Why Tel Aviv is a Must-Visit Destination?

Even though Israel has a dispute with some of its neighboring nations, it has been able to maintain the security of the country. In 2018 alone, Israel managed to attract over 4.1 million tourists (Source). 

If you are planning to visit Israel, it is sure that you are interested in Jewish history along with the majestic beauty of Israel. The one city that you cannot miss out on, on your trip to Israel is a great city of Tel Aviv. You can see plenty of historical places, architecture, famous museums, and more in Tel Aviv. 

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Why is Tel Aviv must visit the city?

Tel Aviv has it all from the rich culture, serene beaches to a spectacular nightlife. Here are the five compelling reasons for visiting Tel Aviv, and you would know why you need to visit it at least once in your lifetime. 

The Beaches

There is not a better place than beaches if you plan to sit back and relax. Talking about beaches, you will not only find one beach but sixteen beaches. Yes, you hear that right. There is a total of 16 beaches in this city. I

This fantastic city has a long sandy shore of 10 miles, and it features pristine coastline. The beautiful view of azure waters surrounds the pristine coastline that makes it even more incredible. One of the fun facts about the Tel Aviv beaches is that each one has its features. 

You have a variety of beaches in Tel Aviv, which will meet your needs. For instance, Metzitzim Beach is quite calm, and it is excellent for those who want to spend quality time with their family. On the other hand, if you are somewhat religious, Nordau beach is for you. There is a separate area for each gender as religious people prefer. 

We talked about beaches for family and religious people, but that is not it. You can even find a beach for a dog alone. To get the most out of the beaches of Tel Aviv, you can check out Segway Tour. They will make sure that you get all the fun experience from the tour and you will also get to check out the city’s beautiful promenade.


If you’re someone who loves history and old things, you should not miss out the city of Jaffa. In Hebrew, we call it Yafo. Although Tel Aviv is a kind of a new city, Jaffa has an old history, which goes back to over 3,000 years. It is the historical heartland of Israel. 

There are plenty of things that you will find on Jaffa like faded white store structures where you can check out art galleries, meandering alleyways, lively cafes, fashion boutiques, and more. There is a famous flea market, Shuk Ha-pishpeshim, that you must check out, while you are in the city. 

It is going to be a lot of fun when you are roaming around this city. There will never be a moment where you will not come across something historical that will catch your eyes. When traveling around this city through the series of streets, you will keep on coming across great artwork, vintage, furniture, and more. I

Neve Tzedek

In Charming Neve Tzedek, you will get a chance to explore the artistic face of Tel Aviv. We also call Neve Tzedek as an oasis of justice. If you loved roaming around Jaffa, you would also enjoy observing the variety of arts in Neve Tzedek. 

You will find the narrow, cozy street on this area of the city, where you can see a lot of classic jewelry, followed up by museums, clothing stores, galleries, buzzing bistros, and so on. 

The busiest street in this area is Shabazi Street in which there are many stores that you can visit and shop.  I believe you will find a lot of things in the stores that you would love to take back home with you. 

It is a fantastic experience to observe arts and purchase unique products in different stores, but you should not spend all of your time shopping. The real fun comes when you go to tiny alleyways where you will find twisting corridors along with unique wall art, which we can see flow through the doorways and hidden green areas. 

It is almost confident that you will find a lot of things that you would want to capture on your camera. Not only the camera but the things that you will see will have a special place on your mind and heart.

The Market

At times, you may feel bored staying inside the hotel the whole day. A great way to pass your afternoon time is to visit a market area in Tel Aviv. One of the best markets in Tel Aviv is a myriad market, and it spreads throughout the town. 

At Nachlat Binyamin, you can find plenty of superb array of arts/crafts from local artists. It is also an appropriate place for getting a unique souvenir like something that has your name engraved in it in Hebrew. 

For those who want clothes, electronic products, and other daily-usage products, you can visit Open-Camel market. There is also an incredible food market at Carmel, where you can get fresh foods and spices. 

For getting your hands on Israel wine and international spices, head to a small Sarona Market. Finally, you should check out the German Templar Colony where you can see the restored homes. I

The Nightlife

A great way to end your day is to enjoy the nightlife. At Tel Aviv, you can experience a relaxed nightlife. At 10 pm, you will see many happy faces on the street, visiting bars and clubs. 

If you are someone who loves dancing and live DJ, you can visit Sputnik, Kuli, and Alma. In addition to that, you also have the chance to observe art exhibitions that appeal to people of all age group. 

You will notice that the people around you are amicable at night when you are roaming around the city and getting a drink at a bar or a club. The locals love to get along with foreigners, and that is what will help you get the maximum fun roaming around at night. 

There is a little to no chance of any sorts of risks when you are enjoying the nightlife in Tel Aviv, as there is a proper security system in place that will ensure the safety of the people. I

My Final Thoughts

Like every other tourist destination, Tel Aviv also has its specialties. Once you visit Tel Aviv and do all the activities that I’ve mentioned here, you will always have its memory in your heart. It will prove to be one of the most extraordinary journeys in your life. 

I’ve seen people visiting Israel more than one time in their lifetime because they are not satisfied with a one-time visit to a beautiful country, Israel. If you have already visited Tel Aviv, let us know your experience by leaving a comment. 

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