What Makes An Experienced Pedestrian Attorney Different

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Accidents are devastating either train, bicycle, or pedestrian. No human can bear the weight of heavy vehicles, after all, humans are not built to undergo the pain and pounds of weight. Now and then, we hear of pedestrian accidents happening, and these are most common in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities of California. 

Accidents sometimes happen due to the carelessness of the pedestrian, or due to the fault of the vehicle driver. These accidents can happen anytime, and they could be somewhere on the roadside and so. Usually, the drivers end up hitting the people walking on the roadsides, or children who play around the nearby roads.  Some people get injured, and some even lose their lives in road accidents. After the accident, the injured person and his/her family go through a lot of mental and financial toll. In these cases, the victim must take legal counseling and help from a professional.

What Are The Chief Causes Behind A Pedestrian Accident?


Age is also a big factor as one among the five pedestrian deaths or injuries involve old aged people or senior citizens. Many young children have also been a victim of pedestrian accidents. 


Many pedestrian accidents are caused due to rash driving and high speed. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, pedestrians get hit by speedy cars traveling at 20 MPH.  

Distracted Drivers 

Distracted drivers who keep talking and texting on the phone while driving puts their and pedestrians’ lives at risk. Not only these distracted drivers but even the distracted pedestrians who stay busy in their digital devices are also at risk of getting hit by any vehicle. 

Dark Colored Clothes At Night 

Pedestrian accidents are more common at night. So, if you are planning to go on a walk at midnight, avoid wearing dark-colored clothes. Anyhow, if you are wearing a black outfit, then take a flashlight along with you. While crossing the road, keep the flashlight on so that drivers can see you crossing the road.

Impatient Drivers 

Mostly impatient drivers, who do not see the pedestrians crossing the road and drive impatiently to reach their destination can cause many pedestrian accidents.  These are some main causes due to which pedestrian accidents happen. If you or any of your friends have been injured in a pedestrian accident, then you must take help from an expert Pedestrian Accident Lawyer. You must hire a pedestrian accident lawyer after the injury to represent yourself. A law firm, like Ryan Bisher Ryan and Simons helps you to get the monetary benefits or compensation after the accident

Below are the following ways, how a legal person can help you in getting them. Find out the fault. Was your driver distracted? Were you using your digital device while crossing the road or walking?  Well, an attorney asks you all these questions to determine whose fault was in the accident.  Insurance companies refuse to pay the compensation money if they find out your fault in the done mishap. However, if you are innocent and at the time of driving your driver was drunk or drove at speed, then the insurance companies can grant you some amount of compensation. If you hire an accident lawyer, it will be easy for you to prove yourself innocent. 

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