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Top Things to Do in Macau

When it comes to special administrative regions in China, Hong Kong tends to hog most of the attention. However, with a rich Portuguese culture and tons of exciting attractions, Macau has plenty of offer as well within a quick ferry ride from the formerly mentioned city. Here’s what you can get up to in this […]

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Things to Discover in Italy

Things To Discover In Italy In 2016

Italy is one of the most incredible countries in the world. They’ve given so much to us. Pizza, ice cream, Luciano Pavarotti, and even bingo which if you know your bingo trivia originated in the 1500s from a traditional Italian lottery game. And like most years, the country has plenty more to offer. 2016 is […]

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Cape Town 1

Southern African Luxuries

People often pass on Africa as a potential travel destination due to its volatile past and conflicts that often occur in its various countries. The perception of sub-standard plumbing and gravel streets laden with donkeys and decrepit mini-bus taxis also do their fair share to bounce interest into countries which lie on more conventional continents, […]

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The Sky Garden 1

How to Budget in an Expensive City

While I have travelled to some very affordable destinations, I have also ended up in some very expensive ones, such as Oslo in Norway, where I gazed in disbelief at some of the prices on the food menus. Travelling to major cities like New York, London and Sydney can be a really exciting experience, but […]

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