10 Things To Know Before Moving To Texas

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According to multiple surveys, Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the USA. It’s also the second-largest state by both population and land area. Nicknamed the Lone Star State, Texas is famous for its hot weather, booming job market, and comparatively low cost of living.

Planning to move to Texas in 2022? The following are a few key things you need to know.


Texas has a subtropical climate with hot and warm summers and arid winters. The state has four distinct seasons but the summer tends to last longer.

Temperatures rarely rise above 96 degrees and dip below 32 degrees. July is the hottest month while January is the coldest. Snow is not very common but appears once in a while during the cold months.

Generally, the weather is pleasant in most parts of Texas. However, beware of tornadoes. Texas ranks first in tornado occurrences in the U.S, with about 139 cases of tornadoes reported annually. Most tornadoes occur in the Red River Valley in Northern Texas but it is always good to stay alert even in other parts of the state.

Job market

One of the most famous things about Texas is its booming job market. The state is home to over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Forbes has listed several cities in Texas as the best places to find jobs. Among these include Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston.

Silicon Hills in Austin is best known for its technology, so if you’re looking for a job in tech, this is a good place to start your search. Other industries like tourism, banking, and energy are also booming, making job hunting in Texas relatively easy.

Affordable housing

One of the things that attract a lot of people to Texas is affordable housing. Texas the state is landlocked and has a lot of lands to build on, which makes it very appealing to people aspiring to be homeowners.

If you plan on relocating and settling in Texas, we highly recommend checking out cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Austin in particular is such a bustling city that offers plenty of job opportunities, boasts pleasant weather all year round, not to mention lots of accommodation options.


Traffic is generally problematic in Texas. An already large population and with people moving in droves to this state every passing year, it’s no surprise things can get hectic sometimes. Stocking up on your favorite podcast might be a good way to deal with all the extra time you’ll spend in traffic, especially in busy cities like Austin and Houston.


The name Texas comes from the word ‘Cado’ which means friendship. The state is steeped in history and has been home to several Native American tribes. Surprisingly, it is a claimed territory to the Spanish Conquistadors, Mexico, and France.

Over the years, Texas has hosted many historical events leading it to the state it is today. It is a home to many museums including The Alamo, Caddo Mounds, Eisenhower Birthplace, Fort Griffin, and many more.


Texas is known for its iconic dishes and tasty cuisine. Whatever food you enjoy, the state is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

There are a few dishes that seem to be a favorite of every Texan: Texan barbecue and Texmex. The former has a unique flavor that makes it stand out. Texans say that the best way to enjoy barbecue is by not putting any sauce in it, so as to fully savor the unique barbecue flavor.


One of the most surprising facts about Texas is that it is one of the few US states with no state tax. As a result, it has the fifth-lowest tax burden per capita compared to other states. If you decide to move here, all you will have to worry about is federal taxes. Sales tax is quite low, which encourages residents to shop and support local businesses.


If Texans were to choose one thing they love, it has to be football. You’ve probably heard of the Dallas Cowboys. Football causes a frenzy in this state. Did you know that the city of Decatur once voted to reschedule Halloween to accommodate a football match?

Outdoor activities

Texas offers a wide range of outdoor activities that you can enjoy, all thanks to the excellent all-year weather. Enjoy kayaking in Buffalo Bayou Park or take to the trails at White Rock Lake Park to watch birds, cycle or hike.


Texas embraces a lot of art and culture than people know. For example, the Dallas Art District is famous for performing art venues and galleries. There are more than 150 museums around Houston while Austin locals enjoy expressing their creativity through live music.

Excited to relocate to Texas?

We bet you do! The Lone Star State is an enjoyable place to live in and we are sure you will have fun if you are planning to move here. We hope this article helped you get more familiar with Texas before you can finally make the move. Good luck!

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