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Most of the time when travelling, it’s possible to get from the airport into the city by public transport or taxi.

Catching public transport is usually the cheapest option, but I dislike having to haul my heavy bags onto buses or trains, so if the route isn’t direct and involves a couple of changes, then I’ll pay for comfort and choose a taxi. While some cities have rideshare apps like Uber, there are still many, many destinations around the world that don’t. If that’s the case then I’ll withdraw some cash from the ATM, hop in the taxi line, and see if I can negotiate a price. The problem is, it’s really easy to be ripped off in a taxi, and I never quite know if I’m getting a fair deal.

There are also some cities where it can be really difficult to find any of the above options; for example if you’ve ever been to Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi, you will know what I mean.

That’s why transfers are a great way to get to and from the airport in a city you don’t know. When a car is already waiting for you in front of the exit, it is a different story. You can choose a car class and order a child safety seat if you need it. A fixed trip price is another advantage of the service, since unlicensed drivers can drive you sideways to add up a few extra kilometres and raise the price.

Launched back in 2010, is an online booking platform that allows you to book transfers online in advance. With Kiwitaxi everything is fair — you will know the precise price for the transfer in advance, and it will not change, even if you get stuck in a traffic jam on your way. An English-speaking driver will meet you in the arrivals area, walk you to the car and help with your luggage.

What destinations do they cover? allows you to book taxi transfers from airports and cities in 94 countries. So whether you’re travelling to Japan, Argentina, Mauritius or Turkmenistan…there’s a transfer available in all of these countries. are are opening up new destinations all the time – now you also have the option to get transfers in places such as Tunisia or Morocco. For a full list of the countries they cover, just see the full list here.

How does it work?

Kiwi Taxi Review

The site has a simple interface – just choose the airport, city or train station where you’d like to be picked up and dropped off, then hit “Find Transfer”. You’ll then be able to choose the type of car that you’d like. Vehicles are divided in 8 classes from ?conomy (Small Family Cars) to Minibus for 19 passengers. If you are traveling with children you can order a child seat, the driver will install it before the trip.

When you get to the booking page you’ll be asked to enter the number of passengers, the pick-up address details and the time you’d like to book it for. You’ll also be asked to enter your contact info such as email address and telephone number, along with any notes you may have.

In case you did have difficulties with a booking, you can visit the page “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Your driver will pick you up at the chosen time and place – he will be there with your nameplate (awesome since you won’t have to spend the entire time guessing which is your car). Your driver will then help you with the luggage and comfortably take you to your destination.

Conclusion is ideal in destinations where you know that public transport isn’t available, or it’s too much of a hassle. The service is also perfect if you want a fixed price transfer and you don’t want to worry about being ripped off by local drivers. You know the price in advance and that your driver will be there on time.

Personally I love the user interface of the site as it’s simple and everything is explained very well.

You’re also safe knowing that the taxi partners in each country have been carefully selected, and order cancellations through driver’s fault have serious consequences that may result in the termination of partnership. The company checks all orders and listens to customer feedback, which is always important in providing a good service.

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