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Holiday Reads

5 Must Have Holiday Reads This Summer

Holidays are a wonderful time for you to catch up on novels, vintage classics, and other books on your reading list. Luxury family holidays are never complete without lazy afternoons spent lying in a hammock or by the poolside reading your favourite pulp fiction classic, with your baby tucked in for her siesta by your […]

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Rio De Janeiro with Air France

Join our Air France Twitter Party and Win Prizes!

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! This Tuesday 28th April I’m hosting a special Twitter party with Monica Stott from The Travel Hack and Air France UK. So if you use Twitter, join us and get involved in the conversation and you could win flights and other goodies! Jus follow us and search #AirFranceTravel on 28th […]

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How To Finance Your Travels

Recently, a number of your pals may have taken the plunge and went overseas on a multi-month adventure, leaving you to wonder how they could ever afford it as you struggle to make your rent payment on time. As with any successful endeavor in life, there is a path (when followed with feeling and determination) […]

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Where to travel to when the world is your oyster

Gone are the days when travelling to remote and exotic destinations was unaffordable, time consuming, and inconvenient. Today, thanks to modern technology and increased demand, there is virtually no travel destination that is out of reach. And with so many destinations to choose from, making the right choice can be hard. So, if you need some […]

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Rocky Point

10 Photographs that Will Make You Want to Travel Now

They say a picture says a thousand words- well for me a photo can be enough to make me book a plane ticket to a place I’ve never been before. Take the Plitvice Lakes for example- I’d seen so many stunning pictures of them on Pinterest, Instagram and various top 10 lists that I simply […]

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The New Forest

Unlikely Getaway to Southampton

Located at the heart of the English south coast, Southampton is largely considered a departure point for travellers, but it can also make a surprisingly great destination. With naval links and a historic old town, it was important in medieval, Tudor and Victorian times, and there’s plenty of natural and modern wonders nearby to enliven […]

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Slot Machine

Global Slots Culture: Slot Machines Around the World

If you’ve ever stepped inside a casino you’ll probably have noticed the “slot machines”, which typically require only small bets and require little knowledge of gaming, which is why they’re the most popular. If you’re not familiar with table games such as Blackjack, Craps or Roulette, the slots can be a fun way to bet […]

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Romantic Proposal

The Most Romantic Island Getaways for a Proposal

Although you can have a perfect creative, romantic, and surprising proposal at home, why not take your engagement game plan to the next level? Nothing says “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” like whisking your fiancée-to-be on a scenic island holiday, whether you choose to pop the question under a […]

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