Hi, I'm Victoria Brewood, a British girl who travels and blogs. In 2008 I graduated from university and decided I would be my own boss. Since then I've been to over 40 countries and have had some pretty epic adventures. I hope you find this site useful when planning you're next trip and you're inspired to see the world!

Travel Tips

Wondering what travel insurance to buy or how to save money on the road? Perhaps you're nervous about travelling alone and need some reassurance? These are my best travel tips gathered from years of travel around the world.

Travel Guides

Since 2008 I've travelled to over 40 destinations around the world. My simple travel guides contain essential information for all the places I've visited and will help you plan your next trip.

Travel Vlogs

I love filming my adventures and I welcome you to become part of my YouTube community! Each week I share videos from my travels and hopefully give you a few laughs. Subscribe for vlogs, tips and more.

Flight Reviews

From airplane seats to inflight food, it's all in the details when flying an airline. I'm a complete aviation geek and love the whole flight experience from start to finish. If you're wondering what your next flight will be like, my guides will give you an insight.


Want to know what travel companies I use, or what gear I travel with? I've made a list of all my favourite travel websites and brands, as well as some tools I use to keep this blog up and running. You'll also find some great e-books and products that are really useful on the road!


From Dimensions Festival in Croatia, to Falls Festival in Australia, I've been to a variety of music festivals around the world. And it doesn't just stop at music. I've had beers at Oktoberfest, watched a carnival parade in Manfredonia and spent St. Paddy's Day in Dublin.
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I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in travel.