How to Travel Australia Alone

My first ever solo backpacking experience was to Australia. I spent a total of 6 weeks traveling up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns, then flew to Alice Springs for a 3-day Uluru Tour. From there I flew to Melbourne for the Grand Prix, then I continued my adventures in New Zealand. For a …

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Driving the Great Ocean Road

I’ve driven the Great Ocean Road twice, and it’s still one of my favourite parts of Australia. The first time I hired a van in Melbourne and drove to Port Campbell and back in just under three days. The second time I was taking part in the World Nomads Vantastic Road Trip, so I drove …

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One of the most important things I discovered on my trip to Australia is goon. What is Goon? Goon is a 4 litre boxed wine and extremely cheap- it costs around 9 to 15 Australian dollars for the entire carton. You’ll see it everywhere you go; forget Ayers Rock, forget the Kangaroo, forget Kylie’s backside, goon …

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