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Puckipuppy Corgi: Adult City Electric Commuter Bike Reviews

Discover the joys of urban commuting with the Puckipuppy Corgi, a standout model in the realm of adult city electric commuter bikes. As more city dwellers look to e-bikes as a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation, the Corgi sets itself apart with its blend of performance, style, and comfort designed specifically for the urban environment.

The Puckipuppy Corgi is not just another electric bike; it’s a thoughtfully engineered marvel tailored for the hustle and bustle of city life. With its powerful motor and robust build, it promises an effortless ride through crowded streets and serene bike paths alike. Equipped with advanced features such as a high-capacity battery, integrated LED display, and a responsive throttle, the Corgi combines the convenience of modern technology with the practical needs of daily commuters.

This bike’s sleek design and high-performance specs cater to both the seasoned commuter and the casual rider looking to upgrade their urban travel experience. Whether you’re navigating to work or exploring city landscapes on the weekends, the Puckipuppy Corgi offers a smooth, fast, and enjoyable ride. Stay tuned as we delve into detailed reviews and explore why this bike might just be the ultimate solution for your commuting challenges.

Overview of Puckipuppy Corgi

The Puckipuppy Corgi offers an array of features tailored to the urban commuter. Priced competitively, it combines a robust 750W hub motor and a durable 48V 20Ah battery within a sleek 6061 aluminum alloy frame. With a balance of performance, affordability, and comfort, this bike presents a strong value proposition for anyone looking to navigate the city with ease and style.

Puckipuppy Corgi Reviews: Power — Motor & Battery


The Puckipuppy Corgi is equipped with a powerful 750W hub motor that offers substantial torque, making it ideal for stop-and-go city traffic and capable of handling varying urban terrains. This motor setup ensures that riders can maintain a steady pace, even on inclines.


Featuring a high-capacity 48V 20Ah battery, the Corgi provides an impressive range of 40-80 miles, depending on riding conditions. Perfect for daily commutes.

Corgi Reviews: Speed & Range Test & Display

The bike’s top speed of 25mph is perfectly tuned for urban commuting, allowing for swift travel while adhering to typical city speed limits. This speed capability ensures that riders can keep pace with urban traffic, enhancing both safety and convenience.

In real-world conditions, the Puckipuppy Corgi consistently meets and occasionally exceeds its advertised range. On a test through mixed urban routes, including hills and flat terrains, the bike managed to achieve close to 80 miles, validating its efficiency and reliability for extended commutes.

The LED integrated display on the Corgi is clear and informative, providing essential information at a glance, such as battery level, speed, and trip distance. Its user-friendly interface enhances the riding experience by keeping essential metrics easily accessible.

Puckipuppy Corgi Reviews: Ride & Comfort

Ride Quality

The ride quality of the Corgi is smooth and stable, thanks to its robust frame and wide 20″ x 4″ tires which provide excellent grip and shock absorption across a variety of urban surfaces.


Ergonomically designed, the bike features a comfortable seat and an adjustable handlebar setup, making it suitable for riders of different heights and preferences. The overall ergonomics are tailored for prolonged commutes, reducing rider fatigue.

Corgi Reviews: Handling & Gearing & Brakes

The Corgi excels in handling, with its agile frame and responsive steering allowing for easy navigation through busy city streets, tight corners, and varied pavement conditions.

With a 7-speed Shimano derailleur, the Corgi offers a versatile gearing range that is adept at accommodating the ebbs and flows of urban riding, providing a seamless experience whether accelerating on flats or climbing hills.

The hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, a critical feature in urban environments where sudden stops are common. These brakes are both responsive and durable, offering peace of mind in wet and dry conditions.

Puckipuppy Corgi’s Deals & Warranty & Support

Exceptional Savings on Corgi Bikes

Discover the ultimate riding experience with Puckipuppy Corgi, now more accessible than ever. Enjoy a smooth ride that caters to riders of all ages and styles. For a limited time, save an impressive $350 on the Corgi full suspension mountain bike. Originally priced at $1,699, it’s now available for just $1,349, making it one of the affordable options in its category.

Complimentary Accessory Pack with Purchase

Enhance your biking adventures when you purchase any electric bike from Puckipuppy. You’ll receive a free accessory pack valued at $300, designed to improve both functionality and style. This exclusive bundle includes high-quality Sport Sunglasses, a durable Bike Cover, a secure Bike Cable Lock, a practical Rearview Mirror, a convenient Phone Mount, and a handy Bike Cup Holder, ensuring you have everything you need for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

The Puckipuppy Corgi bike is already a standout for its style and performance, but enhancing it with key accessories like a rear basket and helmet can significantly improve its utility and safety. The customization options are available to enhance Corgi’s functionality and personalization.

Dedicated Support and Reliable Warranty

At Puckipuppy, we stand behind our products with a 2-year warranty and dedicated customer support. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Corgi bike is not only a great investment in your outdoor activities but also backed by our commitment to your satisfaction and biking excellence.

Corgi Reviews: Assembly

The assembly process for the Puckipuppy Corgi is straightforward. The bike arrives partially assembled with clear instructions and tools provided, making it possible for even novice users to put together the bike with minimal effort.

Puckipuppy Corgi’s Specs

Motor: 750W Hub Motor

Battery: 48V 20Ah

Range: 40-80 miles

Speed: Up to 25mph

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Weight: 70 lbs

Load Capacity: 350 lbs

Wheels: Aluminum Alloy, 20″ x 4″

Pros & Cons


  • Great Deals
  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology
  • Powerful motor and long-range battery
  • Speed up to 25 mph suitable for city travel
  • Long Range up to 80 Miles
  • Robust build and comfortable ergonomics
  • Effective braking system
  • Easy assembly and clear instructions
  • Customized accessories
  • 2-Year Warranty, 15-Day Returns, & Free Shipping


  • Limited color options may not appeal to all users


The Puckipuppy Corgi stands out as a highly praised option among adult city electric commuter bikes, catering especially to urban riders. This e-bike combines practical design with user-friendly features to offer a dependable and enjoyable commuting experience. 

The Puckipuppy Corgi is a solidly built e-bike that excels in urban environments, thanks to its responsive motor and high-capacity battery, which enable it to travel long distances on a single charge. Equipped with a smooth pedal assist system and a multi-speed gearing setup, the Corgi offers versatility for navigating various urban terrains and riding conditions. Comfort is also a key aspect of its design, with an ergonomic setup ensuring a pleasant ride whether you’re commuting to work or enjoying a leisurely cruise through the city over the weekend. This combination of durability, efficiency, and comfort makes the Corgi an ideal choice for city dwellers looking for a reliable and enjoyable commuting option.

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