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12 Best Montenegro Souvenirs: What to Buy in Montenegro

Montenegro is rich in tradition and culture, making it a great place to find unique and enchanting souvenirs. First and foremost, Olive Oil is a must-buy in Montenegro. The high-quality, local olive oil production is a Montenegrin tradition you can bring home.

Textiles, including hand-knitted woolen socks or intricately patterned tablecloths, are a testament to Montenegro’s skilled artisans and a wonderful souvenir. Rakija, a popular spirit, is a perfect memento for liquor enthusiasts.

Try the locally-made Pršut, a delicious dry-cured ham similar to prosciutto. Lastly, you can bring a piece of Montenegrin nature back with you in the form of pure honey from Lovcen National Park or the painted ceramics inspired by the beauty of the Montenegrin landscapes. Be sure to explore local markets and small shops to discover these regional treasures.

Best Souvenirs From Montenegro


Medica Rakija

Rakija is a traditional Balkan fruit brandy, primarily produced in Montenegro. Celebrated for its potent and distinct flavor, this spirit is commonly distilled from local fruits such as plums, apricots, or grapes. As a symbol of Montenegrin hospitality, it is often enjoyed at family gatherings and special occasions. Bringing home a bottle of Montenegrin Rakija as a souvenir allows you to share a taste of Montenegrin culture with friends and family, thus creating special memories from your journey.

Local Wine

Montenegro vineyard

Montenegro is renowned for its rich winemaking tradition. Local wineries take advantage of the country’s favorable climate and fertile ground to produce exquisite wines. These range from the popular ruby red Vranac, beloved for its strong, full-bodied flavor, to the crisp, aromatic white Krstač. The wine is often made in family vineyards and wineries, enhancing its intimate, homemade appeal. Purchasing a bottle of Montenegrin wine as a souvenir not only supports local producers, but brings the bouquet of Montenegrin terroir to your home.

Cat Souvenirs from Kotor

Kotor's cats souvenir shop sign

Kotor, a scenic city in Montenegro, is often playfully referred to as the “city of cats.” Cats have become a symbol of Kotor, living harmoniously with locals and tourists alike, and adding to the city’s unique charm. Cat enthusiasts visiting the city will find a cat museum and numerous shops selling a variety of cat-themed souvenirs such as figurines, postcards, T-shirts, and local artworks. These souvenirs are delightful mementos that allow you to bring back a piece of Kotor’s cat-loving culture home.

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Kapa Hat

Montenegro kapa hat and traditional clothing

The Kapa, a traditional Montenegrin cap, is an emblem of national pride. This black, flat-topped, cylindrical hat is adorned with a distinct gold braid and often paired with the country’s national costume. Each Kapas’ pattern signifies a different region of Montenegro, making it a meaningful regional keepsake. The Kapa is not just a fashion item, but a piece of Montenegrin history, symbolizing the people’s bravery and resilience. Acquiring a Kapa hat as a souvenir from Montenegro offers a connection to the nation’s rich heritage and timeless traditions.

Brojanica Bracelet

The Brojanica, also known as a Serbian prayer bracelet, is a well-known spiritual accessory in Montenegro. Traditionally black, this beaded bracelet is hand-knitted using a specific technique and then blessed by the Orthodox Church. It’s not only worn as a sign of faith but also as a token for protection against negative influences. The Brojanica highlights the deep-rooted religious traditions in Montenegro, making it a meaningful and portable souvenir for both the religiously-inclined and anyone appreciative of rich cultural traditions.

Olive Oil

Jug of olive oil

Montenegro’s olive oil is a reflection of the country’s fertile land and time-honored production methods. Local olive groves have thrived for centuries, yielding high-quality olives that are carefully pressed to produce the most flavorful oils. Montenegrin olive oil is distinct for its rich, aromatic taste and vibrant green hue, making it a staple in local cuisine. Purchasing a bottle of this treasured liquid gold as a souvenir is an excellent way to support local farmers while also bringing the taste of Montenegro to your home.


Prust - cured ham hanging up in Montenegro

Pršut is a traditional, dry-cured ham cherished in Montenegrin cuisine. This delicacy is prepared using a centuries-old process including seasoning, air-drying, and then smoking over a blend of local hardwoods. The result is a delectably rich and salty flavor product, often served thinly-sliced as part of a charcuterie board or in local dishes. Buying Pršut as a souvenir from Montenegro is an opportunity to carry home a taste of the country’s rich gastronomic tradition, invoking cherished travel memories with each bite.

Honey from Lovcen National Park

Honey in a glass jar with nuts and fruits for sale in Montenegro food market

Lovćen honey from Montenegro is a product of the rich biodiversity and pure environment in the Lovćen National Park. Bees freely collect nectar from a variety of medicinal plants and wildflowers, imparting a complex, aromatic flavor to the honey. This treasured product is revered for both its taste and health benefits. Buying a jar of Lovćen honey as a souvenir is an opportunity to not only savor the natural sweetness of Montenegro but also to support the local ecosystem and beekeepers who strive to maintain traditional honey-making techniques.


Montenegro has a deep-rooted tradition of producing gorgeous textiles. These fabrics, often woven by skilled artisans, feature intricate designs, vibrant colors, and remarkably resilient materials, reflecting the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The diversity in patterns and textures covers everything from tapestries and rugs to traditional clothing items, each telling its own unique story of Montenegrin life. Buying Montenegrin textiles is a wonderful way to bring back tangible mementos that echo the nation’s essence, supporting local artisans and preserving local craftsmanship.

Grape Vinegar

Grape vinegar bottle with plates of grapes on wood background

Grape vinegar from Montenegro is a time-honored product, made in a traditional way from locally grown grapes. The fermentation process used ensures the vinegar preserves the aroma and taste of the ripe grapes, resulting in a versatile culinary product with balanced acidity. A staple in the local cuisine, it’s used in salads, marinades and for preserving food. Buying Montenegrin grape vinegar provides a unique taste of the region’s culinary traditions, offering a staple ingredient that can enhance your home-cooked meals and recreate the flavors of Montenegro in your kitchen.

Figs and Jams

Figs and jams from Montenegro represent the bounty of the country’s fertile landscapes and its long-standing preservation traditions. The local figs, with their plump sweetness, are coveted commodities in their own right. Meanwhile, Montenegrin jams, made from a variety of locally grown fruits, encapsulate the freshness and richness of the region’s produce. The delightful pairing of figs with uniquely flavored jams allows one to taste the essence of Montenegro’s fields and orchards. As souvenirs, they enable you to bring home the country’s flavors and share its culinary tradition with others.

Montenegrin Cheese

Platter of Montenegrin cheese, prsut and salami with pickles and olives

Montenegro’s diverse landscape lends itself to the production of distinctive cheeses, mirroring the regional flavours. Njeguški Sir, made in Njeguši village, is a semi-hard cheese with a unique, mildly salty taste, often served with local prosciutto. Pljevlja cheese, named after the town of Pljevlja, is another popular choice known for its full, creamy flavour and semi-hard texture. Kolašin cheese, known for its creamy, rich, and slightly sour taste, is a soft cheese traditionally made from cow or sheep’s milk. These popular cheeses encapsulate Montenegro’s gastronomic culture, each adding a unique taste of the country to your palate.

A Final Word

In conclusion, from its esteemed Lovćen honey to its vibrant textiles and flavorful grape vinegar, Montenegro offers a variety of lush, local products that beautifully capture the essence of the country. Succulent figs, traditional hams, delectable jams, and distinctive cheeses are all waiting for you to take a bite and take a piece of this rich culture back home. By choosing to purchase these local souvenirs, you’re not just acquiring mementos of your experience, but also supporting the Montenegrin land, people, and their centuries-old traditions. Montenegro awaits you, ready to enrich your senses and broaden your culinary horizons.

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