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aloSIM Review: Is This The Best eSIM For Travel?

As a seasoned traveler who has navigated the complexities of staying connected abroad, I was intrigued by the prospects of the aloSIM eSIM. I’ve tested a few different eSIM providers now, and I feature aloSIM in my list of the best eSIM providers for travel.

In this aloSIM review I’ll provide a more detailed breakdown of what aloSIM offers, my experience of purchasing an eSIM with them, and how the company compares to other providers.

What’s an eSIM?

In case you’re not familiar with eSIM – it stands for “embedded SIM”. Basically it’s the digital equivalent of a physical SIM card and it’s directly embedded into your phone. The eSIM is re-programmable so essentially you can swap out plans whenever you like.

The latest Apple iPhone models have no physical SIM card slot and instead rely purely on eSIM. The iPhone 15 is capable of storing up to eight eSIM profiles and you can have two eSIMs activated at any one time.

What’s great about eSIM is that they can be purchased, installed and activated on a device from anywhere, without needing to visit a mobile store or kiosk. So you can install an eSIM for the country you’re visiting before you even set foot on the plane.

What is aloSIM?

aloSIM is an Ottawa-based company that offers customers the ability to purchase mobile data packages in destinations all over the globe. The company was founded in 2022 and is part of AffinityClick Inc., which also owns Hushed – a digital service that allows users to purchase temporary or secondary phone numbers for calling and texting.

aloSIM is more than just a SIM card – it’s a digital solution to your international data woes. Servicing over 175 countries directly from your phone, it cuts out the hassle of physical SIM cards and is managed conveniently through an app. This is truly a game-changer, eliminating the need to locate stores or struggle with language barriers for phone plans.

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Benefits of aloSIM


Roaming fees can skyrocket, and buying a new SIM for each country isn’t practical. An eSIM offers tailored plans ranging from 1 to 20 GB, perfect whether you need high-speed data for streaming or ample call minutes to connect with loved ones. Select a plan based on your data needs and top up as needed. With prepaid service, you control your costs upfront—no contracts, no hidden fees, and no roaming charges.

Connectivity in Over 175 Countries

eSIMs redefine connectivity by eliminating the need for physical SIM swaps. With an eSIM, access essential services like navigation, translation, email, ride-booking, news updates, and podcasts effortlessly—forget the hunt for Wi-Fi or fear of roaming charges.

aloSIM extends its convenience globally with bespoke plans for over 175 countries, as well as regional plans from Scandinavia to South America and Western to Eastern Europe, including the Mediterranean. Select between comprehensive regional plans and specific country plans to stay connected, wherever you roam.

Instant Activation & Eco-Friendly

An eSIM eliminates the need for physical SIMs, allowing you to select, install, and activate your plan in advance, ensuring immediate connectivity upon arrival. This hassle-free solution not only reduces plastic waste but also lessens your carbon footprint, offering a greener way to stay connected while traveling.

Wide Range of Plans

aloSIM eSIM plans cater to everyone, from the perpetually online digital nomad to the leisurely sightseer chronicling their adventures. Offering a variety of packages, from short-term data-rich plans to extended cost-effective solutions, aloSIM provides the flexibility to shape your mobile services to match your travels seamlessly.

Seamless Connectivity for All Your Devices

An eSIM brings streamlined connectivity to travelers using multiple gadgets. With compatibility across the latest smartphones, tablets, and certain laptops, you can extend your data plan to all your devices effortlessly. This eradicates the need for additional Wi-Fi hotspots or various SIM cards, simplifying your tech arsenal.

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

In an era where public Wi-Fi poses security risks, an eSIM guarantees a safe, encrypted connection for all your online activities. Whether you’re banking, booking, purchasing tickets, video calling, managing work, or updating social media, enjoy the confidence of safeguarded connectivity wherever your travels take you.

Getting Started with aAloSIM

The process of getting started with aloSIM is refreshingly simple:

  1. Download the aloSIM app.
  2. Select the plan that suits your travel.
  3. Install and activate your plan
  4. Roam freely.

It’s an uncomplicated three-step routine that promises convenience from the start.

Coverage and Plans

Screenshot of aloSIM website - popular eSIM packages

aloSIM’s wide-ranging coverage is impressive, offering single-country or regional plans designed to meet the needs of any traveler.

If you’re traveling to Ireland, for example, you can get 1GB of data for $4.50, 3GB of data for $9, 10GB of data for $22 and 20GB of data for $32.

aloSIM also offers regional plans, so if you’re going to say, Sweden and Norway, you could get a Scandinavia eSIM. This eSIM costs $7 for 1GB, $14 for 3GB, $21 for 5GB or $32 for 10GB.

What I really like about aloSIM is that the packages are quite simple. They’re data only plans, ranging from 1GB to 20GB.

Just make sure to check the validity period of each SIM. The smaller data packages tend to have validity periods of 7 or 15 days, while the larger data packages have a validity period of 30 days. You’ll need to make sure the validity period covers the duration of your entire trip.

Free Phone Number

What’s cool about aloSIM is that your purchase comes with a free international phone number from Hushed that works over Wi-Fi or data. You’ll be given free credits to start off (about 30 calling minutes or 50 texts) and then you can add more if needed.

To get your Hushed number:

  • Step 1
    Buy aloSIM data and accept the free offer
  • Step 2
    Check your email for redemption instructions
  • Step 3
    Download the Hushed app and choose a number

It’s important to note that this is not a local number, it’s a number with a US or Canada area code. The number lasts as long as the validity of your data plan and is a fully international plan that can call or text anywhere in the world.

How Does aloSIM Compare to Other Providers?

I appreciate aloSIM’s transparent pricing, there are no hidden fees or bill shocks. With prices starting at $4.50 for 1GB of data, this is on par with other providers like Airalo.

One thing I did notice is that the data plans only go up to 20GB. If you’re a really heavy user, you can find larger data plans up to 30GB through the SimOptions marketplace and some other providers. Holafly offers unlimited data plans, although the prices are a little pricier.

It’s always best to check how much data you usually use and plan accordingly. You can usually check this info on your regular phone bill with your main carrier.

What’s nice about aloSIM is that you can get a free number through sister company Hushed whenever you make an eSIM purchase. While it’s not technically a local number since it has a United States or Canada area code, it is a fully international plan that can make calls or texts to anywhere in the world. 

If your primary cell phone plan in your home country comes with international calling, then this may not be needed – make sure to check with your main carrier to see what your plan includes. 

Some eSIM providers only offer data only with no calls or texts, while some offer packages with a local number and calls and texts included. Always consider your needs and whether you’ll need a local number in addition to data. Most travelers won’t need one, as you can usually make calls to friends and family through Whatsapp and iMessage. However, if you think you might need a local number for sign-up forms, calling landlines and receiving 2FA codes, then you may want to consider a plan with a local number.

Final Verdict

aloSIM stands out as practical, dependable, and refreshingly uncomplicated. For travelers and digital nomads who prioritize staying connected without the fuss, aloSIM presents an excellent service that’s hard to overlook.

By the end of my experience, I was convinced that for convenience, data accessibility immediately upon landing, ease of use, and saving on costs, aloSIM is a viable option for international travelers seeking stress-free connectivity.

Remember that travel necessities vary by individual, and it’s important to assess whether the features and benefits align with your specific travel habits and communication needs.

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