Lemur Island Madagascar

17 Feb Visiting Lemur Island, Madagascar

A big draw of visiting Madgascar is lemur watching because this is the only place in the world where they can be found. Lemurs are really the most adorable animals- just take a look at this cuteness overload of a post to see how fluffy and innocent they look. Of course they come in all sizes and colours- there are the ringtailed lemurs, black and white lemurs, brown lemurs…but all of them just look ready to be cuddled.

At the beginning of my trip we walked through the Kirindy Reserve looking for wild lemurs and managed to spot a group of dancing lemurs that sprung from tree to tree. As we inched closer they would hop away again through the forest, until eventually they were out of sight.

Lemur Island Madagascar

On Lemur Island, you get a totally different experience as they are all very used to humans. This tiny reserve in the Andasibe National Park is inhabited by four species of lemurs- the bamboo lemur, the black & white ruffed lemur, brown lemur and one diademed sifaka. When we arrived we took what must be the world’s shortest kayak ride over to the ‘island’, where we were greeted by our guide and some very excited black and white lemurs.

Island of Lemurs Madagascar

I was handed a piece of fruit to feed to the lemur and it had no problem jumping onto my shoulder! As we walked further along the path we were soon surrounded by the other species that inhabit the island and they were all very inquisitive. The black and white lemurs hung upside down from the trees, bouncing up and down like trapeze artists and circus performers. Meanwhile the little bamboo lemurs held back a bit, waiting to get their turn. And the brown lemurs…they were everywhere, if I turned my back for five seconds I would suddenly jump in surprise as one hopped onto my shoulder! They were incredibly fluffy and I think this video best describes how I felt…

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