Rome, Italy

Rome, a museum

Alberto Sordi, one of Italian cinema’s most illustrious and adept comedy star said Rome is not like any other city, it’s a big museum, a living room that shall be crossed on one’s toes.

There is a reason why Rome is called an open-air museum. The words abundant and opulent would seem much like an understatement when referring to the expansive culture, history, culinary and elegance of the inherently religious and political city of Rome. The city prides itself in being the heritor of one of the most extensive collections of art, history, and artifact. The museums of Rome has something for everybody; be it an admirer of vintage art or a history partisan.

We are going to list down three museums each satiating to the what fulfills their souls be it antiquity or modish art and architecture.


Symbolic to Catholics, the Vatican museum, which is a part of the Vatican palaces, was founded in the early 16th century by Pope Julius II. It a Church and an art museum that displays magnificent artwork compilation by the Bishops of Rome throughout the centuries, with few famous art pieces from the Renaissance world. It is the home to the outstanding Sistine Chapel, the ceiling of which was decorated by Michelangelo and the chapel was restored by Pope Sixtus Four and the Stanze di Raffaello designed by Raphael. Paintings of renowned craftsmen like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Giotto can be found in the picture gallery also called as Pinacoteca Vatican. It was built in October 1932, before that the Borgia Apartment was the designated art gallery. The museum of Christian, profane and missionary ethnological has a collection of aesthetic and prehistory articles. One can also check -out items belonging to doctrinaire military corps in the Collection of Modern Religious Art that was constructed in 1973. You can take an airport taxi transfer service from the Leonardo Vinci international airport that will take you her in 30 minutes.

The museum is open to public every day morning and afternoon, in summer. The entry is free on the last Sunday of every month.


Also known by its acronym MARCO, is a historical museum located in the industrial space of the Marco Island, Florida. It was designed by the Mexican artist Ricardo Legorreta and were opened for display in 1991. Famous for giving prominence to the contemporary art and culture of emerging artists, it organizes several national and international exhibitions. This place is supervised by the Marco Island Historical Society. It’s a 36-minute taxi ride from the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.


Also known by its acronym, Maxxi, just like Marco this museum is also a host to the contemporary arts and culture defined explicitly by the division: Maxxi Art and Maxxi architecture. Since its build recently, in 2010, it has an architecturally modern and idiosyncratic design. The museum also has a specific library to enlighten on extant art and architecture. A 38-minute taxi ride from the international airport, this should be on your must-visit list.


One of the oldest public museum in the world, the Capitoline Museum has a collection of polished art-pieces such as the exemplary Capitoline wolf Which was donated by the Pope Sixtus IV, to the Roman people.Researches trace back it’s history to 1471 . Upstairs is the picture gallery, Pinacoteca that has masterpieces by distinguished painters and artists.

The next time you visit Rome to make sure to spare a few hours to discover these museums to gain an understanding of how with its extensively affluent culture and heritage, Rome become a magnum opus itself.

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