Top 5 Most Visited Beaches in New Zealand

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New Zealand beaches offer you a pleasant atmosphere, the powerful sound of crashing waves, and so much more. A place where you can grab a shovel and dig your thermal hot pool in the sand. 

With 15,000 kilometers of coastline, New Zealand is one of those places. This coastline is pure heaven for beach lovers, from the beautiful pristine golden gritty dunes to the black volcanic sand. When it comes to beaches, New Zealand has the perfect spot.

New Zealand beaches are near plain and offer several activities to give you the needed adrenaline rush. If you are going on solo travel to New Zealand and you don’t visit these beaches, your trip will not be complete. Check out the top 5 most visited beaches in New Zealand.

Mount Maunganui, Bay Of Plenty, North Island

Mount Maunganui is one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand. Some tourists consider it as one of the best beaches in the world. Mount Maunganui beach is the pride of New Zealanders. More so, it is nicknamed the surfing mecca of New Zealand. 

Purakaunui Bay

The Purakaunui Bay is sixteen kilometers from the nearest town Owaka. Purakaunui Bay is all about Serenity and tranquility. There is absolute bliss in visiting the Purakaunui island. The primary activities you can engage in are swimming when the surfs off and surfing when it’s back on.

Ninety Mile Beach, Cape Reinga, North Island

The dunes of this beach are like desert scenery, with people often pacing the ivory sand of the Ninety-mile beach. Not to mention, it is known for its famous sunsets coupled with the most awesome surf breaks in the world. If you decide to explore and head towards the hill, you will be astonished by a noticeable Aupouri forest that was once filled with large kauri trees 50,000 years ago.


Sumner beach is barely 10 km from central Christchurch. Interestingly, Sumner is an amazing beach with a bright and breezy atmosphere. Sumner is a beehive of swimmers during the summer and it is no doubt a tourist destination. Meanwhile, the cafes in the village close to Sumner offer churn of cozy ice cream, burgers, and other amazing hands-on fries.

Moeraki, Otago

The sand of Moeraki is a lengthy sculptural beauty to behold. With giant spherical boulders, you can leap on them and spend a ridiculous amount of time imagining what they are.

There is a scientific rationale for their existence, but of course, locals and people visiting are free to make up their theories for fun.


It is hard to discuss beautiful beaches in the world without mentioning anyone from New Zealand in the conversation. These beaches have things that are peculiar to each. 

From the giant spherical boulders of Moeraki to the high cliffs of Purakaunui, you can hardly get enough of the waves of these blissful beaches. Finally, you can continue on solo travel to Canada after New Zealand. That’s how vacationers role!

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