Bathing at Peninsula Hot Springs

Yinga Massage & Bathing at Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia

A popular attraction on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia is the Peninsula Hot Springs, where natural hot mineral waters flow from deep underground into pools and private baths.

The hot springs are a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and are a great place to visit if you fancy a quick pampering getaway.

Since I was staying with friends in Mornington, I heard a lot about these hot springs and was keen to pay a visit. I haven’t had many massages in my life except for a full body massage in Koh Samui and a foot massage by the side of the road in Chiang Mai, so I was particularly looking forward to my Yinga massage.

I was advised to bathe before my massage, so I started off in the Spa Dreaming Centre, which features pools with varying temperatures for guests aged 16 and over. If you’re looking for a more tranquil atmosphere, then this will definitely be for you. It is significantly quieter and more intimate than the public bathing area, and I actually had most of the pools to myself. Sitting in one of the hot pools listening to the sound of running water, I felt like I was in my own private oasis, a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Spa Dreaming Centre Baths at the Peninsula Hot Springs

Bathing at Peninsula Hot Springs

Yinga Massage

I was booked in for the signature Yinga massage, which is a dynamic and relaxing full body massage created by the spa’s experienced therapists. It is designed to invigorate and leave you with a sense of total balance, and that’s exactly what it did.

My masseuse Jo was lovely, and her calming voice instantly made me feel at ease. I don’t know much about massages, but as she worked her magic I soon drifted off into a state of total relaxation.

As I sipped on a cup of herbal tea in the relaxation room after my massage, I honestly felt like I had been given a new body.

Yinga Massage at Peninsula Hot Springs

Relaxation room at Peninsula Hot Springs

Public Bathing

Afterwards I explored the public bathing area, which features more than 20 different bathing options for visitors of all ages, including a cave pool, reflexology walk, hamam, sauna, cold plunge pools, family pools and massaging thermal mineral showers. The owner of the Peninsula Hot Springs has travelled far and wide visiting various hot springs, so each pool is based on different concepts from around the world.

The main focal point is the lake area, where families sit on deckchairs and enjoy the sunshine.  As you walk up the hill you’ll discover pools of varying temperatures from 37°C to 43°C, and the highlight is the pool at the top, which offers 360-degree views of the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Peninsula Hot Springs Lake

Reflexology Walk at Peninsula Hot Springs

All that bathing left me feeling peckish, so I stopped for lunch in the Spa Dreaming Centre Café, were I ordered the salmon pattie with cous cous and a beetroot, feta and walnut salad. The food was divine and a great way to round off my day at the hot springs.

Spa Dreaming Centre Cafe Peninsula Hot Springs

The 60-minute Yinga Massage costs $130 AUD (peak) or $117 (off peak). If you book a treatment, spa dreaming centre bathing costs $32 AUD (Mon-Fri) or $35 (Sat-Sun). 

Entrance to the main bath house costs $30 AUD per adult Mon-Fri, or $35 per adult Sat-Sun

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