Travel coupons- Make your travel a lot more travelicious!!!

If you have been planning a travel lately, then here is something I would like to make you acquainted with……it’s the travel coupons! If you have been thinking that coupons were implied for the online shopping portals only, then you are wrong. Coupons are the extra rebates that can help you save generous on your [...]

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10 Random and Interesting Travel Facts

Travel is one of the most popular forms of leisure around the world. When most of us decide to take a vacation from work it almost always involves planning to travel somewhere. There are so many interesting things on this planet to see and learn about and this list is only going to cover ten [...]

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Brac Croatia

5 Things You Should Totally Do in Croatia

Croatia is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most popular summer destinations and it’s certainly one of my favourite places. My first encounter with Croatia was on a quick drive over to Rovinj from Slovenia, and from that moment, the country had me under its spell. With sparkling waters, romantic Mediterranean cities, gorgeous beaches, forested valleys [...]

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Tulum Mayan ruins Mexico

10 Awesome Things to Do in Mexico

Mexico is an incredibly popular holiday destination, famous for its Tequila, tasty tacos, the Aztecs and the Mayans, ancient ruins and beach resorts among other things. If you like white sandy beaches, Mexico has lots of them, and there’s still time to book your Mexico holidays 2014. Here are some awesome things you can do in [...]

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Unusual Food Festivals in Italy

I’m a huge fan of Italian food. In fact I’m a huge fan of food in general but Italian food is really something else. Whenever I go there I eat insane amounts of pasta and my favourite dish has to be a proper carbonara, with the egg yolk on top. I can easily devour a [...]

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Where Are You? Test Your Travel Knowledge!

We in the travelling community like to think we’ve been places, seen things and done things that the average person usually wouldn’t get around to doing in their everyday life. But how much of the big wide world have we really seen? It’s time to put your travel knowledge to the test with a little [...]

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Malta Lookout Point

Isle of MTV Malta 2014

Remember how I visited Malta for Blog Island back in May? I had such a fab time visiting Gozo and eating my way around Malta that I knew I’d be back some day. Little did I realise I’d actually be back only a few weeks later! When my photographer friend Chris told me about Isle of MTV, [...]

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Hawaii Hanalei Bay

My Dream Trip, If I Won a Million…

Ever thought about what you would do if you won a million? Sometimes I find myself thinking about what I’d do if I won the lottery and recently IHG Rewards Club asked me to share what my dream trip would be. It’s such a tough one because there are so many places I’d love to [...]

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