Ten Useful Tips for Being an Airbnb Host

Hotels, motels, and B&Bs no longer have a monopoly on hospitality. Thanks to Airbnb, anyone can turn a spare room or property into a holiday rental. But while running an Airbnb suite can generate considerable passive income, achieving success takes work.

In today’s blog, we’ll offer ten tips that’ll help you reach Superhost status in no time flat. 

(1) Make Sure Your Airbnb is Legal

It won’t matter if your suite is the cutest Airbnb in town. If you’re breaking local laws, the government will shut you down, and you may end up facing serious legal consequences.

Before turning your property into an Airbnb (or investing in one), research municipal bylaws first. Also, check your HOA/condo board’s regulations to see if they restrict or prohibit Airbnbs. Check out the best cities for rental arbitrage. Better safe than sorry. 

(2) Don’t Misrepresent Your Rental

In 2021, truth in advertising is crucial. Deceive guests with a listing that lies about your property, and you’ll pay the price. They’ll leave negative reviews, which will discourage other guests from staying with you.

Be honest – your place might not be the Hilton, but plenty of travellers are fine with that.

(3) Renovate Your Airbnb Property

But what if you DO want your property to be “The Hilton” of your local Airbnb market? In this case, we recommend renovating your space.  You’d be surprised how thoroughly you can transform a space for less than $1,000.

However, if your suite requires a more expensive retrofit, seek out some Airbnb loans. Get one with fair terms, and your investment will pay itself back before you know it.

(4) Invest in Quality Photography

Until Airbnb debuts virtual suite tours, photos are the only way guests can see inside your property. If your photos are dark, boring, and uninspiring, you’ll cost yourself scores of bookings.
Conversely, if your photos are vibrant, you’ll get more than your share of business. To maximize your results, hire a professional photographer. Their expertise and gear will produce images that you’d struggle to produce on your own.

(5) Lay Down House Rules

With Airbnb, it can be hard to know what guests you’re getting. Thanks to guest reviews, though, run-ins with bad apples are relatively rare. But sometimes, well-meaning customers may act in a way that disturbs others.

To avoid this, have clear house rules laid out. For example, you can reduce the friction between guests and your building/neighbourhood by establishing quiet hours, not allowing parties, etc.   

(6) Find a Way to Stand Out From Other Listings

Price isn’t the only way you can differentiate yourself from your competition. Some take a page out of the luxury hotel playbook by offering champagne, chocolates on pillows, and so forth. Others offer to pick up customers from the airport or the train station.

Get creative. By going the extra mile, you’ll leave an indelible mark on your guests. Lots of people are searching for something unique, such as rent a tiny home Airbnb. So you might want to think about getting a tiny home or an Airstream to create a one-of-a-kind Airbnb experience.

(7) Be Hospitable

Your customers have likely spent all day travelling. By greeting them with a smile, you’ll make that all-important positive first impression. And throughout their stay, be responsive to their needs. You’re in the hospitality business now – so be hospitable. 

(8) Provide Clear Directions

You may have the most brilliant-looking Airbnb in your market. But all your efforts will go to waste if your guests cannot find it. So, once you have confirmed a guest’s booking, ensure that the directions are as clear as possible.
If possible, recruit a third party (someone that doesn’t know you) to find your Airbnb with your current directions. Afterwards, ask for their feedback to clear up any confusing language.

(9) Review Your Guests

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. This truth was the case generations ago, and it is the case today. However, the vehicle has changed – today, many people check online reviews instead of asking friends & family.
On Airbnb, potential guests will judge your suite by what former customers have said about it. Here’s the problem, though – customers are far more likely to leave a negative review than a positive review.

So, to get positive reviews, you must ask for them. Don’t badger them – nobody likes to be pushed to do something. But, you can prod – by leaving a positive review of your guest, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting one in return. 

(10) Offer Stable, Fast Internet

The World Wide Web is more than a quarter-century old. So, there is no longer any excuse for not offering fast, stable internet. For starters, more people than ever before are working remotely – if they can’t join a Zoom meeting without breaking up, that’s a huge problem.
And recreational travellers are no different. After a long day of sightseeing, they want to kick back and watch some Netflix. If your internet is slow and unstable, you’ll leave a bad taste in their mouths.

Spend the money on premium internet packages and top-quality routers. You’re running a business, not a household.

Top Airbnb Hosts are Always Prepared

Airbnb owners don’t stumble into Superhost status – they achieve it through a process of continual improvement. By brainstorming ways to improve the experience of your guests, you too can get there.  

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