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Five Tips for Hassle-Free Travel Around the USA

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” ~ Susan Heller

Road trips across the United States are known for being a bit of a mix—tedious but fun, and in some cases, full of surprises. For those who constantly live out of their suitcases and are on wheels, shuttling between states in this Land of Opportunity implies tackling distances so great that it makes Santa’s journey from the North Pole a cakewalk. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that the USA is the fourth largest country in the world by land mass, after Russia, Canada, and China.

However, it isn’t just the exhausting miles that can be a downer on a road trip; it’s the nosebleed-inducing expenses—gas prices, car rental rates, and everything else in between—which all add up to a nightmarish experience for travel junkies who are ill-prepared. Given the effects of high inflation on these factors, Americans are now savvier with the greenback than ever, with 92% looking for more ways to save on travel.

Perhaps, yours might not be tied to cost. It might be a matter of convenience—you’re pressed for time and can’t afford to be held up in snaking queues for ages, or you simply don’t have a driver’s license and have to travel by air or rail. Whichever the case, you have a plethora of options to make your trip a lot smoother. All you need is a little bit of research, which is what this guide provides through the five tips discussed below.

Plan Ahead

The cardinal rule of trips, regardless of the commute mode, is to plan well in advance. It’s tempting to wing it, especially as a vehicle owner who is free to make itineraries at will. But imagine hitting the road in the thick of rush hour, expecting a quick drive but getting caught in a traffic jam that feels like an eternity, or picture booking a flight at the eleventh hour only to be slapped with a ticket price that’s twice what you’d pay on a chill, off-peak day.

Not exactly the dream scenario, right? Thoughtful planning means setting your itinerary in order and preparing for any interruptions that might ruin your experience. For example, a rail journey through the northeast region may require you to research the most ideal passenger train that covers a wide expanse in a short time. For comfort, your search might lead you to choose Amtrak and book a quarter in advance as it’s more spacious than an airline seat, and the quarters get booked up fast.

Pair that up with speed and punctuality, and you might find your match in Acela Express, the crown jewel of Amtrak’s passenger train services, known to shave off up to an hour from transit time. In essence, the quality of your travel experience boils down to how much planning you’ve put into it. It’s on this those other factors we’ll subsequently discuss ride.

Pack Smart

A cluttered suitcase is every traveler’s bane, and a bulky, heavy bag is a surefire recipe for a headache, as you’d have to wrestle it in and out of a car trunk. And if you’re thinking of flying or hopping on a bus, who knows what other challenges might pop up? You could be hit with extra fees for too much baggage, face some strict weight limits, or find yourself playing a game of Tetris trying to fit into a cramped seat with two oversized suitcases flanking you on either side. No one wants that kind of travel drama.

To overcome these inconveniences, keep it light by packing the essentials, which you’ve already outlined in your list. These include your ID, travel insurance, comfortable clothing and shoes, necessary reservations, and a portable charger for your devices. You can always invest in additional items you need along the way or at your destination. This way, you won’t be burdened with so much stuff when on the go.

Choose Your Accommodation with Care

Your journey is as good as your destination or the next stopover. So, when picking where to park your boots for a night, do a quick search for spots with stellar reviews and amenities. This is where Leadar comes in clutch, as it helps you connect with verified B2B hosts who are more likely to deliver a quality experience.

As the number of places you’re visiting may impact your wallet, consider hotels and motels that are within your budget range but are good enough to give you a peaceful and memorable stay. If you’re traveling with your spouse, make sure the lodge has a double bed for comfort. If you’re bringing the kids along, it should cater to their needs as well, such as providing a children’s menu in the restaurant.

Implement Safety Guidelines

Safety is a top priority for travelers, even more so for those treading unfamiliar territories. First off, make sure you’re always buckled up. If you’re driving, beware of potholes and speed bumps, as their uneven surfaces can throw off your balance. Also, drive with caution when the weather turns nasty.

When airborne, remember to stow your bags in the overhead locker, or under the seat in front of you. Always keep your passport, bank cards, and other valuables handy to prevent a mishap. Be ready to show your ID, especially in high-crime areas. Above all, remain vigilant to avoid being a victim of theft.

Be Open-Minded and Flexible

Unexpected situations may arise, such as your vehicle breaking down, losing your reservation receipt, having a delayed flight, or even being subjected to harsh weather conditions. In such moments, don’t throw in the towel. Rather, be optimistic and come up with ways to work around these challenges.

For instance, in the event of a storm, you could wait it out in a parking lot or call. If your situation involves a broken-down vehicle, call your insurance provider and see if they can tow your car or lend you a rental to complete your travel schedule.

Your ability to stay open-minded and maintain a positive attitude will make your trip more enjoyable.


Traveling across the USA requires a meticulous approach to your planning process. Once you have this part on lockdown, your next course of action is to pack smart, pick a suitable accommodation, and implement a safety plan. If the cards are against you, be flexible and resilient, as the ultimate reward is seeing the places you’ve long dreamed of visiting. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road.

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