Everything You Need to Know Renting Apartments in UAE

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In the Q2 2021, the international real estate market is finally coming back to life after the COVID-19 pandemic. With the resume of travelling and tourism, the need for apartment rent rises too. UAE became one of the first countries to open its borders to international tourists. Such an action is an attempt to gain the pre-COVID number of tourists. According to the expert predictions, over 5.5 million tourists are to arrive in Dubai in 2021. 

When you decide to visit UAE, especially Dubai, for different reasons, it is important to rent apartment suitable for you and your desires. Today, we will talk about criteria you should take into account while choosing an apartment, services, and platform that can help you find a property for rent in Dubai, as well as the total price of rental services.

How to Choose Apartments Where You Want to Stay

Traveling to another country, we highly recommend you to check the specifics of local laws. UAE is different from most countries, both in culture and law. Make sure to check RERA rental property laws, in which all your right and obligations as a tenant are prescripted. 

Searching for a suitable apartment may be a funny, but long and complicated process. That is why, it is useful to add some “filters” to make a process faster. To make such a filtration, answer such easy questions:

  • How many people arrive with you.This one will help you decide how many rooms you need;
  • How long you plan to stay in Dubai. Some real estate agencies work only with short-term rent, some lend apartments only for half a year at least;
  • What is the purpose of your trip.Dubai is technically divided into different areas. Depending on the purpose of your visit and what you want to do during your stay, you may choose a specific area. If you come for shopping – Al-Barsha is your top one choice. Looking for local culture? Make sure to check Bur Dubai and Deira;
  • What kind of a place do you like.As a fan of full-height panorama windows, you may better choose an apartment in a skyscraper, for example. Or, maybe, you are a fan of dark places? Understanding what view you would like to have from your balcony may help you narrow down your search area;
  • How big your budget is. Depending on this, you can choose the apartment you can afford for sure. Dubai’s market is full of all kinds of accommodations, low-cost or luxury. So, everyone can find what they need to.

As you can see, there are lots of factors to pay attention to while searching for an apartment. If you are not a big fan of independent research, the next part of this article is exactly what you need.

Where to Choose the Apartments 

When you know what kind of apartment you need, you can go two ways. The first one is searching for the apartment on your own, but it is a complicated and long process, to say the least. Also, it is another country, where rules are different from your home country’s. 

To avoid unnecessary headaches, you can follow the second way and contact real estate agencies. Their agents know exactly how this market operates, and what to do. Here are the most popular real estate agencies, operating in UAE:

  • Bayut. Working since 2014, this real estate platform has developed over 1000 agency listings, which contain different variations of properties, such as apartments or a house for rent Dubai has.
  • Dubai Rent. This web platform is one of the youngest on the market. It specializes in rental of apartments, villas and commercial properties around Dubai. Cooperating with 62 real estate agencies from all over the city, their agents will be able to help you find an apartment required.
  • Metropolitan Premium Properties. Being not just a platform, but a real estate agency itself, this company is a part of an international company. Their agents can help you rent not only in Dubai, but also in Abu Dhabi, and European countries, such as Austria. Metropolitan Properties Dubai’s office is ready to present over 100 apartments for you to rent in UAE. They also have a team of professional lawyers, who can help you solve any legal issue or represent your interests during the negotiations.

Take your time and analyze each of these platforms to find the one, most suitable to your needs. Search for different ones if you need to. Choosing the correct agency to rent an apartment is crucial. Depending on it, your visit to Dubai can become either a miracle, or a nightmare. 

The Price for All Services

After you find the correct agency and an apartment for rent in Dubai, it is time to talk about prices. Here we will explain to you what exactly you will need to pay for and how much. We won’t include the price of the rental itself, because it is a unique number for any case. However, pay attention that most of the services’ prices are mentioned as a percentage of the annual rental. Still, to simplify the calculations, the average price of a studio apartment in Dubai is AED 5.500 ($1.550) per month.

The serviceThe price of a service
Rental ValueCheques (one to four). The first cheque is dated before the Tenancy contract start day, the last – at the end of the rental period
Ejari Registrationmin. AED 220 + VAT
Security depositUnfurnished property – 5% of annual rental value; Furnished property – 10% of annual rental value.
Utilities (Air Conditioning, Gas,TV & Internet, DEWA)Depends on the owner and providers of these services
Agency feemin. 5% + 5% (VAT) of the annual rent (based on a signed tenancy agreement)


To sum up everything mentioned above, let’s go through the most important points:

  1. Ask yourself why and for how long you come to Dubai. It will help you choose the suitable area and size of an apartment;
  2. Decide whether you want to look for apartment by yourself, or delegate this to the special agency;
  3. Choosing the agency, pay attention to its reviews, catalogues and work experience;
  4. Don’t forget about the obligatory services you will have to pay for (fees, utilities, rental value, etc.).

By following these points, you will rent an apartment in Dubai with no problem. Of course, check the laws of UAE, in order to know exactly what you can do in this country, and what you can’t. 

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