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Lo & Sons Pearl: The Best Take Everywhere Bag for Travel?

Travelling demands a bag that is both easy to pack and functional at the same time. When I’m strolling around cities by day and then bar hopping by night, I need something that’s going to span from daylight to dark. There’s no popping back to the hotel room to switch bags.

Sometimes I carry a tote bag but most of the time I travel with a cross-body bag because it means I have my hands free, I don’t have to worry about leaving it in a random bar and I know it’s safe and secure around my body.

For a while I’d been thinking about investing in a new cross body bag in a new, more summery colour other than black. Then I was contacted by Lo and Sons – a US based brand that promises ‘less fumbling, more globetrotting’. Started by mother Helen Lo and her two sons, Lo & Sons provides bags that are built to travel light without compromising functionality and style. You can read the full story here.

Since I’m such a frequent traveller, they invited me to try one of their bags on my next trip abroad and to be honest I was spoilt for choice. Bags that caught my eye were The Seville laptop tote (which would be perfect as a carry on for flying), the O.M.G Overnight bag and The Claremont camera bag. But in the end, I opted for the Pearl- a smaller cross body bag that I figured I’d probably get the most use out of. To start off with i took it around London with me, then I took it to Greece on my first ever Silversea cruise.

Here’s what I made of it…

Pearl Cross Body Bag

Lo and sons Pearl Bag Grey Saffiano

The Lo & Sons Pearl features lots of pockets for organising your everyday travels, including a padded pocket for a mini-tablet. I actually don’t own an iPad, but I used it to put my Kindle reader inside. There’s a key leash so you’ll never lose your keys, plus pockets for a passport, pen, phone, lipsticks etc. If you want to see what fits inside, take a look at this YouTube video.

The bag basically has two large zipped sections, either side of an open middle section. The middle section closes with poppers, which can be a good or a bad thing. It’s good because I can easily access things, but bad because if I stuff too many things in the middle section, I can’t close the poppers. The poppers are actually quite firm and secure when they are closed, but often I just don’t close them, so if thieves were about I guess they could easily reach into my bag.

Lo and sons cross body bag

Having several sections makes it great for organising my belongings though, so I’m not digging around at the bottom like Mary Poppins!

I chose the light grey Saffiano version with gold hardware, since I thought the colour would be ideal for my summer outfits. I have quite a few black bags, which can look harsh with more delicate summer clothes, so this colour seemed a little bit softer and more appropriate. I actually had no idea what ‘Saffiano’ really meant but basically it’s leather that has been treated to be scratch and water resistant. It has a distinct cross-hatch pattern, giving it a textured stiffness that is durable over time.

Lo & Sons Pearl

The strap is also convertible, meaning you can simply detach a section of it and turn it into a little clutch bag with a wrist strap for night time.

The only real major con for me is that I walk around with my Sony A7 camera 90% of the time, so if I’m going out for the day, it means I have to sling the camera over my shoulder and I can’t put it away in my bag. I’m often worried that I’ll either leave my camera somewhere or damage it because I have nowhere safe to put it. Of course if you travel with a small point-and-shoot camera or even one of the smaller mirrorless cameras, you won’t have this problem.

Lo and Sons Pearl Grey Saffiano


  • The logo is nice and discreet
  • Nice hummingbird print on the lining
  • Design is simple and classy
  • Fabric is durable
  • Colour goes with everything
  • Great size for travel
  • Lots of pockets for organising
  • Comes in choice of colours, leathers and gold/silver hardware


  • Can’t fit a DSLR camera inside, only a pocket camera
  • Middle section is open and closes with poppers – this has pros and cons


Pommie Travels Corfu

I love the look of this bag and I’ve had lots of compliments on the grey colour, which goes with everything. It’s simple, stylish and really a timeless classic. I’ve taken it everywhere with me – on nights out, cruises, city walking tours…you name it. The only main problem I’ve faced is that I tend to take my Sony A7 camera out with me, so in hindsight I’d be better off with The Claremont for days when I’m travelling around with a camera, and the Pearl for times when I’m camera-free. Now I’ve been introduced to Lo & Sons I’m really lusting after all of their bags and I think they’re an awesome brand for travellers!

The bag currently retails at $186 on sale (original price $248) – U.S customers only.

Do you like this bag? Would you take it travelling? Leave your comments below! 

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