The Benefits of Learning Languages

Languages are beautiful. They allow us to convey our thoughts and emotions, and to communicate with other human beings. People from all over the world learn English since it’s such as widely spoken language, but it’s also beneficial to learn the language of whatever destination you are traveling to. Language is such an important part of a country’s culture, so by learning the country’s native tongue, you can talk to the locals, make new friends and enrich your travel experience.

Here are some of the benefits of learning languages:

Languages are Sexy

Let’s face it, being able to speak more than one language is pretty sexy and can help attract a mate! Got a hot dinner date? Order your meal in the local language and this will definitely win you a few bonus points!

You’ll find travel easier

Learn a few words or phrases and you’ll find it a lot easier to get around. It can be really frustrating when you need to ask something but you don’t know how to say it. Being able to ask for directions, order food and find out the best places to visit will make your experience a lot more enjoyable! You can save yourself some money too!

Languages come in useful in sticky situations

If you get yourself into a spot of bother when you’re abroad, it can really help if you speak at least a little bit of the local language. For example, perhaps you have to make a police report… you can explain the situation, understand what they are saying to you, and hopefully resolve the problem. Speaking a few words and phrases can sort out any confusion when you’re abroad.

The locals will appreciate your effort

It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the language fluently and you make mistakes- the locals appreciate the fact that you are trying. If a foreigner came to my home country of England, I would expect them to be able to speak a few words of English, so when I go to another country, I know I should make an effort to learn at least a few words from their language. When you do attempt to speak the language, the locals are much more receptive and you’ll usually get a positive reaction.

It’s easier to get a job abroad

So you want to work in the French Alps for a ski season, or find a hotel job in the Middle East? Being able to speak the language will make it far easier to get a job in the country you’re visiting. If you’re multilingual you’ll be able to communicate with both the tourists from your home country, and the native speakers of the country you are in.

You can make new friends

If you travel to another country and you can chat with the locals, it will be much easier to make new friends. New friends=more fun=a better trip! You can also learn from each other; you can teach them some new words from your language, and they can help you learn new words from theirs.

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Victoria Brewood

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  • Ava Apollo
    Posted at 08:16h, 02 November Reply

    Agreed that it helps you save money. You’re less likely to get scammed or overcharged!

  • Daniel McBane
    Posted at 11:17h, 17 February Reply

    I grew up speaking two languages, so I’m going to go ahead and agree with everything on that infographic, especially the parts about bilinguals being more attractive and intelligent. One of the best articles I’ve read in a long time!

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