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Anyone thinking of travelling to Barcelona knows that, aside from paella and sangria, there is one typical Spanish delicacy that you must try: tapas. These tasty, snack-like treats originally come from the south of Spain and are usually served with beers, wines and Sherries. The most common type of tapa was a piece of bread with a cold meat (usually ham or chorizo) piled high on top, but today, the variations of tapas are endless…hot, cold, big, small, on bread, on plates, on toothpicks, in bowls – you name it!

So, if you are making your way to Barcelona, don’t miss your chance to enjoy some of the best tapas in Spain. With eateries ranging from traditional bars to modern restaurants, and dishes ranging from Basque Country ‘pintxos’ to Catalan creations, here ApartmentBarcelona.com gives you a short guide to the very best tapas joints in Barcelona:

Tapas in Barcelona


Tapas on a budget

It is a tradition in the south of Spain that tapas are actually served for cheap or even free, and while some bars may charge for larger portions such as sandwiches and mini-burgers, many of these snacks come ‘gratuitamente’ with a drink order in the lower regions of the country. One Barcelona tapas bar that maintains this tradition is Atrapatapa. With more than 15 choices of tapas to choose from, and prices as low as 1,20€ for a glass of cava and a tapa, you can’t go wrong!

  • How to get there: C/ Comte d’Urgell 77, near Metro line L1 at the Urgell station.

El Xampanyet

Tapas and champagne

In search of a local experience? Look no further than El Xampanyet in Barcelona! Located close to the Picasso Museum in the beautiful Born district, this tapas bar in Barcelona offers a small and intimate atmosphere paired with some of best cava and champagne on offer in the Catalan capital. Be sure to try their canned seafood and anchovies – a huge hit with the locals!

  • How to get there: C/ Montcada 22, near Metro line L4 at the Jaume 1 station.

Quimet i Quimet

Choice tapas!

For mouthwatering fresh tapas, make your way to Quimet i Quimet. With an endless variety of meats, fish and cheeses coated in sweet sauces with fruits, nuts and plenty more, this is one gastronomic experience not to be missed. The master chef is known to choose delectable plates for you while you mull over the drink choices. With bottles of wines and spirits from all corners of the world, as well as a beer selection that gives all other Barcelona bars a run for their money, this is one locale offering the perfect combination of tapas and delicious drinks!

  • How to get there: C/ Poeta Cabanyes 25, near the Metro line L3 at the Paral-lel station.


Basque Country tapas

A taste of traditional Basque food awaits you at Sagardi, where tapas from the north of Spain bring palatial pleasure to many a patron. The restaurant is renowned for its txacolí, a very dry white wine, and its pintxos, a type of tapa where a topping is pinned to a piece of bread with a toothpick. The price of your meal is determined by the amount of toothpicks on your plate, and with more than 80 varieties of snacks to pair with your drink of choice, Sagardi is a top choice for tapas in Barcelona!

  • How to get there: C/ Avinguda Diagonal 3, near the Metro line L4 at the El Maresme|Forum station.

La Bodegueta

Tapas and wine

A former winery, La Bodegueta boasts some of the best wine to be found in Barcelona. Pair this with traditional tapas, ranging from anchovies and tortilla de patatas to olives, sausages and cheeses, all washed down with wine straight from the barrel, and you have yourself one memorable experience.

  • How to get there: Rambla de Catalunya 100, near the Metro lines L3 and L5 at the Diagonal station.

Bar Tómas de Sarrià

Best ‘patatas bravas’ in Barcelona

One of the most traditional tapas to be served all throughout Barcelona is that of patatas bravas: potato squares served with a spicy mayo. But, for the most delicious version of this simple tapa, there is only one place – Bar Tómas de Sarrià. Situated in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, this Barcelona tapas bar is renowned for its amazing fried potatoes served with a secret house sauce!

  • How to get there: C/ Major de Sarrià 49, near the FGC line at the Sarrià station.

So, whether you are in Barcelona for a day, or making a temporary move to the Catalan capital, a feast of tapas is a must at one point or another. And, with tapas bars around every corner, you are sure to stumble across many hidden joints where delectable delicacies await! ¡Buen provecho!

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