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A great way to keep up to date with my whereabouts is by connecting with me on my Facebook Page or by following me on Twitter. Alternatively you can email me using the contact details further down this page. I do try to respond as soon as possible, but I apologise in advance if I can’t get back to you straight away. As you know I travel a lot and so I’m often in transit or exploring far flung corners of the world. I receive 100s of emails per day, which is a lot for a one-man-band. Please keep your emails short and to the point so I can try to get back to everybody. Please don’t sent me copy and paste type press releases because they will go straight in the trash folder!

Travel Advice

If you’re looking for travel advice, you may be able to find it in my Travel Guides or Travel Tips pages. There’s also a search box in the sidebar of my site so type something in and give it a whirl! If you need to chat to me though, I don’t bite! I’m always willing to help readers out, because let’s face it, without you this site would have no purpose. I welcome any comments or feedback about my blog and if you would like to request a link exchange I will be happy to link to your blog if you will do the same in return. Planning a trip can be confusing, so if you would like to talk with me one-on-one you can schedule a call over the phone. I offer a consultation service to help you plan your trip, answer any travel-related questions and put your mind at ease.


If your company offers a wicked product or service that’s going to rock a traveller’s world, contact me and I’ll see what I can do. I offer a variety of advertising solutions on my website so feel free to email me at the address below and I will let you know my rates. If you’d like me to review something I can also create written reviews and video reviews, but I will always be honest in my coverage.


I am available for blog trips, collaborations and partnership opportunities with tourism boards and travel companies. If you would like articles, a guest blogger, an interview or if you have some other interesting project on the cards, then look no further. Email or fill out the form below:


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