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Elvis Presley Graceland Mansion in Pictures

When I touched down in the land of the Delta Blues aka Memphis, Tennessee, the thing I was most excited about was visiting Graceland- the place where Elvis Presley lived and ultimately died on August 16, 1977. 

I wouldn’t describe myself as a really hardcore Elvis Fan, but I am a fan. I have a few Elvis CDs and I’m fascinated by his life and career. He is definitely up there with one of the most famous people of all time and it’s incredible to think about what an iconic figure he became. This year is the 35th anniversary of his death, and people still flock to his home every day to pay tribute to the man known as simply “The King”.

The Elvis Presley graceland mansion is now open to the public, and is one of the most visited private homes in America. On my first day in Memphis I went on a Rock ‘n’ Roll pilgrimage to Sun Studios, where Elvis recorded his records, followed by Graceland, which is about 9 miles from Downtown Memphis.

I bought a ticket for the Graceland Platinum Tour, which costs $36 USD and takes around 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I think it’s worth paying the extra 4 bucks to do the Platinum Tour as opposed to the Mansion Tour, as it also includes a self-guided tour of Elvis’s custom airplanes, the Automobile Museum, and several exhibits. You can read more about Graceland ticket pricing here. I’ll be writing more about Elvis’s airplanes and car collection in a later post.

When you’ve purchased your ticket at the entrance to the Visitor’s Center, you are given a group number. There’s an area where you all line up for the buses to Elvis’s Mansion, and you are called in your group numbers. Thankfully there’s a loudspeaker system, so I went to have a look around the souvenir shops and grab a snack while I waited. Once your group number is called you line up and have your photo taken in front of a screen, then you are given headsets for your audio tour before boarding the shuttle bus to the Graceland Mansion.

The white-columned mansion is kept exactly how it was left, and it was so strange to walk through the place where Elvis lived and spent time with his friends and family. It was like being transported back in time to the 60s and 70s, and it provided me with an incredible insight into Elvis’s lifestyle. The rock ‘n’ roll legend had his quirks, which is evident in the various rooms you see inside the Mansion, such as the room with 3 televisions. However I also learned he was quite a family man- he didn’t drink alcohol because he didn’t like the taste of it, and his parents and family members lived in the house with him.

The audio tour guides you through the living room, his parent’s bedroom, dining room, TV room, billiards room and the famous Jungle Room. It then takes you outside to see other parts of the estate, including Lisa Marie Presley’s swing set, his father Vernon Presely’s office, the horse paddock and Elvis’s racquetball building. You walk through the Trophy Room that houses an incredible collection of records, jumpsuits and memorabilia, and see the piano where Elvis played his very last song on the day he died.

The tour of Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion ends with a visit to the Meditation Garden where Elvis and members of his family have been laid to rest. It sounds an odd thing to say, but Elvis’s grave is the most beautiful grave I have ever seen. It was a fascinating and emotional tour, and one that I’ll never forget.

A simple description of Elvis’s Graceland Mansion wouldn’t do it justice, so here are the pictures I took of all the rooms you see on the Mansion Tour, from start to finish:

Elvis Presley Graceland Mansion Living Room

Drawing of Elvis at Elvis's Graceland home

Elvis Presley Graceland Mansion Dining Room

Elvis's parents' bedroom at the Graceland Mansion in Memphis Tennessee

The Stairway at the Elvis Presley Graceland Mansion

TV Room at Elvis's Graceland Mansion

Games room with billiards table at Elvis's Graceland Mansion
Kitchen at Elvis's Graceland Mansion

The Jungle Room at Elvis Presley's Graceland Mansion

Lisa Marie Presley's Swing Set at the Graceland Mansion

Elvis Presley's Graceland Office

Elvis Presley's Graceland Horse Paddock and Stables

Kid Galahad Robe at Elvis Presley's Graceland
Priscilla Presley's Wedding Dress, Graceland

Elvis Presley Graceland Piano Room

Jumpsuits displayed in the Racquetball Court at Elvis Presley's Graceland

Graceland Mansion from Outside
Elvis Presley's Graceland Swimming Pool

Graceland Meditation Garden

Elvis Presley's Grave


12 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Graceland Mansion in Pictures”

  1. Way to go Victoria…enjoy your travels! Great pictures of Graceland. I’ve been there several times…Elvis Week August 2012 was awesome!

  2. Great pix but :

    Not new ! post & repost !!

    Why do we need yet published these pictures constantly !!! ???

    Elvis Presley Enterprises’d better open the floor!

  3. i can’t believe that so many are swallowing all the lies or pay the price to be lied to. most of graceland was not any where like it is when elvis passed away (if he did). so if your seeing all this now what does it have to do with elvis since it wasn’t there when he lived there? i can see you having to replace some things as years make then wear out but come on wake up! it’s nice to see the layout of the house and some of the very few things that were there when elvis was there,but most are just staging because the nicer the house the more people are willing to pay and most of the things that are told to you are just passed on hearsay because priscillia and lisa have not told the truth for so long they don’t even know what it is any longer. the memphis mafia,well lets just say that jobs are hard to come by now especially for washed up–whatever! the rumors (if they are) were also probably started by you know who???? was all the other times. enjoy the visit but don’t swallow all you hear!

  4. rumors of elvis being alive (if they are rumors) was started by only one person as they have been many times over the years!

    1. i hung out at graceland off/on for years so what you see now is very little of what was ever used or seen by elvis! i have so many pictures including elvis’ wedding picture but have only gone to graceland twice since his so called death! ITS CALLED RIPPING PEOPLE OFF OR BUSINESS AS THE WITCH WOULD CALL IT!

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