Piggy Bank

How To Save For Your Next Big Trip Abroad

While many travel bloggers are nomadic with no fixed address, I know many of you have to pay rent, or own a home and are paying off a mortgage. Then there are the daily outgoings- the phone contracts, the utility bills, the weekly shopping and nights out with friends. If you have a serious case […]

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How to Plan and Afford Your Travels

Being in anticipation of an upcoming journey is one of the most exhilarating feelings there are. Whether you want to go on a hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains, meditate in Sri Lanka, go white water rafting in Brazil or visit the ancient ruins of Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands – the world is […]

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Saving Money on Travel in the UK

Tips for Saving Money on Travel in the UK

Since I’m based in Manchester, I find myself travelling down to London quite a bit for meetings or to catch flights from the London airports. Travel in the UK can sometimes be expensive if you leave it to the last minute, so I’ve put together some top tips saving money on travel in the UK. […]

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Travel Photography Tips & Tricks

My Top Travel Photography Tips

Ever since I was given a Nikon D70 camera as a present from my Dad, I have been really interested in photography. I’m always lusting after new pieces of kit and I’ve currently got my eye on a nice little upgrade. Being a travel blogger, photos are very important- a blog post without images would […]

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My 10 Essential Tips for Moving Abroad

While I’m generally a bit of a nomad, I have lived the expat life from time to time. Several years ago I lived in Bali where I eventually found a job making event videos, and I once lived in Portugal where I worked a season working in bars and restaurants. Recently, I submitted my top […]

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Travel with an iPad

Tips for Travel with an iPad

In many ways the iPad can be the perfect travel companion. It doesn’t take up as much room as a laptop, and yet it isn’t as small and fiddly as a phone. If you’re going on shorter trips or you’re traveling for a while but don’t need the full functionality of a laptop, then the […]

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Biking Los Angeles- Santa Monica Bike Path

Seeing Los Angeles Without A Car: What You Need to Know

When I announced I was visiting Los Angeles for the first time, all of my Californian friends insisted “you’ll need to rent a car.” The reason for this is Los Angeles is a sprawling city with lots of neighbourhoods and suburbs, plus the public transport system isn’t as efficient as somewhere like New York. Most […]

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How to Look After Your Money While Traveling

When traveling abroad it’s important I look after my money. Without money, I can’t travel! In order to make my  funds last longer I have to make sure I’m not throwing money down the drain on things like international transaction fees. I also have to take precautions to make sure that I am not a […]

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