10 Ways to Feel at Home while Traveling

Some people find it uneasy to travel because they don’t like the feeling of being far away from home. Traveling is about exploring and experiencing the unknown but this can be uncomfortable for some. For a comfortable ride, check out Limo Find. Here are some ways to help you feel at home while you are traveling:

1. Bring some of your things from home. Bring a pillow, a blanket, a mug, your slippers, your pajamas, or anything that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed when traveling. Having any of these things can make a difference although you’re not sleeping at your own home.

2. Instead of going out for meals, bring food from home or buy groceries and prepare food as if you are at your own kitchen. You can bring coffee, tea, cereals, bread, cookies, or whatever food you have at home. Preparing home-cooked meals especially the ones that you normally eat at home usually cures homesickness. Also having your favorite hot drink can be very comforting when you are feeling homesick. If you are to go to a restaurant, look for a place that serves the food that you usually order with your family when you are at home.

3. Bring your personal devices like your laptop, kindle, ipad, ipod or gaming consoles especially if you are traveling for work. Use your free time in doing the usual things that you do when you are at home. You can play computer games, read books, play bingo online or other online games, watch movies, and so much more. You can also download a playlist that you normally listen to at home or a playlist that will remind you of home so that you can listen to these songs while away from home. Nothing makes you feel more at home than by listening to good music. Doing the things that you usually do will make you forget that you are actually from away from home.

4. Don’t forget to workout. You can walk, bike, jog, run, swim, workout at a gym, or do whatever kind of exercise that you normally do when you are at home. Most of the time, you forget to workout when you are traveling. Your schedule is usually jam packed. Working out is important to make you feel better. When you walk, bike, jog, or run, it also gives you an opportunity to explore other parts of the city or the place you are visiting.

5. Try to stick to your normal routine. Try to stick to your normal routine when at home. When you jog every morning, try to jog even while traveling. If you have rituals before bed time, try to bring those things that you normally use such as face wash, toner, makeup remover, book, etc. It will make you feel like as if nothing has changed except for your current location.

6. Unpack and put your clothes and things in place. You will feel more at home when everything is settled. Hang your clothes nicely on the closet and put your toiletries inside the bathroom. Put your books on the table. Empty your luggage and remove them from your sight. This will make you feel more at home instead of having to go through your luggage every time you need something.

7. Be friends with the staff of your hotel or the owner of your airBnB. You will not feel like a stranger if you get to greet and make small conversations with the people working in the hotel.

8. Bring your own toiletries. Most hotels provide you with shampoo, body wash, and other toiletries but for most people, they feel more comfortable using their own toiletries than the ones provided by hotels.

The Gore Hotel Bathroom

9. Try to do mundane things to make you feel that you are actually living in that city. Have your hair or nails done, go for a massage, or go to a waxing salon. They will make you feel more relaxed and at home like as if you are living in that city and these are the things that you normally do whenever you have free days or time away from work.

10. Do a research on the places that you want to visit and the things you want to do while in that city. Try to map out the places that you’d like to visit and set a route depending on their location. Take a lot of photos while exploring these places. It would make it seem like you know the place so well and you already know where to go even if you haven’t been there before.

Traveling gives a unique experience for each person. Each person has a preferred style of traveling. There are some who feel at home easily even without doing the things mentioned above while there are some who are attached to their families that they find it hard to feel at home whenever they travel. Always find what works best for you to enjoy the most while you travel.

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