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Don’t mess with Ryanair, How My Bags Cost me the price of a flight from Bali to London

I’ll tell you a little story about my trip on Ryanair if you haven’t heard enough nightmare stuff about them already.

I flew from Bali to London for £230. Yes that’s right, I flew half way across the world, all for two hundred and thirty pounds. If your jaw has dropped in disbelief, this is how I did it. I booked a flight with Air Asia which cost me £50 from Bali to Kuala Lumpur and then I booked a flight with STA Travel from Kuala Lumpur to London for £180 using my International Youth Traveller Card because I’m under 26.

I’d accumulated quite a lot of stuff living in Bali and my bag was now 23kg. I’d paid about $11 for 20kg baggage allowance on Air Asia and they didn’t seem to mind that my bag was 23kg. When I flew with Sri Lankan Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to London they didn’t seem to bother either.

I’d decided that rather than set foot back home in the UK, I would fly straight to Portugal from London Stansted, but the cheapest flight available was on Ryanair. Oh what a mistake I’d made.

Not only did it turn out to be pricey, it was MORE expensive than my trip from Bali to London. Yes my flight from London to Faro was pricier than flying half way across the world. The flight itself was £90 but my bags cost me more.

When I booked my ticket I saw the baggage allowance had gone down from 20kg to 15kg but thought I would just pay the excess baggage, how bad could it be? I had the option to add an extra bag online at the cost of something like £30 but thought I might as well pay the extra kilos instead of going out and buying another backpack.

Two words. Fatal error. Don’t mess with Ryanair, you’ll never win. I worked on my laptop overnight and about an hour and a half before my flight, I went to check-in. It went something like this:

Mean check-in lady with stern face: “Your bag is overweight by 8 kilos, would you like to take something out?”

Me: Errrm no. Not only is my hand luggage full, there’s nothing in there that weighs 8 kilos I can just take out.

Mean check-in lady with stern face: “It’s £20 per kilo, so that’s £160“.

Me: 20 POUNDS PER KILO???? How about if I pay for a second bag?

Mean check-in lady with stern face: “You can do that, an extra bag is £80”

Me: But online it was £30!!!!

Mean check-in lady with stern face: “That was online, 2 hours before the flight it goes up to £80”

Me: Where is the sign saying that, I’ve been sat in this airport all night and nowhere does it say that!!!

Mean check-in lady with stern face: “You should have read the terms and conditions.”

I went off in a huff and spent £35 on the cheapest holdall I could find in the Samsonite store to carry my stuff, tipped half of it into the bag and then went back to the desk.

She gave me a ticket to go and pay for my ridiculously expensive bag at a special desk and I stood in the queue patiently realising that it was now uncomfortably close to my boarding time after all this fuss. I couldn’t help but get anxious as others wasted time in the queue in front of me.

Once I’d eventually paid my excess baggage fees, I returned to the check-in desk where mean check-in lady said to me (again with stern face) “You’re about to miss your flight you know.”


That was £115 down the drain.

A man at security took pity on me and helped me fast-track through, saying to me “You should’ve booked with Easyjet.  They’re much better with their baggage allowances. Never book Ryanair.” He was right, if I’d booked Easyjet I would’ve saved myself a hell of a lot of money, even if the flight was a bit dearer.

Then I made fatal mistake number 2. I legged it through the terminal to make it to my gate, and arrived just in time to board. The unfortunate thing was I still had my laptop in my hand after taking it out for security. There was no-one around, just me left and the woman standing between me and the aircraft.

Boarding lady: “Erm, excuse me but you’re not allowed to board the aircraft with more than one item in your hand. Can you put that inside your hand luggage please.”

I bent down to put my laptop in my hand luggage and she watched me with her beady eyes. When I opened up my hand luggage she saw that I had not only a laptop, but lots of heavy camera equipment.

Boarding lady: Can I just weigh that please?

I put it on the scales and it was 1kg over the 10kg weight allowance. Fuck.

Boarding lady: “That’ll be £35 please and it’ll have to go in the hold”.

At this point, after 3 long days of transit, and with hardly any money left, I burst into tears. Silly I know, but it all just got a bit much. What frustrated me most was these were the rules, and I had not played by them, but there was no-one around to see her do that, 1kg could have slipped through the net and I’d already given Ryanair an extra £80.

Boarding Lady: “There’s no use crying. Stop crying and pay the fee or the plane will go without you.”

I’m convinced that Ryanair representatives go to some army training boot camp and when they go for interview, they have a “how mean can you be” test. I imagine they pelt tomatoes at them and hurl insults to see who will crack before offering anyone a job.

In total, it cost me £145 in baggage and £90 for the flight, bringing it to a grand total of  £235, that’s 5 pounds more than my flight from Bali to London.

I know Ryanair would say something like “You should have read the terms and conditions” and I know many of you would say I should have played by the rules. But will there come a day when everyone says enough is enough? It was announced that Ryanair would start charging for use of the toilets onboard but is this taking it a bit too far?

The reality is, when booking a low cost flight, these airlines charge for taxes and bags, plus credit card fees. By the time you’ve paid for all these add-ons, you might as well have flown with an airline like British Airways.

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48 thoughts on “Don’t mess with Ryanair, How My Bags Cost me the price of a flight from Bali to London”

  1. Having worked in air industry sector myself (being in charge of web site that gathers information about cheap flights), I heard a lot of complaints by our visitors about traveling with low-cost carriers..

    As I find your article really amusing and to the point, with your kind permission, I would like to include a link in our Facebook pages.

    Ada Petrova
    project manager

  2. That is seriously mean.

    Because of this, I won’t be flying RyanAir if I have to check luggage in. I wonder if they earn commission?

    It’s not going to cost RyanAir £35 extra to carry your laptop, is it?! My sister told me her nightmare RyanAir story yesterday — her and her boyfriend flew to Belfast, and when they arrived at the airport, RyanAir told them the flight was cancelled and they wouldn’t be arranging another one.

    You can imagine the passengers’ annoyance! It turned out that not enough people had booked a flight, so instead of operating the flight at a loss, they just cancelled it out right.

    I used to dismiss these stories, but there seems to be too many.

    1. What’s funny is I’m 5ft tall and about 50kg, so I weigh half of what others do anyway! They would have been able to carry that laptop whether I paid £35 or not- the plane didn’t come crashing down from the sky because of that extra kilo. I’ve usually had a good experience with flying, but that day was the worst and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got commission.

      That’s awful that they just cancelled her flight! I can just picture all those angry passengers giving the Ryanair staff an earful, they must get it all the time.

    2. That is shocking behaviour by Ryanair and another reason to add to my own for not flying with them. I booked a flight this week and wondered why there was no question about baggage. Came to check in online and its 20 pounds to take a normal size suitcase in the hold. I normally only take hand luggage so not sure how long this has been going on but don’t agree with it. The flight was cheap so they obviously want to get more money out of the passengers. Its not the money but the principle that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Unfortunatley they only behave like this becsuse the public let them, i.e keep using the airline. Not me

  3. Good on you for warning others about this problem!

    i would like to name and shame Tiger Airlines for any of your Australian readers.

    An hour before my flight from Melbourne to Gold coast, Tiger cancelled my flight. I was transferred to a flight to Brisbane instead. Keep the receipts, Tiger staff told me, and they would refund the cost of my bus transfer. That was the last I heard of them.

    My bus transfer from Brisbane to Gold Coast cost me more than my actual air ticket as well as causing me a six hour delay.

    Tiger do not have an email address for customer complaints – apparently they got too many complaints (i wonder why!). They ignored all three of my requests for a refund and when I try phoning, they hang up on me.

    It seems that if you buy a Tiger air ticket, they only have to fly you to the state, not the actual airport that you booked for. A bit worrying when Australia is such a big place!

    These shoddy airlines need to be named and shamed more often, and then perhaps they would think twice about ripping us off.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Ali. I similarly heard that Ryanair don’t have a complaints department for that very reason! They should definitely refund your bus ticket or have arranged some other transportation for you in Brisbane. It would be good if we could all just go on passenger strike and refuse to fly with them, but alas people need to get somewhere and if it’s the cheapest option, you can’t blame people for doing so. They should definitely be named and shamed more often because customer service is going out the window.

  4. Yeah £20 per extra kilo is a ridiculous amount to charge. I was 3kg over recently. Last time i was a bit over it was £8 per kilo. So i was expecting a bill of about £30.. to get £60 was like woaah!

    I also got stung when i booked a bike on a ryanair flight. I had just finished a long distance cycle ride (some 2500km over 22 days) and was flying back. What a nightmare it was getting the bike on the plane. First I had to buy a decent bike carry bag (£50) then it was £40 to put that in the hold. For the bike to fit in that carry bag it had to be dismantled. So did that, neatly packed everything into the carry bag. Then it came out at 30kg when it was being weighed at the ryanair check in desk.

    Seems (which they didnt stress on their website) that only the bike frame, the saddle and the wheels are only permitted in the bike bag.. Nothing else. .So my lock, panniers, tools, camping gear, clothes etc werent allowed in there. So I had to take them all out – which these were padding everything out protecting the bike. Buy another case (£30) and check that case onto the flight (£35). So in total cost nearly £150 to get my bike back home.

    I did two ferrys on that trip also. How much easier that was, just wheeled the bike onto the ferry. Chained up, roped up. Sorted. No dismantling and no bent derailer when i got off it!

    Airlines are just too damned strict at times and ryanair are one of them. But people will always fly them. They’ll remember for the next time and ive just seen a flight from malaga to glasgow for €25 return no taxes no check in fees. just a €10 card charge on top of that. You really cannot beat that!

  5. They did the same with me charged me 75 pounds to take on an extra 2 little bags but most recently I was stung with not printing my boarding card. I went two minutes over and got charged 40 pounds just to check in. I can’t see how they justify these costs when if you go to any other airlien now you can just show your confirmation on your phone without printing it off. To pay 20 pounds to check in a 15 kilo case is just like throwing your money away. Just book with another airline and save yourself the stress. 15 kilos is nothing in weight. Come and join our group and see what others are experiencing with them. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=250833063496

  6. Wow, sorry to hear that. Ryanair is seriously cruel. I was once 1 minute late (!!) to arrive at check-in. The person in front of me was still being processed but they refused to serve me. Had to spend the night in the airport to catch the next flight early the next day.

    1. Yeah I think the worst of it is, the staff are quite rude. I understand it’s their job and they have to follow the rules, but it would be nice if they were more understanding.

  7. It happened the same to me in London!
    I was flying over to Wroclaw (Poland), just arrived from Portugal and ryanair over there didn’t even weight our luggage.

    In London was hell! I don’t know how many times I rearranged things in my bags, bought extra bag, get a bag, go back to security gate, problems with hand lugagge, go back, check in another bag, and finally run not to miss the flight..

    ahah. Now i laugh but at the time i remembered that i was exausted after such episode.. But mainly I blame London airports and bloody rules.

  8. Sorry to read of your experience of RyanAir. I’ve used Easyjet a couple of times and had no problems but I am too much of a woos to try Ryanair.

    I am (sadly) old enough to remember a time when discretion and common sense ruled the airline industry and customers (even Economy Class) were treated like royalty.

    In these cost and fuel concsious days, what surprises me, is that there is not a total weight allowance – i.e. passengers and their baggage. Instead the industry uses a standard weight for each passenger. As this ‘average’ was calculated very many years ago it is now grossly innaccurate and has even been known to contribute to several major air accidents.

    Interesting to note that the most sympathetic and customer focused person was the security officer.

    1. Arthur, you’re right it’s a shame they don’t have a total weight allowance because I’m tiny (only 5′ 1″), but I suppose there would be a backlash if people had to step on the scales at the airport!

      I try to stick to Easyjet now as much as possible, or Jet2 as they have a baggage allowance of 23kg. Years ago I used to travel with overweight bags all the time and airlines never said anything, it was all at their discretion.

      One thing I have noticed is that in foreign airports they are much less strict than in the UK.

  9. My wife and I had booked a combination of Ryanair and EasyJet for a holiday to Morocco. A few days before we were due to go she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to cancel the trip to undergo surgery.

    I contacted both airlines to let them know and request a refund for taxes as they won’t refund the flights which was fine and within their t&c’s. My travel insurance would cover the rest but they required a letter from the airlines stating we didn’t fly.

    EasyJet sent me a letter with no problem. Ryanair charged me £20 simply to send me a letter. It’s not like they didn’t take my money for the 2 seats on the plane which I am sure they resold.

    They are a disgrace of an airline and I will never use them again. I would honestly rather pay double or more on any other airline.

    They should be rebranded to Ryan”don’t”care.

    Spread the bad news stories….. This is a seriously unethical company.

  10. Sasha Zakharov

    Sorry Victoria, but I don’t think I can give you any sympathy. Anyone who flies Ryan Air knows these rules. They are clearly stated in fine print and all over Ryan Air’s website.

    If I ever have excessive baggage on RA, i always pre-pay online to avoid ridiculous airport charges. Also, it’s a very known fact that RA does not allow more than 1 carry on item, and that includes your laptop bag. It is also plastered all over their website.

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience but you pretty much signed up for it.

    Better luck next time.

    1. I know Sasha, but I didn’t have more than one carry on bag. I had one small backpack with my laptop inside it, but she just happened to see that i had heavy cameras inside it because it was open so she weighed it and charged me excess baggage. If I hadn’t opened it to put my laptop back before getting on the plane, she wouldn’t have weighed it. In fact one of the other members of staff couldn’t understand why the the lady at the gate had bothered. You’re right, I should have realized that they charged £20 per kilo for excess baggage at the airport, and that paying for an extra bag goes up in price before the flight. It’s just that they are so rude in the way they go about it. They just aren’t worth bothering. Ever since I have always booked Easyjet or Jet2- I won’t even look at the Ryanair website.

  11. I hate Ryan Air and all the other low cost airlines. They are all the same and have ridiculous rules! I hate flying with them and in the last three years 4 years I managed to not fly with them and still got really good deals on flights with the normal airlines!

  12. I’m so sorry for your misadventures honey. I guess RyanAir is low budget if you have only one light hand luggage. If it comforts you at all, I would have cried too. I hate it when this ridiculous thinks happen, therefore I weigh my luggage before leaving home and try not to have not even 100g of excess luggage, because I know they have no mercy. But don’t believe RyanAir are the only ones, there are other budget airlines that do the same. I guess after this experience you will never ever fly RyanAir again. I can’t blame you.

  13. Besides the fact (which you ahve already mentioned anyhow) that you should have checked before checking in, Ryanair deliberately make it as hard aws possible to understand their ts@cS. And anyone disagreeing with me here is either from Ryanair or Mr Ryan himself. I have seen “Panorama” some months ago where they tried to get an interview with him due to the fact that RA have further narrowed the gap between landing and taking of to save money sitting around at the airport which is very, very expensive for airlines. This then reduced comfort for personal and passengers. But what does Mr Ryan care as long as he can make a few bucks more. I am going to get on a flight with Ryanair next Tuesday from London to Munich and due to your article I will make sure my colleague and myself will check at least one extra piece of luggage in because with this stupid 10kg piece of carry bag you cant even get your laptop on your flight and how can you go on a business trip without a laptop…?! But without a positive surprise for this flight I will refuse to further fly with RA. Which is a bit late because my next flight after that is with guess who??! yes you guessed it RA to Stuttgart… those trips have already been booked before reading this article. Of course it may as well have been that you were exceptional this day meeting 2 merciless staff who wanted you to pay every pence on any additional gram and maybe there are other staff who would be more generous…well, I am not going to ride my luck and as long as I have to go through RA I will play it by the book.

  14. I came across your blog through a friend of yours who I am staying with at a hostel in Montenegro….this is SPOT ON. I was recently charged a ridiculous amount too because I didn’t buy my bag online. Although, I have to say, that I have been very lucky in the past with Ryanair (or as I prefer to call them The Devil In Airline Form) with a 50 litre backpack and no complaints from their check in staff…..so I sorta had it coming. I say almost every time i will never fly with them again but they’re like crack!

    Air France once wanted to charge me £30/kg for a whole bag because a typically uninformed and unprofessional recruiter for my brand new Korean job told me I could take two suitcases! I had my mum post it in the end for £130.

    Props for what youre doing….I’ve been to 50+ countries since 2007 and never thought to start a blog! Foolish. 🙂

  15. I am so glad I am not the only one who has experienced this! I took them for the first time today and was dinged with the fee for them to print my boarding pass. What a scam! And what makes it even more funny is that as I was perusing their “magazine” they prided themselves on being number one in customer service! It is laughable considering you have to write them a snail mail letter to contact them! It’s like we are living in the dark ages. I have a flight booked with them in 3 days but am considering forfeiting the cost and flying with a different airline. I just hope they don’t charge me for not showing up for my flight!

    1. haha no luckily they don’t charge for a no-show! Another thing that annoys me about Ryanair is the fact that they always have that little song they play when they arrive on time, which is an absolute joke. They just publish longer flight times, so even if they take-off late, they can tell you they arrived ‘on time’.

  16. This may be an exercise in futility, but have you thought of writing a letter to their headquarters about the rudeness of the staff? I did that with United and actually got a voucher in the mail towards a future flight. It probably won’t make up for all of those extra costs but maybe, just maybe, you’ll get something in return!

  17. Uhh, RyanAir are horrible when it comes to baggage restrictions etc. I’m positive that’s how they make the majority of their money by annihilating anyone that goes a gram over their baggage limit with ridiculous fees.

    I feel for you! What a horrible experience. I like companies like EasyJet and AirAsia a helluva a lot more than stinky RA.

  18. geeeeeezzz that sucks heaps!
    I flew with them once and everything about the flight was a nightmare – luckily I didn’t get stung with baggage charges though.
    evil people!

  19. My theory is that once the recession lifts and folk can afford to pay a bit more everyone will desert them. The only people I know who fly Ryanair are people who really can’t afford anything else.

    I think if I’d been told to put camera equipment and laptop in the hold I would have hit her over the head with the bag. Honestly. I have a horror story too. Not to rant on about it, but I had to pay twice for the same flight. Even then I gave them one more try, but they staff were so unpleasant I swear I’ll never use them again.

    Easyjet manage to do the same for only a little more, and their staff rock, which proves they don’t have to be that way. The theory is that the minute they are perceived to be the slightest bit comfortable or pleasant they lose their ‘low cost’ image in the collective public mind!

  20. What I love about this is that the company states that baggage allowances are there to avoid the plane being overloaded. Apparrently by relieving you of the weight of £180 an extra 20kg is now safe….

  21. Hi Victoria,

    Re: Airports, airlines, travelling etc.

    I’ve flown on quite a few different airlines myself over the years and I find they all have something a little blah or to complain about. Often just small things, but in general over the past few years since all extra rules were set in place due to undesirables and the like, I’ve noticed just how customer service has gone down the drain. Of course the larger airports are worse than the smaller ones (I often feel like I’m being seen as a criminal rather than a tourist!). But I feel it can be like this even with some of the airlines… Thankfully I haven’t had too many issues with airlines like Ryanair – I do know the rules and I do read them and I book carefully on their website making sure I won’t be caught out. But in order to travel as often as I do, I need the flights to be as affordable as possible! (especially as a single parent). I’m rather grateful that Ryanair have added many of their what used to be separate fees they’d add on after you found a cheap flight, into their advertised price – bar optional extras of course. If I had to share any frustrating stories with them:

    1. It would be the times I would fly and book luggage but only need luggage one way (I but would have to pay for a bag both ways anyway) – so I wouldn’t normally take a check-in bag with me (and carry that around) as I’d buy something from my next destination, go shopping and then check that in. I think the check-in luggage was also a bit more expensive back then too?

    2. I also have had problems in the past with their website and once I was charged twice for a return luggage (in which in Danish Krone is really expensive!) – I called them up about it (a charged and expensive phone call in which I was on hold for ages on) and found out in the end that I wouldn’t be able to get the refund back as they couldn’t find a record on it although I could see it in my bank statement! Grrr!

    3. I was in Krakow last year (lovely place otherwise), but damn! The Ryanair staff there are strict! I accidently had ‘Australian’ on my ticket instead of British (I’m Australian, but I travel on my British passport within Europe) – first I was told I had to pay €50 for the small cushion I had in my arms unless I could fit it into my bag (wasn’t possible since it was the only luggage I had in general) – so I had to throw the little guy away (I originally bought it at a local market as I hated the hotel pillows aka stone slabs, but it was so comfy I wanted to take it home with me :P) – I knew it would happen to be honest, I just wanted to see how ‘friendly’ they’d be (after all I am really surprised how much extra stuff people do take with them without being charged in some airports!). Well, first of all, what a waste! Surely it would cost the airport something in having to discard all the extra waste they accumulate? – But anyway, second, my ‘alien’ ticket… I had 6 minutes to board the bus that was transferring people to a near-by plane… But I had to run all the way back to the start downstairs to get a non-EU visa check – thankfully the staff at the airport understood English and could see how much of a panic I was in, not to mention how much time I had left! Wow! I had never checked-in and gone through the whole procedure before so quickly! 😉 – all those poor people who were standing patiently in line while I was pushed in right away! The airport staff were great! – Once my cushion was gone and my ‘alien’ paper was visa checked, I was able board the bus on time, and the plane! Phew! I was extremely lucky! 😀

    The things I have learnt: – *Think smart – Travel smart!*
    – Take care reading what you are and are not booking on the ryanair or other lowcost carriers’ websites
    – Know what you are and are not paying for
    – Know the consequences if you do not have a boarding pass printed or have check-in online
    – Know the consequences if you do not know the correct size or weight of your luggage
    – Know the prices of the above if you need any of those extra services
    – Know how to travel lightly* if you want to save money
    – Check the weight of your luggage before leaving home or the place you are visiting
    – Understand when buying goods if you can afford to take it home with you (do they fit into your luggage and what about their weight? – can you afford the extra luggage fees?
    – Understand what your options are if you need extra luggage in advance – it is possible it is cheaper if you look into it hours earlier than when you check-in
    – Carry a jacket with lots of pockets that can hold small, heavy items that you can take on board with you in case it weighs down your luggage

    In general, I haven’t really had too many other issues, with Ryanair or other airlines – it’s just small stuff/small complaints (for me anyway). At the end of the day, I just want to get to my destinations safely and my luggage too! And if that happens, then I am happy 😀

    Happy travelling! My next destination: Iceland 😀 <3


    *Travel lightly: depending on how long I travel for and where to, I travel with light and travel sized items – I take the clothes I want, but try to aim for the lightest and the clothes that take up the less room possible. I take small bottles of shampoo, toothpaste etc. Most things I have are travel size (including my hairbrush!). It saves a lot of room! If I need a sleeping bag, I have a small, light weight one which is super warm! It might cost a bit more at the start, but it is worth it! And useful for even local trips! Especially if you have to carry that bag around with you for awhile! One of my fave items is my fold-up back pack that I pack in my larger carry-on back pack: http://www.discoverydream.com/en/hiking-and-trekking/reisenthel/mini-maxi-foldable-backpack/8050600 – this allows me to take only the items I want during the day and keep the rest in my hotel etc.

  22. This is insane! Thanks so much for posting this story. I’m moving to London from NYC in a few weeks and I’m trying to get up to speed with all the best ways to travel. This is super helpful. Love your blog!

  23. I also travelled with Ryan Air.

    Really, that airline sucks, but I knew it before taking the flight and played the rules – no problems.

    In future i’ll go back to normal airlines and fly business again – its not comparable with it…. not at any point… But ppl want it cheap so they get what they deserve.

  24. Scary stuff right here. I have been complaining a lot about AirAsia these days when I should just be grateful they are here flying us with fairly okay prices and services.

  25. Ryanair tried once to charge me for a second hand luggage but I (thankfully) outsmarted them – I just tipped everything that was in the first bag into the second one and discarded the container. I was going to London so I could buy a new handbag there anyway. The cheek of them!

  26. Worst airline I’ve ever flown with anywhere in the world and I must have flown more than 50 airlines. You witness anger as their vultures on commission hover next to their undersized little cages waiting for people with bags that won’t fit for them to charge £60 to then put it into the hand luggage sections as it would have been anyway. I could write an essay on how shit they are.

    I’ve flown over 50 airlines I’m sure and they are the worse. Unless you are travelling with very small and very light hand luggage only, don’t be followed into thinking they’re cheap. It is conventional wisdom they are always cheaper than other airlines. With normal bags they’re not usually and you get the terrible service to boot.

  27. Looks like everyone knows how to write in English! Funny you can’t read the “Terms and Conditions” before accepting them!!!

  28. i flew ryan air last month and can honestly say it was the worst. they are so unclear, we ended up reserving seats? because the website wouldn’t let us book it without it and it cost us an extra 20 pounds. i also bought online extra weight, when i arrived after paying 30 euros they said to me, they basically talked me out of it and explained how it didnt apply. luckily i bought one of those flexible bags at the airport for 18 pounds threw everything in their and just managed then we squeezed it through the bloody bag things. ryanair is a mess. never flying with them again. all they care about is money not customer service.

  29. I see no point in organisations having rules if they are not enforced. I, of course, have sympathy with you but Ryanair only enforced their rules, which are clear and well known.

  30. Me and my husband enjoyed our flight with ryanair, however, we found it difficult to check in online as we arn’t very good with computers and was worried about paying fees at the airport.
    Thanks to http://www.checkinpal.com we was able to get help checking in and managed to avoid any further ryanair fees. I just wish it was easier the check in with ryanair.

  31. Guys, i really hate to say that, but when you fly with any low cost carrier, and especially with Ryanair, YOU MUST COMPLY WITH THE RULES!!!! The fact that the flight is awfully cheap, doesn’t appear a bit strange to you? Its because they will literally STEAL everyone that doesn’t comply with the rules, in order to make profit. So, next time ( if there is any) you travel with Ryanair, PAY ATTENTION TO THE RULES!!!

    Btw, i payed 46 euros from Koln/Bonn Flughafen to London Stansted both ways, and it was great. I just gave attention to the rules….

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