Brisbane is..well…Brisbane. It’s no Sydney or Melbourne, but a city that creates its own fake beach because it doesn’t have one is kind of endearing. What I liked about visiting Brisbane was its café culture and outdoor eating. The main attactions centre around the river; alongside it they’ve built a lagoon and a man-made beach where [...]

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Surfer’s ‘Paradise’

Surfers Paradise is not so much paradise, more flashy and trashy- there’s a reason they call it the Paris Hilton of Australia. With its Skyscraper hotels, shopping malls and casinos it tries to be Vegas but is more Blackpool Pleasure Beach (if any of my readers have been to England you’ll know what I mean.) [...]

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7 Types of Backpackers You’ll Meet In Hostels

1.The American Tourist in Europe- The American Tourist In Europe is on a 2-week trip straight out of school with their friends to ‘get it out of their system’ before going to start work. They are most likely to be found in large groups making general observations and talking rather loudly. 2. The Couple Who [...]

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Evacuation of the Whitsundays

I probably drank more alcohol  in Airlie Beach than any other place in Australia. When we arrived into Airlie Beach on the bus our female tour guide took us on a quick tour- “And here’s what we call the Shagoon” she said as she pointed to Airlie Beach’s lagoon. There is in fact no beach [...]

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Played Until My Fingers Bled

In Byron Bay I actually felt like I was in the Summer of 69. My favourite memory of Holiday Village was singing along to Swedish Andre playing Wonderwall on his guitar. He was so wasted and played so hard that his fingers actually bled!! He then went and lost the guitar on the beach in [...]

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Skydiving in Byron Bay

You have to do at least one extreme sport in Australia- I booked the Byron Bay Skydive; it’s by no means cheap at $399 and if you want the photos it’s another $100 because they have to send someone else down to take the photos. The day we were to do it I woke up [...]

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Nimbin- Hippy Heaven

Another thing you must do when you’re in Byron Bay is go to Nimbin. There are a couple of tours that go to Nimbin if you want something a bit cheaper, but Jim’s Alternative Tours is by far the best. On a rainy day, we all boarded the second oldest bus in Byron Bay. For [...]

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Byron Bay- You’ll Never Leave

Fancy yourself as a hippy wearing flares and a tie dye top? Want to hand out flyers and save the world? Fancy a sing song on your guitar? Then Byron Bay is just for you. There are still traces of its hippy days but these days Byron is bustling with cafes, jewellery shops, hostels and [...]

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Top things to do in Sydney

Climb the Harbour Bridge- Climb 134 metres above ground to have the best view of the Harbour. Choose the time of day you want to do it for the best experience. Would you like to see the view in the full light of day or at night to see the twinkling lights of the city [...]

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