7 Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable During Your Holiday Trip  

Going on a holiday trip with your furry best friend is exciting. You can play and have fun in different tourist destinations, creating new memories together. 

Dogs are said to be the friendliest and sweetest travel companions. However, traveling can be challenging and stressful for some canines, especially if it’s their first time. Hearing the sound of different vehicles and being in a crate for hours can trigger anxiety. In this case, you have to do some extra steps to keep your fur buddy comfy and safe during the whole ordeal. 

Here are seven ways to make your dog feel comfortable during your holiday trip: 

Go To A Dog-Friendly Destination  

Searching for a dog-friendly holiday destination can be tricky. You have to dig through different reviews to ensure your best buddy will have a great time.  

It’s believed that some of the best holiday destinations for dogs are beaches and national parks. You can also travel to the countryside to breathe some fresh air. These places are perfect for dogs to go swimming or hiking to explore nature and unwind.  

Moreover, you have to plan where to stay and eat well ahead of time. Some restaurants and cafes welcome pets, while some don’t. There are also dog-friendly accommodations like staycation houses and hotels with the best amenities your dogs can enjoy.  

For additional planning tips, here’s a recommended reading to help you map out your vacation details.  

Bring With You Your Pet’s Favorite Toys And Treats  

Dogs are very playful and cheerful when all their needs are met, especially during a holiday trip. Bringing their favorite toys can help them cope with a new environment as they feel a sense of familiarity.  

Toys and treats go together to cheer up a dog. Packing these up when preparing for your vacation is a must. A toy can help your dog stay grounded during long flights or road trips. Rewarding them with treats from time to time is ideal for reinforcing positive behavior as well. You could even try CBD treats for dogs if they still seem overly anxious when you are on the move. Ask your vet if these are suitable for your animal.

Aside from toys, bringing familiar objects like their drinking and eating bowl can help. Although dogs are very adaptive creatures, letting them use the things they love can help them cope better while traveling. It can also reduce signs of stress and anxiety.

Assess Your Dog’s Behavior And Fears  

Not all dogs are calm during trips; this is especially true for those rescued from stressful situations prior. Noises from their surroundings can cause sensory overload which stresses them out and triggers physical signs of anxiety, like shortness of breath and salivation.  

Knowing your dog’s behaviors and reactions to certain environmental stimuli is necessary as a pet parent. If your dog shows aggression and signs of fear and stress, it’s best to consult your vet for recommended therapy or training. Doing so will help your dog become happier and healthier.  

Assessing your dog’s fears also helps you find a way to comfort them during trips. You have to know what calms them down and what cheers them up. As a companion, you also need to watch your stress levels since dogs can easily detect fear and distress in humans. They’re very empathetic and they may absorb these negative emotions. 

Another factor you need to consider is your dog’s interaction with other individuals. Sometimes, dogs can also develop social anxiety. This condition usually occurs in rescued dogs who survived abuse and mistreatment from their former owners. Before planning your trip, getting your dog accustomed to social situations can help. 

Purchase A Comfy Travel Carrier And Harness  

If you’re off to a holiday destination that requires long travel hours, discomfort and stress might seem unavoidable for you and your dog. However, you can always find a way to cope by bringing items that give you comfort. 

When traveling by plane, purchasing the comfiest and safest carrier is necessary. You have to make your dog feel secure to keep them calm and well-behaved. When shopping for a new kennel or carrier, get the right size based on your dog’s body build and weight. It should have enough wiggle room to avoid feeling claustrophobic.  

If you’re only traveling by car, preparing a secure and comfy harness is necessary, especially for bigger dogs. No matter how well-behaved and well-trained your furry buddy is, you still need to take extra safety precautions. When walking by the roadside or in crowded places, it’s best to keep your dog on a leash or harness.

Stay With Your Dog At All Times 

Some dogs may experience separation anxiety, especially those that were abandoned before. If you’re planning a holiday trip with your dog, bring them along everywhere you go. Keeping them in a hotel or the car for an hour can stress them out. 

To make sure your fur buddy is always having a great time during traveling, stay with them at all times. Include your dog in your travel itinerary, even in restaurants, cafes, and other establishments. While planning, check these places out to see if they welcome pets. If not, you can always find one that does.

Prepare A First Aid Kit  

When going on vacation alone or with family and friends, you always need to bring a first aid kit. Having one can be a lifesaver for emergencies. To further secure your dog’s comfort, you also have to be prepared for health hazards during your holiday trip.  

A first aid kit for dogs should contain essentials such as a first-aid manual, gauze, cotton balls, non-stick bandages, hydrogen peroxide, wound spray, milk of magnesia, oral syringe, scissors, towel, and a soft muzzle. You also need to bring your dog’s vitamins and supplements so they can continue taking them even on holiday.  

Preparing a first aid kit for health hazards like wounds and poisoning is a lifesaver. This is highly essential, especially if you’re hiking. You can also utilize some of the contents of this kit for human emergencies. Nonetheless, it’s still ideal to have a separate kit for yourself.  

Locate Adjacent And Readily-accessible Animal Clinics  

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any second. Sometimes, a first-aid kit alone isn’t enough to treat a dog’s illness. When planning your trip, it’s best to locate all the animal clinics and hospitals near your holiday destination.  

If you want to go on a vacation with your dog worry-free, choosing a vacation spot with a nearby animal hospital is the best. You have to be prepared for the worst to ensure your dog is safe, comfortable, and healthy. 

If you’re going on nature trips like hiking or trekking, make sure your dog is healthy and fit. Consult your veterinarian first when planning to go on a vacation. 


Wherever you go, your dog’s health and safety matter. You have to make sure your furry best friend is comfortable and happy so that you can have the best holiday ever. 

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