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16 Best Souvenirs From Lisbon to Bring Back Home

If you’re heading to Lisbon, get ready to find some really cool stuff to take home! You can find everything from beautiful, hand-painted tiles called azulejos, to stuff made from authentic Portuguese cork. Don’t forget to grab a few custard tarts (Pastéis de Belém) or a bottle of their famous Port wine as well!

There’s also a super traditional Rooster (Galo de Barcelos) you might want to snag for your collection. Oh, and if you love music, grab some Fado music CDs to keep the Portugal vibe humming! Look for wool clothes if you want something soft and don’t skip those fancy soaps from Claus Porto.

These ain’t just random souvenirs – they’re pieces of Portugal’s culture and traditions that you can keep even after your visit. These souvenirs provide a taste of Portuguese craftsmanship, heritage, and tradition that visitors can take home and cherish long after their trip.

Best Lisbon Souvenirs

Pastel de Nata

Portuguese custard tarts - pasteis de nata - on a baking tray

In Portugal, nothing says ‘sweet treat’ like the Pastel de Nata! These custard tarts, with their creamy centers and caramelized tops, are the ultimate Lisbon souvenir. Make sure you swing by the famous Pasteis de Belem – their recipe is top secret and unbelievably delicious! Honestly, what better memento than a taste of Portugal that you can recreate at home? Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Azulejo Tiles

Colorful Azulejo souvenir tiles for sale in Lisbon, Portugal

Azulejos are more than just tiles in Lisbon, they’re mini art pieces! Hand-painted and brilliantly-coloured, they breathe life into the city’s walls and buildings. They’ve been around since the 13th century, and the patterns often tell stories about Portugal’s history. Whether they’re in blue and white or bursting with colour, azulejos are a memorable piece of Lisboa to take back home.

Green Wine

Portuguese Vinho Verde green wine

Vinho Verde isn’t just any wine, it’s Portugal’s signature sunny day sipper. Named for the lush green region it comes from, not its color, each glass is a bit fizzy and totally refreshing. Traditionally, it’s a white wine, but you can find rosé and red versions too. It’s light, slightly bubbly and perfect with some fresh seafood – a true Portuguese treat!

Port Wine

Glasses of port wine lined up on a barrel

Port wine is like a warm hug from Lisbon. It’s rich, sweet, and typically served as a dessert wine. Made in the Douro Valley, it’s then sent to age in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, near Porto. There’s a range of styles, from deeply fruity ruby ports to nutty, caramel-flavoured tawny ports. A glass of Port is the perfect way to end a Portuguese feast!

Galo de Barcelos Rooster

Galo de Barcelos rooster souvenir in Portugal

The Galo de Barcelos Rooster is an iconic symbol of Portugal. More than just a cute, colourful ceramics piece, it represents honesty, integrity, and trust in Portuguese lore. As the story goes, a roasted rooster miraculously came to life to prove an innocent man’s claims in court. Today, you’ll find this lucky rooster all over Portugal, watching over homes and reminding everyone of the power of truth and justice.

Soaps from Claus Porto

Claus Porto soaps are a bath-time treat from Lisbon. Made since 1887, each bar is packed with fragrant scents inspired by the botanicals of Portugal. Luxuriously silky and wrapped in beautifully designed Art Deco packaging, these soaps add a touch of old-world charm to any bathroom. Plus, they’re made with 100% vegetable oils and shea butter – so they’re super kind to your skin too!


Tins of sardines stacked in a window in Portugal

Tinned fish aren’t just pantry staples in Lisbon, they’re gourmet treats! Portuguese sardines are considered some of the finest in the world, packed with flavour and nutritious oils. They might come in a tin, but they’re way beyond your average canned fish. Each tin is a beautiful design piece too, making them perfect gifts or souvenirs. And don’t just try the sardines – the squid, mackerel, and tuna are all worth a taste too!


Cork bags on a market stall in Portugal

Cork is Lisbon’s eco-friendly superstar, harvested from the local cork oak trees without harming them. This water-resistant, durable, and lightweight material is incredibly versatile, used for creating cork flooring, handbags, wallets, hats, and even shoes! Portugal is the world’s largest cork producer, so when you’re in Lisbon, you’re surrounded by fascinating cork-based products that make unique and sustainable souvenirs. It’s Portugal’s magical way of turning nature into functional art.


Portuguese ceramics on a wall in Portugal

Portuguese ceramics are a celebration of Lisbon’s history, culture, and craftsmanship. Each hand-painted piece showcases the country’s love for vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

From decorative azulejo tiles adorning buildings to charming ceramic dishes depicting Portugal’s rich maritime heritage, these beautiful works of art blend functionality with old-world charm. Pick up a ceramic rooster or a set of plates for your home, and you’ll have a lasting reminder of your trip to the heart of Portuguese artistry.

Portuguese Cheese

Typical Portuguese cheese

Portuguese cheeses are a gourmet treasure you can discover in Lisbon. Made in traditional ways with sheep, goat or cow milk, they range from robust, crumbly cheeses like “Serra da Estrela”, to creamy types like “Azeitão”.

Each has its own unique character, often tied to its region of origin, and all are packed full of flavour. Pair them with a local wine for an authentic, delicious culinary experience that truly reflects Portugal’s rich agricultural heritage.


Bottle and shot glass of Ginjinha on a bar in Lisbon, Portgual.

Ginjinha is Lisbon’s cherry liqueur, a sweet yet potent drink locals love. Produced by infusing sour cherries, also known as “ginjas,” in alcohol and adding sugar along with other ingredients, Ginjinha is typically served with a piece of fruit in the glass.

Whether sipped at a “ginjinha bar” in a bustling Lisbon neighborhood or enjoyed as a neat shot after dinner, this traditional Portuguese liqueur offers a delightful surprise for your taste buds and a true taste of Lisbon’s sprightly spirit.

Portuguese Cookbooks

Portuguese cookbooks make practical, enriching souvenirs from Lisbon. Apart from teaching you how to create authentic Portuguese dishes like Piri Piri chicken or Pastel de Nata, they offer insight into Portuguese culture, tradition, and the love for food.

Beautifully designed, these cookbooks often weave culinary expertise with personal stories, local anecdotes, and vibrant photographs of the dishes. They don’t only help you recreate the flavors of Portugal in your kitchen, but also serve as delightful keepsakes, helping you relive your Lisbon memories with every delicious dish.

Piri Piri Sauce

Spoon and jar of piri piri sauce - typical Portuguese marinade.

Piri Piri sauce is Lisbon’s fiery gift to the culinary world. Made from crushed chillies, citrus peel, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon juice, bay leaves, paprika, pimento, basil, oregano, and tarragon, this sauce adds an unforgettable kick to any dish.

It’s most famously used to marinate chicken, creating the iconic “Frango Piri Piri” – a must-try for any visitor. But don’t let it stop there! Get a bottle of Piri Piri sauce to take home and you can spice up your own kitchen with an authentic taste of Portugal.

Tram Magnet

Lisboa tram magnets on a board in Lisbon, Portugal

Tram magnets capture the essence of Lisbon’s charming street life. Modeled after the iconic vintage trams, with their cheerful yellow exteriors and intricate iron detailing, these magnets are an endearing expression of the city’s spirit.

As souvenirs, they not only serve as playful and nostalgic reminders of your Lisbon adventures, but they also celebrate the city’s love for preserving its rich heritage. Adorning your fridge with a tram magnet is a delightful way to bring a touch of Portugal’s artful transportation back to your everyday life.

Olive Oil

Portuguese olive oil is a luscious byproduct of Lisbon’s fertile lands. Known for its exceptional quality and diverse flavor profiles ranging from sweet and mild to bold and fruity, it beautifully sums up Portugal’s agricultural richness.

These handpicked olives are cold-pressed to preserve their health benefits and unique taste. Whether used for cooking, dressing salads, or dipping bread, Portuguese olive oil enriches every culinary possibility. Buying a bottle from Lisbon promises to bring a touch of Mediterranean sunshine and Portuguese tradition into your own kitchen.

Portuguese Salt

Portuguese salt, particularly from Lisbon, holds a special status among gastronomes worldwide. Harvested from traditional salt pans along Portugal’s clean, sunny coastline, this sea salt has a delicate yet flavorful profile, free from additives.

Often it’s smoked or mixed with herbs, lending a unique edge to its taste. Using this artisanal salt in any dish immediately elevates its flavor profile, making it the secret weapon of many gourmet kitchens. It’s an affordable, yet remarkable souvenir that lets you take back a part of Lisbon’s culinary essence to your home.

A Final Word…

In conclusion, Lisbon offers a treasure trove of delightful souvenirs that capture its rich cultural and culinary heritage. From artisanal products like Portuguese olive oil and salt, to traditional delicacies like Piri Piri sauce, and cherished mementos like tram magnets and cookbooks, these souvenirs not only remind you of the good times spent in Lisbon, but also allow you to bring home a piece of Portugal’s charm. These authentic tokens are sure to enhance your culinary adventures and will serve as a constant link to your unforgettable Lisbon experience.

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