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Best Bars in Lagos, Portugal

If you find yourself on the Portugal backpacker trail, you’ll hear lots of travelers mentioning Lagos, a walled town in the south west corner of the Algarve. Lagos is known for its fun hostels, beautiful beaches, cheap backpacker bars and rowdy nightlife.

The town is especially popular with Aussies, Kiwis and Brits, who often visit to find a bartending job to pay for their travels around Europe. Many arrive and never leave; it’s that kind of place. In fact many of the bar owners are people who arrived in the 90s and just never left.

In my 20s I spent a summer season working Lagos and had the time of my life.

You’ll figure out that Lagos is a pretty small town, with all the bars a short walking distance from each other.

Here are some of the best bars in Lagos, Portugal.

  • 3 Monkeys: Easily the most well known bar in town, 3 Monkeys is a place to PARTY. 3 Monkeys has awesome tunes and even more awesome staff. Represent your country by doing a beer bong and dance on the bar till 2am to “Don’t Stop Believing”. With drinks named things like Adios Mother Fucker, you’re guaranteed to not remember your night but you’ll know you had a good time.

  • The Jam– The Jam’s easily one of my favourites and very popular before 9pm with 1 euro pint cocktails. It’s small and cosy with great staff and most of all, the best music in town. You’ll most probably take away memories of sitting outside on a beer crate in the middle of the day listening to some awesome tunes.

  • DCs-DCs is a great place to start your night with a free shot with every drink you purchase. Play a game of darts, get a depth charger and hang out with Steve-O, the most famous dog in town.

  • Moon Rising– One of the newer bars in town, Moon Rising is a bigger bar with an outside courtyard, roof terrace and free wifi. One of the fewer bars that’s open till 4am, Moon Rising serves bar snacks including meatballs, pies and wraps. They also hold Sangria BBQs for 7.50 euros and Full Moon Parties!

  • Whytes– A little bit tucked away but definitely worth the find, this tiny bar has friendly staff and great deals on drinks. Stop by this bar for a beer bong or do the 9 deadly sins- 9 shots at once!
  • Red Eye– An Ozzie bar showing surf videos with 2 4 1 pint cocktails before 11. If you’re out for a big night drink a Big Ozzie Dave, they’re certainly not tight on the alcohol in there.
  • Joe’s Garage– If you can withstand the wall of heat and the sauna inside, Joe’s is a party place and you’re bound to meet members of the opposite sex. They also sell the original booze cruise.

  • Eddies– Situated in the main street and one of the original bars in town, Eddies is great in the day to watch live sports and have a beer.
  • Inside Out- Nearly all of my stories in Lagos end with “So I was outside Inside Out…” Inside Out is definitely the place to be after 2am. Open till 4am, this bar is rocking after all the other bars close and is famous for its fishbowls.

  • Grand Café– Grand Café is another after-hours bar and the closest thing to a “club”. It’s a big establishment and a great place to go if you want a little more room to dance.
  • Stevie Rays– A chill Jazz bar, Stevie Rays offers live music on a Friday night and is open till 4am.
  • Avalon– Originally Quinn’s but now Avalon, this lime green bar in the main street is cool if you want somewhere smaller to go after 2am.

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