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Reasons Why Barcelona is Best Place for Cyclists

The fine weather, designated cycle routes and scenic beauty of Barcelona and its outskirts makes it one of the best cities to bike on the Mediterranean. Like Berlin, bicycle urbanism in Barcelona has become an increasingly popular trend among both locals and tourists. 

The local government’s efforts

Incentivized to reduce pollution and improve the general health and fitness of its residents, the city has invested a lot in upgrading its biking infrastructure and promises to continue on this righteous path. The upgrade which began in 2007 includes construction of special bike paths located predominantly in long stretches on the fringes of Barcelona’s historic districts such as Eixample and Sant Marti. These separate lanes are very practical, working perfectly in the street grid systems and wide avenues to make cycling across the city a joy.    

The city’s government’s efforts aside, here are some reasons why Barcelona is ideal for cyclists.

  1. A mix of sightseeing and sport

Whether you choose to take the modernistic route admiring architectural marvels from the Catalan modernism era or choose to make the intense ride up the Montjuic Mountain, cycling in Barcelona effectively blends sport and sightseeing. 

On two wheels, you can easily access the hidden gems in Barcelona such as the Parc del Laberint d’Horta and get to experience the multiple facets of the city all the while getting some good exercise. 

  1. Cutting down the cost

Barcelona is a scenic but expensive city to get around. For example, getting to the top of Tibidabo requires catching a train, tram, and a funicular. With a bicycle, however, you can ride to the peak, enjoy the impressive views and then ride downhill back to the city.  

  1. The biking culture of Barcelona

Thanks to the bike share program and bike tour services, upwards of 2 million locals currently use bicycles to travel across the city of Barcelona. Joining this popular biking culture is an effective way to blend in with the locals and experience Barcelona from their perspective. The history of Catalonia is vast and its culture rich. Biking with the locals is a great way to learn and appreciate it.

  1. Free bike tours

 It is always a good idea to take a guided tour if it is your first time in Barcelona. While taking a hop on – hop off bus tour is an option, waiting in line at the bus stop and the limitation of a bus’s reach make bike tours the better option. Bike tours are also more cost-effective. Free Bike Tour Barcelona offers free 3 hour bike tours on a daily basis charging only a small 7 euro fee for booking and insurance. The three-hour tour covers the city’s most iconic sites and takes you to the best eateries and viewpoints in Barcelona. 

  1. Beating the traffic

Like all major cities in the world, the streets of Barcelona are often clogged up with traffic jams. This can make for a very lousy experience in a city that experiences more sunshine than its European neighbors. On two wheels, you can enjoy the sun and cool breeze on your face without being caught up in the annoying traffic. Over 180km of cycle lanes across the city make

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