Essential Guide to Travelling with an RV

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RV travel has increased in popularity in recent years with online influencers leading the way in promoting the RV travel movement. If you are new to RV life and want to give it a try, there are several things that you need to take into consideration before you actually make the commitment to start travelling with an RV. 

Here are some essential pointers to help you start your RV travelling journey. 

Pick the Right RV  

There are different types of RVs to choose from and often inexperienced RV travellers choose the wrong one. If you want to be happy and comfortable, it is vital that you pick the right rig for your specific needs. 

Here is a quick guide to help you out: 

Motorized RVs 

An RV that comes with its own engine is the convenient choice, it’s not a towable home, you drive the entire home with you everywhere you go which makes travelling slightly more convenient.

 You can go for a large motorhome, they come with all of the comforts of a regular home and are often quite spacious. There are different levels when it comes to motor homes, you can either go for a luxury motorhome or a standard one, it all depends on your budget and how much space and comfort you need. 

Camper Van 

Next up, we have a camper van, they look like regular-sized vans and they are often referred to as “sprinter vans.” This type of RV is easier to drive and much more convenient to park. These camper vans have room for two adults, a bathroom and a small kitchen area. 

You can also opt for a medium-sized van that is smaller than a motorhome but bigger than a regular camper van. There is plenty of storage space and they usually come with a sleeping compartment above the cab. 

Towable RVs 

Towable RVs don’t come with their own engine and you can completely detach them from your car, some travellers prefer this because you can park it and move around in a smaller vehicle if you wish. 

Conventional travel trailers come in multiple sizes, from 8 footers to larger 35 footers. You can also opt for a folding camper trailer or truck camper. 

Whatever you decide, make sure that you choose one that meets your specific needs. 

License and Insurance 

Before you jump the gun, do your research. Do you need a special license or insurance? Generally, you can drive an RV as long as you have a regular driver’s license. However, you might need a special license for certain types of motorhomes. Contact the driver standards agency in your area to find out what you need. 

You will need special RV insurance to travel with an RV, contact your home insurance company to find out more information. 

Get Your Gear 

Before you start planning your trip, organize your gear. There are certain tools and items that you will need to travel with an RV. Here are the basic items that you might need: 

RV Battery 

You will certainly need a lithium RV battery, you might need more than one. This is definitely something you should pack into your RV before you set off. 

Here is a quick list: 

Jumper cables, small tool kit, bungee cords with hooks, cell phone chargers and portable power, lawn chairs, doormat, sunglasses, firewood and matches. You will also need, bedding, toilet paper, washcloths and towels, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, games and books. Solar panels are also great if you need electricity on the go.

Other important items include: 

Band-aids, bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, sunscreen, lotion, saline eye drops, pain reliever, gauze pads, flashlights, kitchen fire extinguisher. 

You will also need body care items such as, makeup, shampoo, body wash, body spray, insect repellant, washcloths and face scrubs and lots of extra blankets. 

For the kitchen you will need the following items: 

A frying pan with a lid, smaller saucepan with a lid, microwavable bowls, containers, spatulas and spoons, dish set, utensil set, teapot, coffee and tea filters, cutting board, pot holders and tea towels. Foil, plastic bags and plastic utensils. 

There are many items that you might need, some items might be necessary for you and some items might not. Make a comprehensive list of items that fit your specific needs. For example, you might need to carry an allergy pen or specific medication, it all depends on you. 

While it may seem obvious, make sure you bring a mattress. Whether you need an RV queen mattress, twin, or king, this is an essential item that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Plan Your Trip 

Plan your trip by deciding where you want to go and searching for the best possible route. Decide on how many days, weeks or months you want to go for and plan your itinerary accordingly. 

Do a Practice Run 

If you have never travelled with an RV before, take your vehicle on a practice run. A weekend trip just to test the waters a bit. Once you feel comfortable with the RV, plan a longer trip. 

Go with a Group 

Being new to RV life can be quite daunting therefore if you need some moral support, go with a group. The RV community is growing in popularity and many online groups plan trips together. Don’t go it alone if you are nervous, choose a group and enjoy your RV experience with a group of RV enthusiasts instead. 

Always Tell Someone Where You Are 

Throwing all caution to the wind and travelling with your RV without telling anyone sounds fun in theory however, it is always best to inform your nearest and dearest before you go. Provide them with a comprehensive list of places you plan to visit, take a picture of your vehicle, and send it to friends and family before leaving. 

To conclude, RV travel is fun and adventurous however, safety is key and preparation is imperative. Make sure you are fully prepared for your trip with all the necessary items for travelling with an RV. Also, if you are just about to purchase an RV, make sure you purchase the right one. There is nothing worse than rushing into an RV purchase and realizing that it was the wrong decision. Take your time, ask all the right questions and decide which RV is best for your specific needs. 

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