Traveling by car: what to carry with you

Gone are the days when you had to go on a long journey with a trunk full of spare parts. Cars have become more reliable and at the same time more complex – there aren’t many tasks you can complete on the road by yourself. 

Additionally, today there are several auto repair and spare part stores on the roadways. Even in distant and hot countries like the UAE, today you can find good service stations with a full range of modern auto repair services, including luxury ones. For example, if one day you need a car repair in Dubai, it would be wiser to contact local car repair shop Rest assured your will be well served and reasonably priced.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that one should hope for a chance – the necessary minimum is needed with oneself. For a contemporary car, what is it?

Small but useful items

Flashlight. A rechargeable battery that can be recharged from a cigarette lighter outlet is the best solution. A battery-operated headlamp is a good substitute because it frees up your hands. Use caution while using a smartphone’s built-in light because the battery drains rapidly and the large device makes it difficult to shine in confined spaces.

Why is a flashlight necessary? Cars today don’t have underhood lights. There is already a difficulty with measuring the oil level at night.

Sharp knife. Preferably uncomplicated. A decent knife enables you to cut off items like a piece of polyethylene, sticky tape, insulation, or foam in addition to stripping the wire. Overall, a really adaptable device.

Polyethylene. First of all, it is a useful awning for rainy-day repairs. Second, if you need to empty the trunk in the field, universal bedding for items.

Transparent tape. It is also incredibly adaptable. Polyethylene repair, sealing a damaged combination lamp, headlamp plastic repair, etc.

4-5 extra bolts or nuts for the wheels. They’ll be useful, and they don’t take up much space. Wheel fasteners frequently go misplaced, and stripped threads are frequent.

A manometer is on the compact compressor. These days, big compressors are widespread at tire shops and network gas stations. However, they must still be contacted. You’ll probably need to check the pressure and pump up a spare tire if you store it far from civilization. This is where the usefulness of the small thing comes in.

Kit for repairing tires with adhesive and harnesses. For those without a complete spare, we advise. Or for journeys to far-off locations where two wheels may simultaneously puncture. Although working with him is tedious and messy, there are occasions when you have to repair a hole without removing the tire in order to get to the tire fitting.

A dozen fuses of various ratings. I don’t believe any further clarifications are required here.

A couple of headlight bulbs (if you do not have xenon). Why are they a couple? When traveling on graded and broken roads, for example, the lights from shaking burn out more frequently – one may not be enough until you reach a point where you may replace the supply of lamps.

You may unfasten the hardware and take the wires out of the battery terminals by using an open-end wrench or a tiny adjustable wrench. You must separate the charger from the integrated network if the circuit has been completely shorted out.

A set of screwdrivers with a cross and flat blade. Not very substantial. The most important need is that they must work with plastic inside upholstery fastened with fasteners.

A little voltmeter and a roll of electrical tape will not be unnecessary for people who have friends who are electricians.

Adding oil is better to take in small packaging. If you need more, you can buy it at a chain gas station. But the tow rope is not nominal.

Well, don’t forget about yourself. After repair work, it is pleasant to drive with clean hands. Therefore, always keep a roll of paper towels and wet wipes with you.

In addition to the above, you can not take any other tool with you. Candles and belts too – it makes no sense. In a more or less well-maintained car, they rarely fail unexpectedly. You can make something specifically for a specific model of your car.

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