12 x the most beautiful places in the Netherlands

The Netherlands. Have you ever visited this beautiful country by the North Sea? It’s famous for its tulips, mills and… Amsterdam! But did you know that there’s a lot more beauty to find in the Netherlands? Think of vast nature reserves, pristine beaches which are among the cleanest of Europe, charming seaside resorts, but also vibrant cities, countryside farmhouses scattered around the pastures with lush rivers meandering through the green fields. Gorgeous buildings and a rich cultural heritage. Let us take you along on a mini break to the Netherlands and show you the most beautiful places of the Netherlands!

1 Utrecht – Although Amsterdam tops every list, the charm of little ‘sis Utrecht is unprecedented. Utrecht has a gorgeous town centre with canals, an abundance of restaurants along the old wharfs and ample monuments. The almost village-like vibe here is a treat.

2 The Wadden Islands – Every amazing Wadden Island has its own atmosphere. Youngsters visit Texel during summer for the amazing beach parties, if you love cycling then Terschelling is the place to be, and nature lovers should not miss Schiermonnikoog.

3 Veluwe – Spotting the Dutch Big Five? Yes, the Netherlands have wildlife too, most of which can be found in Veluwe National Park. Miles of cycling paths let you explore this gorgeous part of Dutch nature. Extra stunning when the heather puts everything in fifty shades of purple!

4 Amsterdam – Of course Amsterdam should be on this (and your!) list. The canals, the stately homes, Dam Square, the museums, River IJ, the old docks and then some! Amsterdam is one big monument with a city centre that is among the most beautiful ones in the world.

5 The Bulb fields When in springtime, all the bulb flowers open up, their scent lingers all through the province of North-Holland. We’re sure you’ve heard of the Keukenhof, but the entire region is packed with flowers. Not just tulips, you can also admire the hyacinths with their gorgeous colours and other bulb flowers. A colourful fest!

6 South-Limburg – Hills as far as the eye can see, famous cycling roads, picturesque villages with half-timbered houses and the friendliest inhabitants of the Netherlands. What is not to love about the South of Limburg?

7 Giethoorn/Weerribben-Wieden – Things can get crowded on the Canals of Giethoorn but it’s with reason. This village is just so beautiful that everyone wants to have a peak. Seeing Giethoorn from the water is still the best way but: Tip from us: Sail towards Weerribben-Wieden national park. Less crowded, more nature: we love it!

8 Maastricht The Southernmost city of the Netherlands, situated along the river Maas, will enchant you with its marvellous old city centre. Monuments, cathedrals, cosy squares, and hidden treasures around every corner. Maastricht is great if you love art, culture, history, and the good life!

9. Zaanse Schans & Kinderdijk – Although busloads of tourists come here every day, it is still a great place to visit. The gorgeous mills and old Dutch houses are a feast for the eyes. Tip: Come early in the morning, before all the busses and you’ll have the place almost to yourself.

10 the Beaches of Zeeland – High dunes, clean beaches and a history that shows in all the places where the Dutch have tried to beat the water. Impressive water works and seaside villages with a great holiday feel intertwine in Zeeland.

11 Drenthe Drenthe, in the North-East of the Netherlands lets you explore ancient old forests. This is also the place to see the famous Hunebeds from the prehistoric period! Drenthe is great if you love cycling, hiking, and a peek into how the Dutch used to live.

12 Friesland – Water, water, and more water. With hundreds of little and bigger lakes, rivers, canals, and amazing nature surrounding them. Friesland is the water province of the Netherlands. It’s also home to the famous Elfstedentocht and great events like Sneek Week. People here are amazing too; they even speak their own language!

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