PS I Love You Ireland

Glendalough in Ireland

I’ve fallen in love with Ireland. Why?

I think the picture above speaks for itself!

The scenery, the people, the guinness, the pubs, the music…it’s a great ‘craic’ as they say!

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that I’m often inspired to visit a place by watching movies and I’ve done a fair few movie tours on my travels, including a Sex and the City Tour of New York, and a Sound of Music Tour of Salzburg.

It may be a bit cheesy for some, but the movie P.S I Love You was one of my inspirations for visiting the Emerald Isle. Without giving too much away, it’s about a woman called Holly, whose fun-loving Irish husband (played by the sexy Gerard Butler) dies of a brain tumour. He leaves her a series of surprise letters to help her overcome her grief and start a new life, which lead her back to where they first met…Ireland.

 Glendalough Ireland

I hopped on a day tour to Glendalough, Wicklow and Kilkenny with Paddywagon Tours, which takes you to the area where P.S I Love You and Braveheart were filmed.

They call this area the “Garden of Ireland” and it is seriously one of the most beautiful parts of the country to visit. As soon as we drove out of Dublin, the grey clouds cleared away, leaving a bright blue sky.

Our first stop was Glenadlough, which means the “Valley of the Two Lakes”. The historic site consists of a 6th-century monastery founded by St. Kevin, and a round tower which stands 112 feet high. The walk up to the two lakes is beautiful, and on a sunny day, the reflection in the water makes for some spectacular photos!

If you have some time after your walk, I’d recommend stopping at the hotel for some scones and tea in the sunshine too.

Me and JJ Paddywagon Tours

Our driver JJ, or 'J-Squared', knew absolutely everything there is to know about Ireland.

We then took a scenic drive into the Wicklow Mountains and made a short photo stop at Wicklow Gap, at a height of 470m.  The flashback scene where Jerry catches sight of Holly in all her bright colours is shot in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. You’re not going to stand in the exact spot where they first meet, but you will get an idea of the stunning scenery of the area.

Paddywagon in the Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains

On the way to Kilkenny we visited this remarkable Megalithic Portal Tomb pictured below which is called Brown Hill Dolmen. It doesn’t look anything special when you look at it from the car park, but when you walk up to it, you can appreciate it a lot more. The capstone weighs around 100 tonnes, and the tomb was built between 4,900 and 5,500 years ago, so how they managed to move this stone without the technology we have today is anyone’s guess!

Megalithic tomb, Wicklow

Our final stop of the day was in the town of Kilkenny, which is home to the magnificent Kilkenny Castle. We had a couple of hours to walk around the town, get some lunch, and do some shopping before heading back to Dublin. You can have a pint of Kilkenny, visit the design centre for crafts and souvenirs and warm up with some Irish pub grub. There are lots of different restaurants and cafes here, but I went with JJ’s recommendation and had some traditional bacon and cabbage with a pint of Bulmers in  Nostalgia Cafe. The food was fantastic and there’s a nice little outdoor roof terrace upstairs.

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

 Kilkenny Town Centre, Ireland

Even if you’re not a fan of PS I Love You or Braveheart, the day tour is a great way to see on of the prettiest parts of Ireland and it’s only a short distance from Dublin. When you get back to Dublin, if you want to visit the pub where Jerry sings Galway Girl to Holly, that’s shot in Whelan’s Pub on Wexford Street!

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