Summer Sport Holidays in Tarifa

Driving along the coastal road from Andalusia’s Costa del Sol to Cadiz’ Costa de la Luz, you’ll immediately understand what draws thousands of tourists to this spectacular region every year. As soon as you hit the last, winding roads towards Tarifa – Spain’s hottest kite-surfing spot – the natural environment starts changing right before your eyes. The surrounding landscapes are greener, the ocean water is clearer, and the white, sandy beaches may trick you into thinking you are no longer in Spain but a tropical location such as those gracing the covers of prestigious travel magazines.

Tarifa, the historic little town famous for its bohemian vibes and breath-taking natural environment, has established itself as the meeting point for summer sport enthusiasts looking to catch great waves and explore all the leisure activities this fabulous place has to offer. If you’re thinking of spending your summer holidays in Tarifa this year, here’s a little preview of all the fun and adventurous sport activities you’ll be able to enjoy during your stay.

Horse Riding Excursions

There’s only one better way to explore the beaches and mountains surrounding Tarifa than by foot: on horseback. There are plenty of stables in and around Tarifa offering relaxing horse-riding excursions that will lead you through the most beautiful places in the area. Trot up towards the Betis mountain range for spectacular views and down to the beaches of Bolonia for a refreshing gallop through the ocean, and a spa-break using the mud this little village is famous for. Whether you’re an experienced rider or will be saddling up a horse for the first time in your life, all levels are catered to here and this adventure on horseback is guaranteed to make for a grand day out for the entire family.


Hardly a day goes by without numerous kites dancing across the Tarifa skylines and surfers chasing across the ocean. Thousands of kite-surfers from all over the world flock to Tarifa and Caños de Meca all year round thanks to consistent winds and designated surf-spots free from beach-bums and tourists who could get in the way of a safe surf. If your teens have been bugging you about wanting to learn how to kitesurf but you’d rather have a staycation in your own garden this year, the Lenguaventura kitesurfing teen summer camp will make for a great compromise. Specialized in offering kitesurfing courses for all levels of experiences, the Lenguaventura camp for teens offers a full-rounded experience that will have your kids return home with more than just kitesurfing skills. During their stay at this camp your teens will be encouraged to learn or improve their English and/or Spanish language skills while establishing new friendships that will last for a lifetime. Give your teens their first taste of a “solo” holiday, knowing they are in excellent hands.


If lounging around on a luxurious yacht, sipping champagne in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean doesn’t fit into your budget, there’s a more exciting alternative waiting for you: sand-yachting. Equipped with the same type of sail that is used for windsurfing, these low, three-wheeled vehicles will see you chasing across the Valedevaqueros beach at a delightful speed. Sand-yachting is the ideal compromise for those who are not quite ready to brave the waves with their surfboard but want to get a feel of what it is like to be steered by the winds.

Adventure Camps

If you really want your teens to benefit from their holiday, you can’t go wrong with signing them up for a teen summer camps in Spain. Lenguaventura’s Adventure Camps ( are extremely popular with youngsters between the ages of 14 and 17, and it’s not at all difficult to understand why: during their stay they will follow an action-packed program that will allow them to follow in the footsteps of survivalists like Bear Grylls and Christina Dodwell while they learn basic survival skills such as tracking, building a raft, orientation, snorkeling and, of course, how to live like their ancestors.

Scuba Diving

With its rich ecosystem and plenty of eerie wrecks to investigate, Tarifa and, especially, Punta Paloma, have become popular scuba diving spots. Punta Paloma, famous for its sandy dunes and lovely camp sites that tend to be calmer than those lining Valdevaqueros, is the ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling excursions. Diving permits – which are obligatory in Spain – can be obtained in various clubs and schools around the coast and will cost you somewhere between €7 and €15, depending on the season. Dive into the clear waters and wait for interesting encounters with octopi, sun fish, rays, anemones and scorpion fish. 


Following a full-on week of strenuous sports activities such as kite-surfing, you might find yourself in the mood for a day of low-impact exercise. Fortunately, this region is full of excellent hiking trails that will take you through some magical, untouched places. One of the most highly recommended places to explore by foot, is the Alcornocales Natural Park. Start off from Punta Paloma and make your way up to the Betis mountains, from which you can access part of the Alcornocales park. Here you will get to see eagles circling above you and greet the cows, horses and donkeys that roam free around here. 

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