalleled comfort. Investing in Egyptian cotton, therefore, not only brings a touch of opulence into your home but also supports the local economy and centuries-old craftsmanship. Embrace the unparalleled softness, indulge in the sumptuous feel, and lose yourself in the cozy embrace of the finest Egyptian cotton.

Rugs and Carpets

Egyptian rugs and carpets are like a warm hug from an ancient culture, adding texture, storytelling, and a pop of color to your living space. Lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, each piece showcases stunning patterns and rich hues, becoming an instant conversation starter. Whether you’re sprucing up your home or searching for that perfect gift, an authentic Egyptian rug or carpet not only brings style and history but also supports the talented folks keeping this art alive. So, brighten up your favorite space and enjoy the cozy embrace of these magnificent, handwoven gems!


The galabeya, a traditional Egyptian garment, is a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage. This loose, ankle-length robe, often adorned with intricate embroidery or colourful prints, combines comfort and style while reflecting its desert origins. Worn by both men and women, the galabeya is not just attuned to Egypt’s warm climate but also articulates a sense of community and identity. Donning a galabeya, whether for everyday wear or special occasions, lets you immerse in Egypt’s historic culture, infusing your wardrobe with a bold, vibrant expression of this timeless civilization.


Egyptian scarves are the perfect accessory to add a dash of Middle Eastern charm to your outfit. Made with fine local materials, these scarves are a cozy combo of warmth, style and a bit of the exotic. Their captivating designs, from simple hues to intricate patterns, can add a pop of color or a sophisticated accent to any look. Gifting or wearing an Egyptian scarf is a fabulous way to appreciate Egypt’s textile tradition and support its artisans. Dress it up or down, and let your scarf be your statement piece – flaunting a snippet of the vibrant Egyptian culture!

Dried Dates

Dried dates from Egypt are nature’s sweet treats, packed with a delicious mix of nutrients and flavors unique to the fertile lands surrounding the Nile. These sun-kissed delicacies are an embodiment of ancient Egyptian agriculture, offering a healthy and tasty snack that has been adored for millennia. From the first bite into their chewy exterior to the rich, caramel-like flavor that follows, dried dates are a testament to Egypt’s bountiful harvests. Enjoy them straight from the pack, or use them to add a dash of natural sweetness to your cooking – a delightful taste of Egypt in every bite!

Pharaoh Masks

Pharaoh masks and pharaonic memorabilia from Egypt immerse you in the deep mystery and grandeur of this ancient civilization. These remarkable items, often crafted with astonishing attention to detail, provide a window into a world of pyramids, hieroglyphs, and gods. Featuring famous figures like Tutankhamun and Cleopatra, these pieces make striking souvenirs or décor, transporting you back to the time of the pharaohs.

Whether you’re a history buff, an Egypt enthusiast, or simply someone who loves unique décor, these treasures can add a generous dash of ancient charm to your space. Embrace your inner Indiana Jones, and bring home a bit of the pharaohs’ regal vibe – because who wouldn’t love a little bit of majestic Egypt in their everyday life?

Ankh Cross

The Ankh cross, a timeless symbol of ancient Egypt, represents eternal life and embodies the mysteries of life itself. This captivating icon, often seen in the hands of gods and pharaohs, is a powerful symbol of the enduring spirit of Egyptian culture. As a fascinating piece of jewelry or artwork, the Ankh cross brings a touch of mystique and history to your collection, providing a daily reminder of the strength, endurance, and wisdom housed within our souls. Carry a glistening piece of Egypt with you, and feel the Ankh’s energy of renewal and vitality coursing through your life.

Mother of Pearl Boxes

The Mother of Pearl boxes from Egypt are more than just containers—they are works of art! Handcrafted by local artisans, these beautifully ornate boxes showcase Egypt’s rich tradition of craftsmanship. The iridescent shimmer of Mother of Pearl, inlaid in intricate designs, adds a touch of understated luxury to any collection. They’re ideal for storing your precious trinkets or simply to adorn your coffee table with a snippet of Egyptian artistry. So why not add a little sparkle to your home with these elegant boxes and bask in the soft glow they lend to your space!

Brass and Copperware

Egyptian brass and copperware, lovingly shaped by skilled craftspeople, exude a warmth and character unique to the region. Their time-honored techniques meld tradition and creativity, bringing functional beauty to everything from decorative platters to tea sets. The rich patina, formed on the metal’s surface over time, adds an old-world charm that invites shared stories and celebrations around a well-laid table. Gifting or owning these distinctive pieces, forged by Egyptian hands, means embracing a slice of history, culture, and the spirit of community that shines brightly in both brass and copper.

Cat Statues

Cat statues from Egypt are the purr-fect tribute to ancient feline friends who were celebrated for their grace and mystique! Cats, revered in ancient Egypt for their elegance and protective nature, infuse these statues with a deeply rooted cultural symbolism. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a cat lover, or simply appreciate one-of-a-kind art, these charming statues make wonderful keepsakes or gifts. Bringing a cat statue home invites a playful, enigmatic touch to your space, as well as a daily reminder of the meow-gical connection shared between ancient Egyptians and their furred companions.

Baklava or Knafeh

Baklava and Knafeh are two heavenly Middle Eastern desserts that can make taste buds dance with delight! Baklava, with its layers of flaky pastry, sweetened nuts, and diced pistachios, is lusciously drenched in golden syrup or honey. Kunafeh, on the other hand, is a unique treat, featuring a crown of crispy, shredded phyllo and a gooey, melted cheese filling, all coated in a sugary syrup. These delectable sweets can transport anyone to a culinary paradise, providing a rich, indulgent experience that’s perfect for sharing with friends, family, or simply savoring a sweet moment of bliss!

A Final Word

If you’re wondering where to purchase these souvenirs from Egypt, Khan el Khalili Bazaar in Cairo is one of your best bets. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to purchase souvenirs at all the main tourist sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza, Philae Temple, Luxor Temple and Abu Simbel. You can also purchase spices and colorful souvenirs in the Nubian Village in Aswan, or in Aswan’s main market.

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