Spain Travel Guide

Spain Travel Guide

Quick Intro to Spain

Known for its tapas, siestas, flamenco dances and crazy festivals, Spain is one of the Europe’s most popular countries to visit.

There’s something for everyone in Spain. Cities like Madrid and San Sebastian are brimming with great restaurants and are popular with foodies. The Balearic Islands have some fantastic beaches and are famous for their hedonistic nightlife.

Meanwhile southern Spain is dotted with picturesque cities and towns that boast some excellent examples of Moorish architecture. If you pay a visit to Seville, I’d definitely recommend taking day trips to the towns of Ronda and Cadiz.

Top things to do in Spain include visiting the Alhambra in Granada, exploring Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, touring the vineyards of Rioja, and catching a soccer match at Santiago Bernabeu.

If you’re a foodie you’ll love Spain. Definitely don’t miss the opportunity to try pintxos in the Basque country or paella in Valencia. In Granada tapas are served free of charge with an alcoholic drink, so you’ll never go hungry while you’re bar hopping!

I hope you find this Spain travel guide helpful. It’s packed with practical info to help you plan your trip and save money at the same time!

Plaza de Espana in Seville

Practical Info

Language: The official language in Spain is Spanish, although there are lots of dialects and regional languages. In the Basque Country people speak Basque and in Galicia they speak Galician. Catalan is a language spoken in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Plug sockets: Spain uses types C and F.

Currency: The currency in Spain is the Euro.

Credit cards & ATMs: Credit cards are widely accepted all over Spain. You also won’t have much trouble finding ATMs unless you’re in remote places. It’s always best to have some cash on you though just for the basics.

Safety: Spain is generally safe but watch out for pickpockets! Unfortunately they are rampant, especially in Barcelona. My friend had her wallet stolen from her backpack there, and someone swiped my phone from my purse. Luckily I was able to grab it back! Always make sure your bag is zipped shut and if possible, carry a sling bag so your belongings are close to your chest.

Getting Around: Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid have extensive public transportation systems so you’ll have no problem getting around. Madrid has the Metro, while Barcelona has the Metro and tram.

If you want to travel between cities, the best and cheapest way to do it is by bus. Flixbus is one of the most popular companies and most of the coaches have free WiFi and plug sockets.

Spain’s national rail company is called RENFE and you can purchase tickets online using sites such as Omio, Rail Europe or on the RENFE website. Spain has both high-speed and regular trains and it’s generally faster than the bus for getting between cities.

Best Time to Visit Spain

Spain has a Mediterranean climate and like most places in Europe, the summer usually runs from June to September.

This is the busiest time of year to visit because the weather is at its finest. During the summer you can expect plenty of sunshine and warm weather, so it’s the perfect time for exploring and sunbathing on the beach. Many visitors flock to the Balearic Islands or Spain’s southern coast.

Obviously since summer is peak season, it means that flights and hotels will usually cost more. If you want to save money while still enjoying nice weather, consider visiting Spain in spring (April-May) or autumn (October-November).

Winter in Spain runs from December to March and this Spain’s quietest period. However, the weather during winter is still fairly mild and doesn’t tend to drop below 10 degrees Celsius (50 in Fahrenheit). In December, cities are usually decorated for Christmas and you can visit the Christmas Markets.

There are tons of festivals in Spain throughout the year, so you could combine your trip with a festival experience. La Tomatina (tomato throwing festival), San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) and Las Fallas (bonfire festival) are all very popular.

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