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5 of the Best Touring Caravan Sites in the UK

With a potential heatwave and 100 days of summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to head off an a caravan holiday within the UK. If you have very little time off work, take advantage of the weekends to get some fresh air, enjoy the great outdoors and explore some of Britain’s most [...]

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Baden Baden Casino Clock

Visiting the Most Beautiful Casino in the World in Baden-Baden

Marlene Dietrich declared Baden-Baden casino in Germany “the most beautiful casino in the world” and I might just have to agree. Casinos in Germany are very different to those found in Las Vegas- while Sin City is loud, proud and in-your-face, the casino in Baden-Baden is a much more classy and altogether more refined affair. [...]

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Indian Rhinoceros

Want To Know More About Safari Animals?

Visiting a wildlife centre or safari park is a great opportunity to learn more about animals that you don’t encounter on a daily basis. It’s a fantastic way to educate the kids about other areas of the world and the importance of conservation. Siberian Tiger Would you believe it? The Siberian Tiger is the largest [...]

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Rude Hand Gestures Around the World

Rude Hand Gestures Around The World

When travelling the world it’s not just the language you have to get to grips with….hand gestures can play a major part in communication too. In Italy for instance they have a whole catalogue of hand gestures meaning both good…and not so good things. If you sweep your hand from under your chin towards someone [...]

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Discover the serenity of Rosslyn Chapel this spring

Scotland has many beautiful historical and religious buildings to discover with VisitBritain. From the magnificent vaults of Glasgow Cathedral to the elaborate Melrose Abbey and ruins of Jedburgh Abbey, the many churches span a wide range of styles and centuries. While many are now ruins and open to the elements, others are still active places [...]

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WW1 Celebrations Ireland

From north to south, Ireland is stepped in history. In addition to prehistoric and medieval settlements, Ireland is also known for its World War I sites. According to historical sources, approximately 350,000 Irish men fought alongside Britain during World War I, leaving their heroic footprints in several parts of Ireland. Find out more about the [...]

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