County Cork, Ireland

Discover West Cork: A Guide for American Travellers

West Cork is one of the most incredible regions in Ireland. It attracts huge visitor numbers every year from all corners of the globe and has plenty of things to do and sites to see.

For American travelers, Ireland can be a fantastic destination, not least because of the long-standing familial links between the two countries. If you’re planning a visit to West Cork from the US, we’ve written up some tips to help you make the most of your stay.

Book Accommodation In Advance

As we mentioned earlier, West Cork is one of the most visited regions in Ireland. It’s a tourist hotspot, which means there are plenty of things to do and attractions to keep you entertained.

However, it can also mean the area gets very busy. Given the limited accommodation in the region, this means you need to plan well in advance when looking for somewhere to stay. You don’t want to have to settle for somewhere sub-par just because you didn’t plan appropriately, so take the time to book up a luxury holiday home in West Cork to give yourself a comfortable home base that you can use throughout your visit.

Visit the Towns and Villages

West Cork is dotted with hundreds of towns and villages, each one totally unique. West Cork is a rural area, so many of these small settlements are like taking a trip back in time, with antiquated buildings and minimal technological links to the present day.

Kinsale, Schull, and Clonakilty are all fantastic fishing towns in West Cork. They have colorful buildings, unique stores and markets, and, above all else, warm and hospitable residents who are always there to welcome visitors.

The city of Cork is always worth a visit too. Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, is a buzzing cultural hub with plenty of options for eating, drinking, and dancing.

Explore the Countryside

West Cork has plenty of towns and villages to check out, but you shouldn’t forget to explore the countryside too. It can be hard to ignore; wherever you are in West Cork, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery you’ll have ever seen. Rolling grasslands, imposing hills, thick forests, and breathtaking coastlines, West Cork has it all.

If you’re into sports and outdoor activities, Ireland will be like a dream come true. You can go running or cycling for some exercise, taking in the views at the same time. Ireland is also world famous for its golf courses, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play a few holes while you’re in West Cork.


Ireland is one of the top destinations for US travelers. The country has so much to offer and is perfect for solo and family vacations alike. However, before you book up a once-in-a-lifetime trip to West Cork, use this guide and keep our top tips in mind. Always book accommodation well in advance, take the time to visit all of the region’s towns and villages, and don’t forget to get out there and explore the countryside.

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