23 Oct The Island of Flowers: Mainau Island Lake Constance

My train arrived in Lake Constance around midday and with only an afternoon to spare, I quickly scanned the list of options for places to visit. There were a myriad of things to do, including a spa called Bodensee-Therme; a boat trip on the lake to see the Old Castle of Meersburg and the Museum of Lake Dwellings; or an iTour of Constance with stories told through headphones.

What really peaked my interest, however, was a magical-sounding place called ‘Flower Island’ (Insel Mainau).

I had no idea what to expect from this island, but I know this; I like flowers, and I like gardens.

Flower Island Lake Constance

Insel Mainau

After a delicious lunch at Eugens Bio Cafe, my friend Adam and I caught the No.4 bus from right outside the station and made our way to Mainau.

The island certainly didn’t disappoint- there were flowers everywhere. We’re talking big sculpted bushes in the shapes of peacocks and ducks, plus huge flower beds with all the colours of the rainbow. Established by a Swedish Prince called Count Lennart Bernadotte in 1932, Mainau is now managed by his children and it really is a floral paradise.

Flowers Mainau Island

Cabbage Patch Insel Mainau

Flower Island Konstanz

Peacock Flower Island

Flower Island Germany

Insel Mainau Konstanz

It’s not all about flowers on Mainau Island though- there’s also a butterfly house where you can see all sorts of butterflies fluttering around. (On a side note I love the German word for butterfly- ‘schmetterling’. What a great word that one is.)

The butterfly house sounded cool but I soon turned into a big scaredy-cat when there were butterflies fluttering at me from every angle. I have a feeling that butterflies don’t really have a great sense of direction because they seem to bump into things a lot. I was worried I might accidentally kill one, swallow one, or end up with a butterfly tangled in my hair.

Giant butterfly at the butterfly house Mainau

Butterfly House Mainau Island

Butterfly House Lake Constance

As I was admiring some pretty blue butterflies feeding off some fruit in a terracotta dish, I heard Adam say; “Victoria, is there a butterfly on my head?”

Why yes Adam, there is. The butterfly sat on his head like it was a park bench. I took a few photos of it before Adam got a bit tired of having a butterfly on his head and decided to brush it off.

Butterfly on Head

We saw ponies, we saw goats, and then we wandered a little more until we found a tree full of ‘Dreams’; pink ribbons that you can write your wishes on and hang from the branches.

Pony Lake Constance Flower Island

Lake Constance

Dragon Teeth Mainau Island

Naked Lady in the Bushes Mainau Flower Island

Dream Tree Flower Island Lake Constance

Tree of Dreams Flower Island

Tree of Dreams Lake Constance

The best and strangest thing I saw on Flower Island, however, was a bed suspended in a tree. I have no idea why it is there, who put it there, or what on earth it is in aid of. Some strange art installation perhaps?

Bed in a Tree Mainau Flower Island Lake Constance

Actually I lied. The best thing I saw on Flower Island, was this cute doggie!

Cutest Dog Ever

My visit to Mainau Island Lake Constance was part of a 10-day rail trip through the Baden-Wurttemburg region of Germany.#BaWuByTrain was sponsored by the Deutsche-Bahn and the local tourism boards. All opinions, however, are my own.

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